Occupy Protesters On MLK Day: ‘Banks Have Crippled America’

CHICAGO (CBS) — A few hundred people assembled in an almost-vacant Loop Monday for an “Occupy the Dream” rally near the Federal Reserve Bank.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller reports, the demonstrators piled up crutches and walkers at the doorstep of Bank of America downtown.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller reports

“You’re going to follow the ministers across the street to Bank of America, peacefully, to place a cane, a crutch, a walker, at the foot of the bank door, symbolizing that the banks have crippled America,” the leader of the demonstration directed protesters. “The banks have crippled America, and today we say, no more.”

Afterward, they stacked the crutches and walkers at the bank’s door, which was shut for the holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King.

Meanwhile, two women, Janice and Josephine, stood on the periphery of the demonstration. But that didn’t mean they didn’t have an opinion about the plight of Americans.

“Nobody’s looking for a handout,” Janice said. “They want to be independent. They want to be in their own homes. They want to get educations. But they don’t want to have to pay a fortune for it or go into debt.

“I know of people who are $60,000 in debt – $70,000 – for a student loan,” added Josephine. “I mean, we’re talking about a bachelor’s degree. It’s outrageous.”

“And it’s not only African Americans,” Janice added. “It’s across the board. Everybody should be concerned about this.”


    Funny how these loser protesters think they know it all. “Banks have crippled America”. I wonder if they will ever make any suggestions as to what can be done to fix the economy. Oh yeah, they want the banks to forget about millions in student loans. Well I want the bank to forget about my car loan. They somehow want wealthy people’s money to be channeled to the less fortunate. Let’s not forget, they also want high salary jobs right out of college, rather than working hard to work their way up. Yeah, I think these Loser protesters have all the answers. Maybe they can start their own political party!!!

  • Welcome to the Adult World NOW PAY UP!

    Poor unfortunate young people lured into going deeply into debt by historicaly LOW Bank INTEREST RATES. Heck, they have to blame somebody else for being in debt, It couldn’t possibly be their own greed and failure to postpone gratification and spending. So it must be the banks! They could have worked their way through college over eight years working at minimum wage jobs like me. But no. They had to have it all right now. They lacked self discipline.Quit whining and PAY UP! You are an adult. Welcome to the adult world.

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