MLK Prayer Breakfast Adopts Tone Of Occupy Movement

CHICAGO (CBS) — The annual Martin Luther King observance by the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition took on the tone of the Occupy movement this year.

WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger covered the King breakfast at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers downtown.

At his group’s annual King remembrance, Rainbow/Push founder Rev. Jesse Jackson said Dr. King would sympathize with the goals of the Occupy protestors.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports

“Somehow we bail out the top one percent and let the poor fend for themselves. Dr. King would be in protest today, protesting the fact that too few have too much,” Jackson said.

Governor Quinn agreed that the Occupy movement of today is an echo of the Resurrection city that sprung up during Dr. King’s time. The struggle today is for economic justice, Quinn said.

“There’s something wrong in America and Illinois if folks are working 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, and they’re still living in poverty,” the governor said.

Others attending the breakfast included Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and U.S. Representatives Jesse Jackson Jr., Bobby Rush, Danny Davis and Jan Schakowsky.

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  • Sick & Tired

    I’m sick and tired of being told by the 1% and\or mouth pieces that we need to receive government hand outs. I work my butt off, save and and intellegent about buying items I need and can afford without needing government help. I haven’t bought a new car in over 15 years, haven’t bought any car in nearly 10 because I take care of them. I have no need for an HDTV or top of the line stereo or iTool. As a family we eat out maybe once a month…lunch is brown bagged.

    Because that’s how I was raised….spend only what one has. America and its people have lost that.

  • Anglo-Saxon

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that Jesse Jack Leg would align himself with the Occupy losers. Just what the hell do they want? They can’t possibly be suggesting that poor people should get their fair share of what wealthy people have earned for themselves. That sounds alot like socialism to me. Maybe Jesse should work on repairing the gangster mentality that so many of his people have chosen for a lifestyle. Maybe he should work on the Lazy mentality that so many ghetto mommas have chosen as a way of life. Maybe he should work on helping his people fix their broken mentalities, before calling on society to increase handouts and freebies for people that wouldn’t work if a job was dropped in their laps!!!!

    • Charles E Davis


      • Anglo-Saxon

        @Charles Davis, Thank you for your contribution to the discussion. I have read your comment several times and I must say, I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. By the way, I think your caps button is stuck on!

  • Chicago Joe

    Note to Anglo-Saxon: When President Bush allocated the TARP bailout funds for the banker industry thieves, they immediately took 1.7 billion dollars as bounuses for their execs. They also noted the American taxpayers would not be reimbursed because there were no laws on the books compelling them to return the trickle-up goodies. Since the 1% own the congress that pushes out loophole laws, it’s hardly a surprise. Your kneejerk redneck rhetoric just goes to show that the 1% have their brainwashed minions securely in their back pockets. There are no pure socialist countries in existence. Most europeans are a combo of Capitalism/Socialism, and it seems to work for Germany and China.

    • James

      The banks that you refer to gave a ot of money to obama

    • Martin

      I thought Pres Bush allocated $800Million TARP and Pres. Obame another $800 Million…all under Pelosi\Reid Congressional watch. Not arguing over the fact that the bankers and CEOs pulled the move they did, just questioning the sole blame on Pres Bush.

      You’re other 4\5 points are dead one. :)

      • Martin

        sorry…’Dead on’…extra character there,.

    • Anglo-Saxon

      @Chicago Joe, As I remember it, the bonuses you are referring to, were guaranteed in contracts that were in place when the people were hired. The bonuses were basically part of their labor contract and not an afterthought. It still isn’t clear what the occupy losers want to see happen. They sound like they want wealthy people’s bank accounts to be allocated to the less fortunate. They also have made it clear that they want their student loans to be forgotten. I don’t see any redneck rhetoric in anything I’ve said. I’m just sick of lazy ass loser protesters!!!

      • Martin

        @Anglo-Saxon…I believe the redneck rhetoric Chicago Joe is referring was your “ghetto mommas” comment.

      • Anglo-Saxon

        @Martin, What’s redneck about it? Go knock on some doors in Englewood and ask their occupation, you’ll see what I’m talking about!!!

  • southside

    Jesse: Moron
    Pat Quinn: Bigger Moron

  • Chicago Joe

    Try 415 Billion dollars, Martin. As to your comment that my points are dead … if only all discourse could be squelched by narcissistic one liners, rather than an attempt at counterpoint. Not that i’d be interested in reading it.

  • THEE Yard Ape

    Just look at this list of attendees – Toni Preckwinkle and U.S. Representatives Jesse Jackson Jr., Bobby Rush, Danny Davis and Jan Schakowsky. ANY QUESTIONS???

    Radical ni @@ ers and 1 worthless white liberal b!tch, what worthless sacks of sh!t they ALL are!!!!

    • Me

      Interesting way to get your racist BS in the public forum…hide the words so the filters can’t see it.

      • THEE Yard Ape

        @ Me – You like that?? Good, here’s another one for you – FUK OFF !!! Liberals defending ni @@ ers, any suprise?? If you can’t handle the facts, then go somewhere else!

    • Anglo-Saxon

      I was thinking exactly the same thing, Mr Yard Ape!!!

      • THEE Yard Ape

        As you already know – I agree with what you said especially this – “for people that wouldn’t work if a job was dropped in their laps!!!!”

        BRAVO !!!!!!

  • Leroy Goldberg

    As always Yard Ape you echo my sentiments. My hat is off to you sir, Thank you .


    • THEE Yard Ape

      A tip of my hat to you as well Leroy.

  • Afro

    Why should my free speech be filtered? Oh it’s a Chicago news blog. The land of the protected.

    How can these fux sit up there and if they truly believe these welfare mongering fools are starving have their breakfast and not invite those less fortunate? pass me more pork sausage please um sure want some syrup? yeah we need to raise all our local fees and raise property tax. more flapjacks please. Those working stiffs should know we mentioned them at our 5 star breakfast. yeah we need to give more welfare oh and food rations for the ones who didn’t get their visa before coming here they must be starved. Yeah we need another tax raise next year. Oh we need medical for those illegals hmm we cant tax the welfare patients. Pat Quinn did get Sears that tax break though. Yeah he helps the people a lot. mmmm mmm that was a good breakfast lets take the rest of the year off. Why are those working stiffs living in poverty?

    • Afro

      I was just picturing the way that breakfast went in my mind there looks I got a bit over involed LOL

    • Afro

      I was just picturing the way that breakfast went in my mind there looks I got a bit over involed LOL I bet it sounded like pigs gnawing on pig fat.

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