Zion-Benton School Strike To Continue Monday

ZION, Ill. (CBS) — Students in the Zion-Benton Township High School District will be out of school for another day Monday.

Contract talks between the teachers and staff union and the district broke down early Saturday morning.

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Corinne McGue, president of the Zion Council of the Lake County Federation of Teachers, says several hundred teachers will return to the picket line Monday.

An attorney for the district, Anthony Ficarelli, says talks were going well (as did McGue) until the union presented a proposal on health insurance that the district could not afford to finance.

Ficarelli says after 36 hours of federal mediation, the two sides needed a reprieve. So far, no new times are set for another meeting.

Negotiations began back in April, the contract expired in July, and teachers have been working without one since.

  • Just the Average Joe

    These public unions are the worst part of public sector employees. The taxpayer doesn’t have a choice as to pay the tax or not, and most can’t afford the tax plus private schools. The teachers, particularly IL teachers have some of the best wages, benefits, and retirement plans in the USA. It is not right that the taxpayer doesn’t have a choice, that we are captive customers to unions who can demand what they want, and strike if they don’t get it. These public parasites work for the benefit of unions and teachers, with children at the bottom of the list.

  • Lyndia

    No, children are not at the bottom of the list. Every teacher should get a livable wage. Many of them are paying off students loans, many of them have families and they deserve a salary the will support them. Teachers pay into their retirement account, nobody is giving them a comfortable retirement, they earned it. Joe, many parents would be able to afford a private schools if they would get up off their butts and take on a second job or worked overtime on the job they have. Private schools also offer grants and scholarships to help defray the cost of tution.

  • Greed

    Zion-Benton Twnshp High School in Zion, Illinois
    City-data.com school rating (using weighted test average as compared to other schools in Illinois) from 0 (worst) to 100 (best)
    Zion-Benton is rated 22.

    2011 Illinois school report cards Zion
    Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) is an NCLB indicator of progress
    Made Adequate Yearly Progress: No

    AEWS means Academic Early Warning Status. Zion did not make Adequate Yearly Progress for two consecutive years and is eligible for state sanctions.

    This school did NOT meet federal education standards.
    Federal standards: Under the federal No Child Left Behind law, schools are measured by how well students – as tracked by race, income and other factors – score on state standardized exams. If one group of students fails to meet federal expectations, the school faces sanctions that could include replacing teachers or closing the school.

    Dropout rate 5.1%
    State average from 678 schools: 4.0%

    Average class sizes:
    High School – Average Class Size: Zion 20
    State average from 686 schools: 17

    Graduation Rate: Zion 77.6%
    State average from 658 schools: 88.7%

    ACT Composite Score: Zion 18.1
    State average from 652 schools: 19.9

    Looks like a Great time to clean house and get some quality teachers into Zion. Currently Zion is rated in the 20% overall, can’t do much worse then the are right now!

    District Summary Avg.
    Teacher Salary $69,151Avg.
    Teacher Experience 10.6 Years
    Instructional Expenditure Per Pupil $6,708
    Operational Expenditure Per Pupil $11,948

  • missy

    If the so-called students are black, don’t worry about teaching them. They don’t learn nothing anyways except how to kill each other and rob the innocent. Let them stay stupid.

  • angiev

    I am discussed by these comments. These teachers have agreed to a 3 year pay freeze in order to help with the financial situation. They have been bending over backwards to reach an agreement. Maybe it’s the broad and especially the Superintendent that needs to be looked at. Lets talk facts: I do not believe this community will attract any teachers with the salary schedule they are proposing and the teachers do pay into their own retirement, plus they are not allowed Social Security, so let’s not get overblown about this great retirement they are receiving. What I resent is the fact that the Board and Superintendent has neglected to inform the voters of the mismanagement of funds related to New Tech and what the superintendent did to make up for her dropping the ball and losing funding and then borrowing money without the knowledge or approval of teachers or citizens. I also find it deplorable that she would take a 9% raise and then turn around and say we have budget issues, what does she care she’ll retire with her big salary no matter what the out come of this strike,and she has never stepped foot in a classroom. Really! A 9% increase. With our country in the situation it is in, she has made it very clear where her commitments lie! Let’s make sure we have the facts straight in this situation if we are going to speak up about it from here on out! I support the teachers on this one and I am usually very anti-union. But this was brought on by ego’s and politics, not by what is right and what is wrong.

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