Walter’s Perspective: My Crystal Ball On Bill Daley’s Plans

CHICAGO (CBS) — So the big “B” boys in the White House, Bill Daley and President Barack Obama, are getting divorced, because – they say – Daley wants to be in Chicago with his family.

What they don’t say is that Obama doesn’t love bill any more as his chief of staff.

Or, could it be that Daley wants to be in Chicago to get set to run for governor?

Do you remember last year when Daley’s brother, former Mayor Richard M. Daley, was getting set to retire and Rahm Emanuel got wind of it?

Could it be that Rich whispered it to Rahm, told Rahm that if he’d like to be mayor, he should leave the White House and you can help Bill Daley replace him as chief of staff. Then Bill Daley could return to Chicago and Emanuel could help him run for governor.

Good deal for Bill, running for governor.

Good deal for Rahm, his buddy Bill being governor.

Good deal for Rich, his buddy Rahm and brother Bill running the whole state of Illinois.

But then what happens when buddy Rahm and brother Bill both want to be president?

Well, of course, they get divorced. That’s politics.

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