Male Shot Dead On West Side

CHICAGO (STMW) – A man was shot dead Tuesday afternoon in the West Side Austin neighborhood.

The male was found shot at 5:39 p.m. in the 4900 block of West Polk Street, said police News Affairs Officer Veejay Zala, citing preliminary information. The victim’s age was not immediately known.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office said the unidentified man, believed to be in his 30s, was dead on the scene.

Grand Central Area detectives are investigating.

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  • Joe in Missouri

    Is the IL legislature going to be indicted by a grand jury as accomplices in this murder as they should be?

    I won’t hold my breath…..

    • Afro

      Joe it’s black on black crime I’m all for the second amendment, but you can not stop these guys from killing each other. I know all races commit crimes but I have to be honest with you and I’m not being discriminatory based on race. If you take the time to analyze the profile of the individuals 98% of the shooting and looting here in Chicago is being done by blacks. I don’t know what they have going on with that skull of there’s either I have read countless stories where one walks up and blasts the other one in the head and he gets treated and released or is listed in good condition. I say this with out prejudice I really think the ones doing this can’t help their self. They have no love, no human compassions or desires not even the mothers for their own children. They smack them around and curse them with profanity, they tease them and aggravate their children till the children are boiling with hate then they let them outside and point at another black kid and say “See that boy on the bike? If you want that bike go kick his ass and take it, that’s how he got it.” It’s an endless cycle of degeneracy, you can’t stop it. It’s the way the tribes in Africa lived so this leads me to believe they just never fully crossed over the threshold in to what we call the modern man. Perhaps this is why they bare so many characteristics of the primates. Their facial features, their looks the way they examine things and people when they walk by, their skin coloration, Their long lanky arms and their instinctive fear of the white men, a fear that pierces them to the core and drives them straight into self preservation mode at the mere site of us. That is why they hate us because they are afraid of us. These are all features possessed by their predecessor (The Ape).

      • Joe in Missouri

        I understand where you are coming from. I have spent many a year living on the street…blah blah blah. I do understand the real world.
        I think that there are some decent black folks out there and you can never discount the effect of environment – the environment created by the social manipulators.(guberment)

        It is hard to change things after they have gained momentum. I think in the 50’s before welfare – that most black neighborhoods were populated by households with fathers. People that went to church and worked hard and were honest.

        Then the government introduced welfare and illegal high priced drugs.
        And it all went to hell. ON purpose.

        You can not deny the honest good black people in those neighborhoods the right to defend themselves and ,make things right no matter how much of a minority they are.

        Has outlawing firearms ever stopped crime? It usually goes way up as you can see in the peoples republic of IL

      • Afro

        One more thing I know we try to educate them and teach them I wish they would learn too, and some do but we just can’t rush evolution it takes time.

      • Joe in Missouri

        Afro they live in a different country. They are government school educated, television educated, destroyed by welfare, and being disarmed.

        And you are falling for the governments divide and concur tactics.
        Never forget who the real enemy is.

  • Alabaster White

    Was he Black?? I sure hope so.

  • missy

    Can’t wait until the last black is standing.

    • NWA

      Same thang yo momma said before I got on my back.


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