CHICAGO (CBS) — It was pretty warm on Sunday, for early January; warm enough for scores of CTA riders to board trains without any pants.

WBBM Newsradio’s Nancy Harty caught up with a bunch of people doing just that.

Regular riders of the CTA Red Line have seen plenty of strange things, but on Sunday, they saw about 300 people participate in the “No Pants Subway Ride.”

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An improv group in New York came up with the idea, just for fun.

Bradley Wray has been organizing the Chicago “No Pants” ride for four years.

“It’s 40 degrees this year, 20 last year, negative 7 the year before and it was a blizzard the year before that,” he said.

Hot pink striped bikini briefs, green beer mug boxers and a couple of speedos garnered a lot of looks from CTA riders.

“I think it’s crazy because it’s the wintertime, even though it’s not that cold outside. But, still, people are gonna look at you and it’s gonna draw attention to yourself,” one rider said.

The group of mostly twenty-somethings rode from the Red Line’s Loyola stop to Roosevelt and back. Chicago police were called, but no tickets were given out.

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