Bernstein: Bad Weekend For Crazy People

By Dan Bernstein- Senior Columnist

(CBS) It’s been a nice few days for the Rationalists — the few of us that seem to exist at times — as veneers of myth were stripped away from polarizing storylines, and the truth exposed.

Right now, sanity feels like sunshine.

If Tim Tebow is truly an instrument of god, then god is bad at football. 43% of Americans participating in a Poll Position phone survey last week said they believed that “divine intervention” played a role in Tebow’s game. Not his own confidence, not his unshakable faith, but actual intervention taking place on the field.

Either those people are wrong, or their god isn’t as powerful as Bill Belichick, making any normal person question the value of worshipping it. Or it doesn’t exist at all. Tebow got a holy beating Saturday, and now the wide-eyed, evangelical hoo-hah swirling around him looks deservedly foolish.

It will return with same stupid fervor in due time, I’m sure, but for now we can enjoy discussion of blocking and tackling, rather than messianic prophecy and bible passages. The ridiculous Tebow stuff has been ushered out of the building, banished like the unwanted party guest who was ruining it for everybody.

Get lost, and take the idiot fans with you.

Elsewhere, it has been made entirely clear to anyone paying attention that the sick cult of Penn State football has chosen to stand firmly behind a bad man who enabled the rape of children for years, even as he damned himself further in an exclusive interview published Saturday.

In this case, too, phony rhetoric gave way to reality.

School president Rodney Erickson conducted three town-hall-style meetings with alumni over the weekend, taking questions from packed hotel ballrooms in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and New York.

If the intent was to publicly recalibrate a collective moral compass, the road show was a miserable, frightening failure.

Each stop became the grownups’ turn to stage their version of the campus riot, wailing about Joe Paterno’s dismissal, utterly unconcerned about children he chose not to protect. The meetings were marked by tirades, ovations and catcalls that proved the Penn State community is as diseased as we believed, if not more so.

No brush is broad enough to paint them, after this obvious representation of their feelings and priorities. We blew right past sample-size issues. No reasonable person could observe the way these masses of adults behaved — in three different cities, three separate crowds, and not come away convinced of the sheer rottenness of it all. There is no shame.

As this was going on, Paterno was making it clear that he didn’t want to stop Jerry Sandusky, even after he was informed that his longtime right-hand-man had molested a child in the locker room.

Paterno took time away from his drain-circling to talk with the Washington Post’s Sally Jenkins, under the watchful eye of his high-powered criminal lawyer. She wrote that Paterno “was hesitant to make follow-up calls because he did not want to be seen as trying to exert any influence for or against Sandusky.”

Let that sink in.

In his sworn testimony, he told the grand jury that he was aware that Sandusky’s assault was of a “sexual nature.” If that’s something you’re not actively, aggressively against, then you’re for it.

So ends any question about Paterno’s motivations. He allowed a known predator to use his football program to facilitate child rape, and just didn’t care enough to stop it.

In a short period of time, satisfying evidence has emerged to bring needed clarity on three fronts, especially to those unwilling or unable to see through a self-created haze of irrationality.

Tim Tebow is not powered by some invisible being that intervenes in NFL games to his benefit, Penn State university is dangerously crazy, and Joe Paterno decided to let horrible things happen to kids.

See, the truth doesn’t hurt. Sometimes it feels pretty damn good.

bernstein 90x130 Bernstein: Bad Weekend For Crazy People
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  • Larry Horse's Arse

    Sally Jenkins is a great writer, beautiful stylist.
    But all she did was interview a sheitel-wearing Sgt. Schultz in his kitchen.

  • Jake

    Stop shoving PSU talk down Chicago Sports radio listeners throats Dan.

    • The Dry Aged Remains Of Gerald R. Ford

      So if you didn’t read this then how could you post this wiity reply to it? Magic?

      • Denver Deadite

        I think it’s obvious that Jake is hanging on to every word Bernstein says and writes. They always are when they claim otherwise.

    • Creighton

      Umm clueless he is not shoving anything down your throat, you don’t have to read it and you don’t have to listen to it. He is not making you do anything, your doing it all on your own.

      • Jake

        I don’t listen anymore I turn it off and I didn’t read this. The problem is both sports stations suck.

  • Johnny Sidebar

    Tebow also claimed he’ll reconsider the whole “Girl Thing” once he gets more comfortable in the pocket.

  • Creighton

    Dan I am disapointed in you, how did you not address some of these quotes?

    “I didn’t know exactly how to handle it and I was afraid to do something that might jeopardize what the university procedure was,”

    See he was just more worried about university procedure. Even though common sense kinda tells you that the procedure is to call the police when a child has been raped. let alone ignore the problem for a decade or so.

    Or this one, when asked how Sandusky evaded detection for so long.

    ““I wish I knew,” Paterno said. “I don’t know the answer to that. It’s hard.”

    Well one way he evaded detection is because you admitted you backed away from it, that you did not persue it.

    I am not saying it’s all Joe Paterno, clearly many people new and did nothing at Penn state. But it would of only taken one person to speak out or to do something about it and none of them did.

    • Denver Deadite

      I would think the best quote to address would actually be this one:

      “You would think I ran the show here.”

      Actually, Joe, you did.

      And that’s the biggest problem in all of this: you ran the show and did nothing.

  • Schmutzie

    I think we’ll see the “God is helping Tebow” crowd calm down now. I suspect the people who answered yes to that poll did so to express their own faith as much as actual belief that their God was involved in the outcome of NFL games. IOW, I don’t think the majority of those people really believe that divine intervention helped Tim Tebow beat Lovie Smith’s silly Tampa 2 late in the Broncos comeback against the Bears, nor do they think that God told Marion Barber to run out of bounds.. It’s just a silly poll so what’s the harm in saying yes? Now that Tom Brady has reminded those folks what real QB play looks like, the 43% will sit down and relax with a nice hot cup of reality.

    The Paterno backers are in an entirely different category. As opposed to the Tebow fan club, these people are not going to wake up to reality. Ever. I have been confronted on Twitter by some of these creatures and from what I can tell, logic and reason are out the window. Explain to them the rationale behind Paterno’s firing and they just glaze over and repeat nonsense about scapegoats, the evil media, lifetime contributions, community service, …the works. They’ll actually say that they are not supporting Sandusky, Curley, Schultz & McQueary (thanks for that!) but when the subject turns to Paterno they become Franco Harris-type zombies. “It’s no big deal that Paterno waited a full day before reporting what McQueary told him, he did what he was legally required to do under the mandatory reporting statutes, he wasn’t aware that McQueary was describing actual rape, hes’ not a cop, he’s helped out so many people, he’s a good man.”

    Unlike the Tebow worshipers, the members of the cult of Paterno are entrenched in their collective delusion, and they aren’t ever going to change their minds, no matter what the evidence may say about their hero.

    • Cameltoe Rancher

      “He’s got all that Schmutz on his head”

      Hey Schmutzie (or anyone else)- any idea where I could see a copy of the Tenth Anniversary Roast? Any info I’d sure appreciate. I’ll buy you a red vino at the next road show if I see you- thanks

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        I asked Bernstein if they’d be doing a release, and his reply was three words…

        NOT. A. CHANCE.


    Rooting for TIm Tebow to beat Bill Belichick and Tom Brady is fun and easy to do.
    It can be completely divorced from the Xs and Os, or Tebow’s faith.
    Personally, I think AFC football in the last few years is a boring march towards the inevitable Ravens, Steelers, and Patriots post season. Just like Pete Rozelle wanted. And, those games are awful (any second half scoring today?)
    Mabye, some of you root for the Cobra K’ai dojo, I don’t know.
    But, no argument over Penn State. They’re going to have to coin a new word for this phenomenon.

    • Blessed Are The Deluded

      Nittany Lying. Two words. Sorry.

  • chris

    zzzz, what else is new, same topics regurgitated this week.

  • kimpop

    Bernstein…in regards to Tebow…you really shouldn’t comment on things you don’t understand. Your strong feelings about Tebow and Tebowing and Tebow Mania and Crazy People say nothing about Tebow,….and everything about you. I have listened to you for years; probably one of your few female followers; but as you have gotten older it appears that instead of getting wiser, you have just become increasingly more infatualted with your own opinions. You and Boers are legendary in your disdain of people who are at all open about their Christian faith. One has to wonder why that offends you so; why that makes you so angered.
    As to Paterno and Penn State….I wish someone had the courage to do the right thing and give that football program the death penalty.

    • Harry's Phlegm

      Well said kimpop. I’m amazed, but shouldn’t really be, at the amount of ignorance of those who attack Christianity. Jesus said they will hate us for His name’s sake.

      Of course it APPEARS irrational to the unbeliever. That’s why it’s called “faith” which by biblical definition the evidence of things not seen. And believers are justified by that faith.

      Dan is a bitter and hateful little man and for someone who fancies himself to be so smart, he is extremely ignorant about Christian doctrine. He will use extreme examples to make his point and then dismiss the whole faith. What he doesn’t realize is that, unlike myself and a few others, most true Christians don’t get caught up in these silliy debates. They live quiet, peaceful, loving lives and stay out of the fray. Tim Tebow is gifted with evangelism so he is more outspoken about his faith. Good for him for that is his gift.

    • BearsFan401138

      Their disdain for people who believe in anything that can’t be measured statistically (the ‘intangibles’) is also legendary. It’s not a bad thing to consider the ‘intangibles’ as being part of an player’s makeup. They hate such things because they don’t understand how such things can be present. Personally I believe Tebow has the potential to improve as an NFL QB. Maybe not franchise-type material, but certainly serviceable enough to play an NFL-style offense someday. It doesn’t make people crazy for believing in things that aren’t easily explained at all. People may not physically see God, but it doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist. Same with concepts like ‘fire and passion’ and similar things.

  • @greaso

    not sure what part of speech it is (adverb?), but ‘drain-circling’ is some fabulous writing. bravo, daniel.

  • Hank

    Paterno and Spanier had an investment in a land deal involving Second Mile.

  • patfavia

    You are a hateful man who hides behind sarcasm and extremely poor writing.Bombast is not intellect. You probably attract the same type of readers.Saw this article on facebook,but wiil never return to your column. your thinking seems undeveloped and primitive. i have to stop corresponding with you now and ponder how you keep your readers.

    • rich

      this prick doesnt have any readers. Its a useless article written on a web site few people even go to.

      • Creighton

        He got like 70,000 tweets on his last article, so he has some readers, including you.

    • The Dry Aged Remains Of Gerald R. Ford

      How does he keep his readers-like me-because I don’t beieve the pablum hoo-hah that you likely enjoy by listening to the Boo-Yah Network. I like the contrarian view that not all is well in the world of sports. And Pat, what if it was your kid in that situation and someone knew about it and did nothing to stop it?

      So go and leave ‘patfavia’, don’t need your type around here…..

  • The Dry Aged Remains Of Gerald R. Ford

    So does this mean that Jesus loves Tom Brady more? Or that Tom Brady is the minion of Satan because he has a smokin’ hot Victoria’s Secret wife?

    Maybe Jesus can teach Tebow how to throw like a NFL QB because next season every NFL defense will be ready for the college option offense .

    As for the Penn State mouthbreathers I always want to ask them one simple question. And what would you do if it was ‘your kid’ that Sandusky molested and JoePa did nothing? Would you still worship him then????

  • you don't know jack

    Comparing Tebow mania to Paterno. Classless, foundation less, and Bersteinesk.

    • Scared of Midlo Girls Ryan

      How so? He compared two groups of people who use demagoguery to explain away their own lack of rational thought. There is foundation, classlessness is subjective, but I don’t see it in this piece. And Berniks would be more fun, beatniks but more Jew-y.

      • Ed

        One enabled a child rapist. The other was a creation of the media that really harmed nobody. Although there is nothing logically wrong with putting them in the same article and comparing them to each other, when you do that you get one of two things.

        Either you are saying rooting for Tebow and liking him is the same as rooting for and liking a child rapist. Or, you are saying what Paterno did and defending it is the same as just rooting for this bad QB who happens to have a few too many people rooting for him and thinking he is good even though he’s not.

        I don’t think it would be smart to make either argument

      • Spoon

        It’s pretty simple…

        It’s two groups of people that aren’t thinking logically, you’re making it far too complicated.

    • The Dry Aged Remains Of Gerald R. Ford

      And you do not know how to spell. Above your pay grade I guess.

      It would be ‘Bersteinesque’

  • Nathan

    This was a softball column, too easy to write.

  • Enough

    More garbage from Hater Radios number One Hater. Move over to 820 AM Bernstein, its a non sports crowd there and they’ll agree with your views. Death Wishes for Paterno, and the usual anti all Christian talk. Leave the meatballs alone, we dont understand all the Hating.

    • Dre Herron

      REALLY?? You know the term “hater” is weak. People who use it hate to hear The Truth. The truth is he’s right and certain people don’t want to admit it. Just because YOU and others like to be lied to doesn’t mean everyone else telling the truth is wrong. So why don’t you find another station to listen to. The Tebow Network is waiting for you


    Gerund? Noun used as verb? (often with an “ing” ending).
    Adverb is a good guess.
    And, please, don’t make me read anything that is Kafkaeque or watch the musical

  • Reality4U


    I want to address all of the people who are so up in arms that Joe Paterno did not do enough and he should rot in hell. I am not going to debate the facts, as many of you don’t want to listen to them or research them, or want to slant them your own way. What I do want to say is THANK YOU! Apparently with all of the tough people out there that always do the right thing, all crime, all abuse and everything immoral has been eradicated in today’s society!! Why, I never hear of teachers harassing or molesting kids, I never hear of crime and I never here of rape and molestation anymore because society is so well served by you. But you know what? Human nature says you are full of dung.

    For 13 years as I grew up, I was “that” kid in school. While I was not sexually abused, I was physically, verbally and emotionally abused until I got out of high school. I always had to look over my back. I went home and cried after school. I switched schools. I was beat up, verbally harassed, locked in rooms, and even hung out upper level windows by my ankles. Most of the time, nothing happened. Others turned their head. This includes the teachers. When something was so bad that punishment needed to be done, it was very mild. The abuse that I took caused me to put a gun to my head several times, but I could not pull the trigger. In all these years, I only remember 2 instances of people coming to my aid. One was an older crossing guard who told one of my harassers that he would beat him up if he attacked me on the way home, and one was a mild harasser, who one day realized how bad things were and stood up and told everyone to knock it off. I still admire him and remember this to this day.

    How many kids are still like this today? How many Columbine’s have been caused by this? How many teen suicides have been caused by people looking the other way?

    But none of this happens today with all of you on here because you would intervene, right? You know what? You are mostly all cowards who would not intervene. You can sit behind your computer and be holier than thou, but more than likely, you are either an abuser or someone who will not intervene in real life. It’s human nature. Just admit it and stop the hate.

    Today, I help people. I help save lives. I intervene if I see harassment, and I stand up for people. I see few others do so. So go ahead and be judgmental and say how you would do so much more. I know you are probably a liar.

    And I will throw out a simple fact. Joe did more than most of you would. He did report it. You can argue all day long if he should have followed up more, but he reported it and others dropped the ball. What have you done to prevent abuse or help society lately?

    • Bernstein Sychophant

      So you are saying you support child rape?

      • Reality4U

        Who said that? You obviously cannot read or comprehend things.

    • Spoon

      You’re trying to compare being bullied… to being repeatedly raped by an authority figure? You and the rest of the PSU fruitcakes need to be hung out a window by your ankles, again, only this time someone should let go.

      • Reality4U

        Nice post. Doesn’t warrant a comment to someone so ignorant. I should expect no less of anyone that follows Bernstein.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        When did bullying become such a big deal? Is kids picking on other kids something new? I blame the parents, both of the perpetrator for not giving their kid that one good whipping (a la Chris Rock), and of the victim for not toughening their damn kid up. Millions of kids were bullied before this decade, but there didn’t need to be a crusade to keep these kids from killing themselves.

      • Spoon

        Yet you did comment, and it contained about as much useful information as the preceding post….

    • Harry's Phlegm

      Good post R4U. Many of the posters on this site, i.e., the “Danoplogists” think that if they fall in line with Bernstein they will be his BFF and he will invite them to his house. I too am amzed at the amount of toughness, bravery and courage exhibited by Dan and his sycophants.

      • Spoon

        Or… as amazing as it may seem… the agree with him on a subject… Most of the “Danopologists” as you call them, have disagreed with him any number of times. Thank god you dont see things in just black and white…. herp a derp.

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      You seem to think that Joe Paterno did enough, and that he did more than most people would. That means you’re clueless and have no idea of how much child rape is abhorred in society.

      With a wave of his hand, Joe Paterno could have made Sandusky go away forever back in ’98 or sooner. Don’t kid yourself, in Happy Valley he is indeed that powerful.

      He didn’t. You know why?

      1) Because he felt it would be a stain on his program.
      2) Because Sandusky knew where all the bodies were buried.

      This is easily evident in the handling of Mike McQueary. He accused another man of child rape. An accusation of that gravity DEMANDS that someone be punished, and heavily- either the accused, or the accuser if there is no merit. There is no middle ground.

      Sandusky got slapped on the wrist, and McQueary got a promotion. It may as well been McQueary catching Sandusky stealing office supplies.

      Paterno knew. He did not see Sandusky face justice. In this, he willingly harbored and enabled a pedophile.

      • Denver Deadite

        That’s not phlegm that Harry’s dealing with.

        And 4U still needs to find that reality that they so desperately claim to have.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        See, here’s the thing Harry’s Phlegm. I’ve seen your name on posts on here for several months. And never once have i truly cared to reconcile what your beliefs are in general. I see the comment, respond to the comment, and once in a great while will notice someone in particular. I used to care, but now most of the time I don’t, because I don’t really care to get to know people on a radio message board. I’m flattered you’ve taken the time to catalogue my posts and deduce patterns.

        “Besides the hero I wanted Paterno to be”? I haven’t given a deuce about Paterno since reading Brian Bosworth’s autobiography in 1989, where he rips Paterno mercilessly.

        You can now return to analyzing that “Since he agrees with Bernstein on XYZ, he MUST be a sycophant”.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        Whatever, Reality. You contribute your way, and I’ll contribute mine.

        Get your ducks in a row. You’re condemning Curley, Shultz, Spanier, and McQueary on the basis of what has been presented, but on MY case for condemning Paterno? Good god, what years did you play there?

        You say it “looks like Paterno could have done more”? He SAID he wished he had done more in hindsight! That was his FIRST statement!

        “Done more”… in regards to, what, using the knowledge he had to get a pedophile rapist off his campus and off the streets, perhaps?

        He turned a blind eye and did what he could to placate Sandusky for fear of staining the PSU and Paterno brands. In essence, he allowed his legacy to be blackmailed by a pedophile rapist. Whether he found out in ’02, ’98, ’75, or whenever, every child violated from that point on is on Paterno to some degree.

      • Harry's Phlegm

        Don’t flatter yourself, CIS. I don’t “catalogue your posts and deduce patterns.” It’s just simple ol’ memory of patterns and associating certain names with Bernstein a*s-kissing. It’s called “association” and, honestly, it’s not a real difficult thing to do. I think kids make games out of it so…

        Let’s agree to disagree on the Paterno thing. It’s all a matter of semantics anyway. Slightly, very slightly, defending him against the disproportional amount of blame he’s receiving does not make one a supporter of child abusers. I believe that’s called the absence of “mutual exclusivity”…kinda’ like being able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

      • Reality4U

        Chris, You can blow it out your hole. I simply asked you what you have done. That’s wonderful that you volunteer. While don’t see how running necessarily helps society, I guess it does for the fact it keeps people in shape.

        But again Chris, very simply, if you have the proof that he knew, SHOW IT TO ME!!! Otherwise you are making an assumption, and we know what that does to you. Again, I will base my thoughts and opinions on the facts that I gather. I have yet to see anything that states he knew. I’m not saying your reality is not a possibility; I am saying there is no evidence of it at this point. And if you want to condemn someone until the facts are out, you are nothing but a witch hunter. Remember Duke? Remember Richard Jewell? They were guilty, weren’t they? Until the facts came out.

        Yes, as of this date, it looks like Paterno COULD have done more. But I do not see a coverup from him. And frankly, if you forget everything else that we know today and only look at what he knew, and was told a half ass version of what supposedly happened (McQueary is NOT consistent in his statements) I can easily see most people doing exactly what he did, if they even do that.

        You see Chris, maybe you don’t have a lot of experience dealing with people. As much as I would love to be a black and white kinda guy, I have been around the block more than once and know there are more shades of grey. And all you are doing, because of Paterno’s name or your hatred of him, is taking the focus off of the people who truly, completely failed in their actions. That would be Curley to a degree, absolutely Shultz since he is the only one that definitely knew of the pattern, probably Spanier, and certainly McQueary for not calling 911 immediately. But you know, let’s take it even further! What about the Governor, who let it simmer for two years while he was the attorney general, and only assigned one trooper to investigate it for 2 years, while he collected campaign contributions from the Second Mile. How about focusing on the true corruption instead of someone that did many things over 61 years for so many people. But, you just want to play God behind your computer and serve complete false BS. See, the difference between us is, I admit that your scenario could be plausible. No facts, but sure, knowing what I know about life, it’s plausible. You, however, will not admit that the opposite extreme is also plausible. And the reality is that it is probably something in between.

      • Chris in Scottsdale


        I do my fair share to help society in general- just because it’s not “your” cause, you can blow it out your hole if you’re dissatisfied.

        I just ran my fifth half-marathon in 12 months yesterday, helping my running club (where I serve as a mentor to new runners and an event coordinator) raise in excess of $5,000 for MS Rockstars… I have volunteered time for the Sally Meyerhoff foundation, and if I’m not running in an event in my area, odds are I’m working a water station or chip timing.

        If you don’t think Paterno knew prior to 2002, then you’re not paying attention. Yes, I have read the GJR.

        However, Sandusky went from chosen successor to persona non grata instantaneously. He cited fatigue, then interviewed for another HC job less than a year later.

        Even though you seem to try and base your thoughts on facts, the fact that you think Paterno did enough to stem Sandusky’s access to children is beyond comprehension, ESPECIALLY for someone who is declaring themselves a champion of the abused.

        Fine- let’s play oblivious and assume Paterno first found out in ’02. He STILL never saw an investigation come to fruition, because it would have either resulted in Sandusky’s arrest or McQueary’s professional castration.

      • Harry's Phlegm

        I too am old school as I thought bullying has become a bigger deal than just the classic “growing up” experience. The problem now, though, is that kids are much more violent at much younger ages and many of them have access to weapons. That wasn’t the way it was back in the day (and I grew up on the near south side).

        Plus with technology the bullying can go viral. For a kid on the edge, not only is he or she attacked in more ways than ever, he or she can avenge themself via much more devastating methods, e.g., suicide or even mass shootings.

      • Reality4U

        I am far from clueless, and probably have more life experience than most people. You kill your whole argument in your second paragraph. Paterno did not know about the 98 incident. All testimony states so. So if you know that he did, PLEASE send me the evidence. I will base my opinions on facts, and most of them are not out. You are basing your opinions on fallacies or assumptions. Have you read the grand jury report? Have you read the perjury hearing testimony? I am not saying that Paterno could not have done more, but that he did more than many would have. If you knew anything about investigations, you know that they would not have told him what was going on anyways.

        So, I ask you this, again…. What have you done to help society in the last 30 days or do to prevent abuse of anyone? Let’s even take it out for a year….

      • Harry's Phlegm

        See here’s the thing Chris in Scottsdale…I’ve read alot of your posts these last 6 months or so and have never seen you disagree one time with Bernstein. Beisdes being the hero you wanted Paterno to be, that also makes you a Bernstein sycophant. And there are many more like you on here, I’m sorry you had to be my first example.

        Think for yourself once in awhile…it’s very liberating.

  • bobstone

    Bernstein Dictionary

    Rationalists: People who agree with me about everything.

    • StupidPeopleFTW

      Which concept do you disagree with? That Tebow is a bad QB, or that hiding child rape is bad?

      • Mac and Spiegs are better

        Oh stop it, you all know B&B are attacking the man instead of the media and their own Industry that created this hysteria, as a thinly disguised means of going after all that is Conservative, perceived right wing, or republican. Its clear what their script is now, to push a progressive agenda under a sports dome. They both missed their calling and should be anchoring MSNBC. Those two despise anything or anyone that reminds them of their parents era. Glad to see other hosts at that station truly distancing themselves from the B&B agenda. One day CBS Corporate will decide they’ve had enough too. Death wishes for Paterno? I thought libs were against Capital punishment. Guaranteed on the path they’re headed, they’re Don Imus moment is coming.

        It isnt sports anymore, its political agenda pushing now. Bring back the Sports talk, leave the Death Wishes and anti Christian talk out of it. And they claim fans who root outloud and show passion for their favorite teams are meatballs?

    • Mac and Spiegs are better

      I bet Bernstein is real polite when away from the SCORE and out in public. I’m beginning to believe what he and Boers do is all scripted and rehearsed. I dont buy the spontaneity they claim. They have too many producers and interns for that. Did you ever wonder how the sound bytes, music bits, sound effects, and quotes just happen to always be at the ready during their supposed “doing the show on the fly” bits? They’re entertainers. its just unfortunate they’ve recently chosen to be so anti Christian, Its easy to pick on, all PC and easy to get away with. Be nice to hear real sports again, that wasnt intermixed with their purely Liberal views that have ‘been scripted for once.

      Getting the feeling lately others on the Station are distancing themselves from the script these two have been professing. They seem so very angry and bitter and revengeful now. I truly doubt they are like that when out to dinner in public with their families or friends. No way others would sit and listen to it. Scripted stuff now. Guess it sells.

      • Spoon

        Calling Tebow a terrible QB that’s propped up by borderline religious fanatics isn’t an attack on Christians, it’s a fact. From his jersey being a top seller when he was a 3rd string backup, to billboards demanding he be a starter, to talk of divine intervention. Much like the fanatic minority of any group becomes the face of the majority..

  • BelvidereBernie

    Comparisons between Sandusky and Tebow are contrived with self-sophisticated hatred. Poorly hidden attack on a Christian.

    • Denver Deadite

      Yeah, because Christians are just SOOOOO persecuted in this country.

      • DMILLER

        BelvidereBernie, Maybe you should use the pages in your bible to make sure the pipes don’t freeze on your trailer. Or better yet, pray that god will wrap his hands around your pipes to keep them from exploding.

  • Steve

    I don’t always agree with Dan Bernstein, but what bothers me is how he treats those who do not agree with him. Some people have truly ridiculous arguments, while some others have well-reasoned thoughts, Treating people with a little more respect would be appreciated from this avid listener. Being arrogant doesn’t make Dan tough, it makes you annoying.

    • Scott E Phillips

      He can’t treat anyone who disagrees with him with respect. That would expose his ‘facts’ as lies. Lies conceived to draw attention and generate ad revenue.


      What is exactly wrong with treating the stupid as such?

  • mistyeyed61

    With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had never read this article.

  • Joel Sandler

    I think Dan has the disease Aspbergers. syndrome. He fit the profile perfectly.


    It wasn’t the best idea to put Tebow and Paterno in the same headline, because the connection is tenuous, at best.

    Now, the parent company is going to put Tim Tebow on for game day commentary (or whatever it’s called. I don’t watch it.) It might make more sense to put on a player better at his position in the NFL. Since it’s the AFC, though, they’re really limited to either a Steeler, Champ Bailey, or the rookie QB from the Texans.

  • Mike Schauer

    Everytime they allow Paterno to speak,he puts himself deeper and deeper in the hole. His decision to turn a blind eye and his continued allowance of Sandusky to rape young boys shows just how far one is going to go to protect the sanctity of his name and that of Pedophile U. And no matter how far he sinks with every word and interviews he gives. His defenders are still pouring out the same old rhetoric. The entire state,of Pennsylvannia is on trial,for their allowance and continued acceptability of raping young boys. Paterno new far in advance of McQueary coming to him,that Sandusky was raping young boys. He was afraid after he was told,”I wish I had done more”. Meaning he now knows what a monster Sandusky was and is. “I didn’t want to ruin anybody’s weekend”. To continue to defend this sick!sick,old man shows just what kind of mystic and brainwashing one has over naive and gullible people

    • Reality4U

      I’m going to ignore all of your statements that are just ignorant, and ask you one very simple thing. You say “Paterno new (sp) far in advance of McQueary coming to him, that Sandusky was raping young boys.” That’s great. Show me the evidence and I will believe you and support you. I want to see this fact and the evidence.

      What? Oh, ok, I thought so. So you’re making an assumption with no basis in reality.

      • DMILLER

        Reality, what reasons (facts) do you have to defend Joe Enabler? Are you saying that Joe Paterno did enough to protect the countless young men raped and abused after he was informed? Simply because he did the minimum required by law? If I’m to believe Joe’s, and your defense of Joe, he was just a cog in the Penn State wheel, right? WRONG! Joe WAS, and judging by the “town meetings”, IS Penn State. PRAISE ALL POWERFUL JOE OUR BENEVOLENT LEADER: KIM JONG JOE. ONE man had the unmitigated power to prevent the carnage left behind by his underling. JOE PATERNO is a poor excuse for a human.

        That or Joe is the dumbest person in the history of earth.

        Those are the only two options.

      • Reality4U


        The facts are that he reported it and reported it to the head of the Police. Plain and simple.

        My question to you simply is: Why are you not angry and taking out your anger and, oh my, righteousness, on Shultz, who did nothing and knew of the pattern with 100% certainty, or the Gov. of Pennsylvania or drug out the investigation for 2 years while he took campaign contributions from the Second Mile so he could become Gov? Allowing Sandusky to allegedly attack others in that time frame. Where is your morale outrage for them?

        I guess it is just easy to bash Paterno since you already hate him. The person who, while you will say he did the minimum he was supposed to, was still more than most of the others. So why not go after them? Put your outrage where it should be.


    OK, he reported to the head of campus police. Is it that plain and simple to you? It’s not that simple to me. I couldn’t pick Shultz, the Gov, Curley and Mcqeary(SP) out of a lineup. That’s the difference. Those people weren’t repeatedly praised and deified in the national media for their outstanding moral compass and rightiousness. The only reason I post on here is because it’s hard for me to believe someone would be so blind to the known facts to loudly defend Joe’s actions, or better put, inaction. The minimum was NOT ENOUGH, sorry to inform you.

    You are simply wrong, I did not hate Paterno before this. I respected him from a distance, but was otherwise indifferent to him and Penn State. Don’t tell me where my outrage should lie. True, there is more than enough blame to go around, and I have the same outrage toward all of the cowards involved, but NO ONE had more power to stop the behavior than Joe.

    Some people you just can’t reach. Ignorance really must be bliss Reality, at least you’ve got that going for you.

    • Reality4U

      THE POWER to stop it lied with Shulze. The police. Even the president, Spanier, but we don’t really know what he was told at this time. The Attorney General who is now governor had the power to stop it.

      Paterno is not a cop. Paterno does not have investigative authority or arrest powers. Sorry to disappoint, but those are the facts. He turned it over to the people who HAD the power to stop it. What happened from there is not all out yet. Remember, there is no trial yet.

      We really aren’t that far apart in our thoughts… I’m outraged at the whole situation as well. It’s just a shame that your outrage is, in my opinion, misplaced. You are completely villifying someone simply because he is the only one that you know who he is, at the expense of the people that are MORE culpable.

      • DMILLER

        Explain how exactly the people you say are more culpable are skirting by because I’m holding Joe morally responsible? I still HATE those people. I have yet to see someone defending them, where is that? Because I’ll go to that site and argue with the foolish there too. I’m Not vilifying Joe simply because I know WHO he is. I’m vilifying him for what everyone TOLD me he was, and what is now evident. Can you see the chasm between the two? There are no do-overs in life. One giant willful mistake can and should erase the good will generated over a lifetime, just as one good act cannot undo years of deciept. That’s simpy how life works, accountability is a harsh master. Joe has his concience to live with, if he has one, that is.

        I don’t think we’re anywhere near close in our thoughts. Otherwise you wouldn’t feel the need to defend Joe. Because in my opinion, there is no defense for anyone involved.

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