(WSCR) With new offensive coordinator Mike Tice at the helm, the Bears are set to hire a passing coordinator to work with Jay Cutler and the offense.

The Bears, however, have yet to hire a general manager, so head coach Lovie Smith will have the largest voice in the hire.

“I think ultimately it would be a Lovie hire with an agreement to a good relationship between Tice and whoever the passing coordinator would be,” former Bear Tom Thayer told The Mully and Hanley Show.

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Whoever the passing coordinator will be, Thayer said it’s important that he develop a good relationship with Cutler, so the two can work together seamlessly — something missing from Cutler’s relationship with former offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

“It would be nice to get a guy that Jay agreed with or has some commonality with,” Thayer said. “When you sit in those meetings for two and three hours a day, if don’t have some type of constructive, eye-to-eye, working relationship between the quarterback and quarterback coach, it’s difficult to get such intricate details of the offense done properly.

“At this stage of (Cutler’s) career, you have to have his strengths and weaknesses identified. You have to get a guy that’s going to coach according to his strengths.”

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