National Guardsman Nabs Robbers At Subway Station

CHICAGO (CBS) — A National Guardsman going to his job as a security guard single-handedly apprehended three robbers at a CTA subway station on Saturday, after they stole another passenger’s iPhone.

“I’m not a hero. I was just [in the] right place [at the] right time,” Army National Guard Spc. Simpson said.

As CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports, the three teenagers who stole the iPhone at a North Side subway station were arrested after Simpson, a military police officer with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 404th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade in Chicago, held them at the scene until police arrived.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bob Conway reports

The place was the North/Clyborn subway station on the CTA Red Line at about 6:30 p.m. Saturday, when he saw three teens were running away from a robbery victim.

“Tons of people were there, so someone could have helped him, no matter who it was, but no one bothered to,” Simpson said.

At the time, Simpson, 21, was dressed in his uniform as an armed security guard. He was flagged down by the man who said the teens had just taken his iPhone.

“I asked him ‘What did they have on?’ He said one of them has a gun,” Simpson said.

In spite of that danger, Simpson ran up the stairs and caught up to two of the suspects and handcuffed them together. When Simpson chased after and caught the third suspect, the teen reached for what looked like his own weapon.

“I pushed back and I drew my weapon … and, you know, he just said ‘Please don’t shoot me. It’s not a gun, it’s a lighter,’” Simpson said.

donte jackson 0108 National Guardsman Nabs Robbers At Subway Station

Donte Jackson, 17, was one of three people charged with trying to rob a CTA passenger of his iPhone on Jan. 7, 2012. A national guardsman thwarted the robbery attempt. The other two suspects were charged as juveniles. (Credit: Chicago Police Department)

The third suspect, 17-year-old Donte Jackson, was charged with aggravated attempted robbery now is 17 year old Donte Jackson. Two other two suspects, both 16, were charged as juveniles.

Through it all, Simpson said he continued to think of Sally Katona-King, the 68-year old woman who died after being pushed down a flight of stairs at the Fullerton ‘L’ stop by someone who just robbed an iPhone from another CTA passenger.

Though he was congratulated by his colleagues in the National Guard on Sunday, Simpson said he deserves no special recognition.

“The real heroes are people … other comrades overseas who couldn’t come home or did come home, but not alive. … They’re the true heroes, not me,” Simpson said.

The victim’s iPhone was returned after the robbery.

Jackson was ordered held on $100,000 bail on Sunday.

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  • yekwol

    Well it seems like someone else other than chicago police know how to handle a situation like this without killing a kid, like cpd always say he pointed the weapon at us so we fired, why do they always point but don’t shot hmmm strange. Good Job for the service man for taking on these kids without no one getting hurt

    • Anglo-Saxon

      @yekwol, Sorry, I’m going to have to disagree with you there. We should be thankful every time CPD takes out one of these filthy black ass monkey gangsters! It is a blessing for all law abiding citizens. Why would you want a vicious savage to live, only to continue with his career of robbing and plundering? Remember, the only good homie is a dead homie!!!!!!!!!

  • law abiding citizen

    job well done to the nat’l guard P.Simpson.cpd should hire him. he is ready and trained to handle himself in any bad elements like those 3 goonies.another 3 for the good guy and 0 for the low life no good punks.

  • Justicein Chicago

    Good job to the Guardsman!

    Let’s see, a strong arm robbery with a firearm = 5 yrs minimum in State Prison……


  • Just Axin

    Mr. Simpson is a true hero. It would be nice if someone of means reading this was able to pop for a hotel/dinner weekend downtown. As long as POS like these are charged as juveniles, they are able to escape being held somewhat accountable. Not sure if it would help, but if our state legislators changed the law so that all 15,16,17 year olds are charged as adults when there’s a violent crime.

  • Chaim Chitterling

    He is definitely one of the good ones.

    • THEE Yard Ape

      Indeed he is, the FEW & the PROUD !!!

      btw- Lyndia – we all know you like that “raw meat”!!!! Also, cograts on actually spelling inference correctly, is that one of your childrens names by any chance???

    • Lyndia

      One of the good ones? What is meant by that statement? One of the good Blacks? Is that your inference? Mr. Raw meat eater, is that what you really want to say?

      • Chaim Chitterling

        Lyndia, you are not one of them so don’t you worry none.

  • G. Fyourself

    I thought kiikes didn’t eat pork.

    What a surprise, Shlomo.

  • Afro

    As a law biding citizen, I don’t give a dam if it’s the mayor I wouldn’t help him. I would let them kill him because I would be charged with a fire arms charge my protection is for me and my family only, sorry no one else is worth the felony not a cop not even the mayor.

    • Ralph P.

      Afro that is the plain and simple truth, It’s like the good Samaritan who saves a guy from certain death then gets sued because his fingernail scratched the guy. The system is the same way you help one of theirs and they will arrest you. I would watch the liquor store bandit shoot every one in the store and watch him run down the street to safety before I’d step in, and I would not come forward as a witness either just because they would arrest me for packing for protection.

      • Fred Curtis

        Sad but very true as he said a lot of people could have helped but anyone else would have gone to jail for doing what he did. He did the right thing but saying there were a lot of people that didn’t bother to help.

        I don’t mean to take away this guys 15 minutes he deserves it, but he shouldn’t critisize the “unarmed” citizens for not helping.

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  • missy

    one good darkie is equal to 3 bad coons.

  • Taya

    thanks everyone, this is my cousin, im proud of him. I just found out about this, lol, but im glad he was in the right place at the right time, GO BOY!!!

    • Fred C


      I don’t mean to take away this guys 15 minutes he deserves it, but he shouldn’t critisize the “unarmed” citizens for not helping.

      he said a lot of people could have helped but anyone else would have gone to jail for doing what he did. He did the right thing but saying there were a lot of people that didn’t bother to help is wrong. Esp when he had to draw his own weapon.

      • Jim Hamilton

        I agree it’s not right to say that unarmed citizens could have helped but yet he himself used a gun.

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