Franco Harris Urges Support For Paterno

(WSCR) Former Penn State running back Franco Harris has taken a strong stance in supporting Joe Paterno since his ouster amid the Penn State child sex abuse scandal.

According to a report, Harris had a strong message for Penn State supporters as he spoke to around 300 people Thursday.

“I can’t understand why it happened,” Harris said of Paterno’s dismissal. “Us, as an alumni, we have to be relentless. We have to keep fighting for Penn State. We can’t let the board of trustees or the media write the final chapter.

“A lot of the answers that we want from the university aren’t coming forward. When they do say something, even today, what I most recently heard, they think we’re dumb,” Harris said. “They want us to believe it was in the best interest of the school to fire Joe Paterno. No way was that in the best interest of the school.”



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  • Bill Vick

    Dear Franco Harris, please vacate the planet. Thank you.

  • Satan

    I look forward to hearing Terry suggest that this man be taken out back and shot.

  • A Corn

    The Immaculate Deception, Eh Franco. I think you got hit in the head once to often if you can’t wrap your “brown brain” around the concept of Joe Pa getting relieved of command.

  • Larry

    Franco, you are right about one thing. The University has not come forward about why it had to fire Joe Paterno, so let me help it and you out. One of his assistant coaches raped defensless many boys over several years. When Paterno found out about the serial rapes, Paterno told his boss and then dusted off his hands like Pontius Pilate. Then he let the rapist hang around the Penn State campus for another dozen year so he could find more little boys to rape. That’s why Paterno was fired and that’s why any attempt to defend him is nothing short of disgusting.

  • Mike Murphy's Moustache

    He also was allowed to go on recruiting trips as recently as this past season sheesh Franco just admit that its all about the publicity.

  • Mike Schauer

    “I can’t understand why it happened,”Harris says of Paterno’s dismissal. “We have to keep fighting for Penn. St. Well Franco maybe then you and the other 424 former football players there should keep your mouth’s shut. “I wish I had done more”. I didn’t want to ruin aybody else’s weekend” Resounding bits of testimony from the very mouth of St. Joe. A missing DA,a corrupt Judge, a trun a deaf ear from the current Pennsylvannia Gov. And of course the fact that all involved including St. Joe allowed a child rapist to continue to prey on young boys for the next 10 yrs. And you can’t understand why St. Joe was dismissed But then given the rational that has been exposed by the St. Joe backers,and of Pedophile St. why is anybody surprised that you just don’t get it.

  • Betty Smith

    Mr Franco Harris I am glad you have balls ! thank you for standing up for Mr Joe Paterno when he could hear you……..I

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