7 Teens Charged In Brutal Attack Captured On YouTube

UPDATED 01/18/12 9:48 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Seven teens – six boys and a girl – have been charged in connection with the brutal beating in the Bridgeport neighborhood this past weekend that went viral on YouTube.

Police credited community cooperation and even cooperation from the parents of the suspects with helping solve the case quickly, saying the video clearly provoked a sense of outrage.

As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, each of the suspects are charged with felony counts of robbery and aggravated battery in the incident, which happened between 4 p.m. and 4:20 p.m. Sunday behind the James Ward Elementary School in the 2800 block of South Princeton Avenue.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports

All of the suspects are minors, and only one – Raymond Palomino, 17, of the 3500 block of South Hoyne Avenue – has been charged as an adult. The other six were cited as juveniles, so their names are not being released.

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said Wednesday afternoon that police were able to make quick arrests in the case due in large part to the fact the suspects videotaped themselves and posted the video on YouTube, prompting a good deal of cooperation from the community, as well as the parents of some of the suspects.

“One of the offenders was brought in by their parents before we even had them identified and in pursuit of them,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy said it was a clear example that such behavior would not be tolerated.

“We got a lot of cooperation from a number of the parents in this case. We’ve got a ton of cooperation from the community,” McCarthy added. “The outrage that everybody has showed as a result of this can be the positive that comes out of it. And the message is really simple. This isn’t able to be tolerated.”

McCarthy said, while he found the fact that the offenders videotaped themselves attacking the victim disturbing, he credited the video with helping bring a swift resolution to the case.

“I think that you could always come out of a negative incident with a positive outcome,” McCarthy said. “Social media, while it can be problematic, is actually helpful. Like I said, it helped us close this case very, very quickly.”

Although the juvenile suspects have not been identified publicly because of their age, several comments posted on the YouTube video have claimed to identify the kids involved, sometimes giving phone numbers or addresses for them. That has police concerned.

“Much of that information is incorrect and what we’re very concerned about is this leading to more events,” McCarthy said. “We’re not going to tolerate that. We will come down very quickly and very swiftly on it.”

A judge Wednesday set bond for Palomino at $100,000. He would need to put up 10 percent, or $10,000, to be released, which CBS 2’S Derrick Blakley reports will not happen anytime soon. Palomino’s father does not have the money, given that seven people live in his home. The boy’s mother is also in jail, attorneys said.

Also charged are two 16-year-old boys — one of them from Arlington Heights — as well as three 15-year-old boys, and a 15-year-old girl.

Contrary to initial reports that the girl shot the video, McCarthy said Wednesday afternoon that it was not a female behind the camera. He said the girl took part in the attack itself.

Asked why the offenders would videotape themselves and then post the video for all to see, McCarthy said, “Good question, I don’t know. Why have they posted video in all these other cases, too? I think it’s all part of the same dynamic where this is what kids do today, which is incredibly, ridiculously stupid”

Raymond Palomino

Raymond Palomino, 17, is one of seven teens charged in an attack on another teenage boy that was captured on YouTube. (Credit: Chicago Police)

Police said the attack was an act of retaliation over a previous dispute involving the attackers and the victim last October.

Wentworth Area Detective Division Cmdr. Patricia Walsh said the previous altercation was no more than a typical teenage dispute that turned violent.

“From our investigation, it just basically involved teenage bickering. There’s nothing substantial to the disagreement or the altercation. … It was a physical altercation as a result of teenage disputes,” Walsh said. “This was a group of high school kids who … didn’t know how to manage anger, frustrations. It was just general, ongoing teenage disputes that escalated and escalated to a physical altercation in October and a subsequent altercation this past week.”

The video shows the other teens chasing and surrounding the 17-year-old boy, who is clad in red sweatpants, and relentlessly attacking him. They drag him, only to punch and kick him some more. He was punched and kicked repeatedly in the face.

Palomino is clearly seen in the video. After removing the victim’s gloves, Palomino pounds the boy and whacks him with a shoe.

He tries to grab the victim’s backpack, and later, flips him over and holds him while another suspect kicks him.

Some of the assailants also hit the boy with chunks of ice and choked him. Finally, he lies there helpless as he was beaten.

It went on for 3 minutes and 39 seconds, as an accomplice shot the video.

The boy was eventually able to escape and run away. He was treated for cuts and bruises at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center.

The boy was robbed of his gym shoes, wallet and money, police said. The suspects threw the boy’s wallet in the sewer, prosecutors said at Palomino’s bond hearing Wednesday.

Palomino’s father, Michael Palomino, is a Cook County Sheriff’s Deputy. He said he is distraught over his son’s actions.

“I just feel bad,” Michael Palomino said.

Michael Palomino said he found out Monday through neighbors that his son was involved in the vicious attack.

“I’m upset about what happened, you know, what all this turned out to be,” Michael Palomino said. “You know, it’s really hurting me.”

Michael Palomino, a 30-year veteran sheriff’s deputy, was the one who called police after finding out about his son’s actions.

Raymond didn’t say anything before he left for the Wentworth Area Police Headquarters to face the music, his father said.

But Michael Palomino had an apology.

“I’m sorry for what happened to him, but if there’s anything I can do for them, I’d try and help them as much as I can.”

As Michael Palomino prepares to go to bond court, he knows his son won’t get off easy.

He says he wants his son “to learn what he did was wrong.”

Meanwhile, in response to the attack, the Guardian Angels Safety Patrol is planning a couple self-defense classes in Bridgeport. Guardian Angels leader Miguel Fuentes tells WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya that if you are attacked, you should make as much noise as possible.

While not blaming the victim on Sunday, Fuentes says, “If he would have been yelling, ‘stop’ for three minutes, someone would have been, ‘Oh, wait a minute, there’s something wrong here. Let me either go find out, or let me call 911.’”

The self-defense classes are scheduled for Wednesday night and Saturday at the Louis L. Valentine Boys and Girls Club, 3400 S. Emerald Ave.

Palomino is charged as an adult, and is expected in Central Bond Court (Br. 1) at the Cook County Criminal Courthouse later Wednesday. The juvenile offenders have been turned over to the county Juvenile Detention Center.

  • Toonces

    Chicago….keepin’ it classy.

    • Freddy Wu

      See i hate to say I told you so but to all of those who were so fast to call for a street justice.

      As I say before “Retaliation only perpetuate the crime” everyone calling for a street style justice and as it turns out this was a street style justice. To many a fool in Chicago with head up ass!

      • toronto

        “Guardian Angels leader Miguel Fuentes tells WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya that if you are attacked, you should make as much noise as possible.

        While not blaming the victim on Sunday, Fuentes says, “If he would have been yelling, ‘stop’ for three minutes, someone would have been, ‘Oh, wait a minute, there’s something wrong here. Let me either go find out, or let me call 911.’”

        what would ‘Vigilante’ Fuentes have liked the victim to do
        beyond repeatedly shouting “don’t beat me”? (不打了!)

  • Just Axin

    Not that’s it’s right, but this was in response to a previous incident where this victim allegedly took part in attacking another, so maybe a little street justice here. I’m surprised the politician Atty Alvarez didn’t insist on felony charges for the minors, but then again she would have if the victim were black. THIS case got so much attn, but the brothers do this ALL of the time, only not in retaliation, but in random robberies and beatings.

    • Bernie Getz

      hee..heee, i guess i’ll start riding the subways and going for walks…heee heee; “you don’t look so bad, have another”….heeee

      • El_CId

        “…each of the suspects are charged with felony counts of robbery and aggravated battery…”

        The minors were just charged as minors, but with felonies none the less.

  • Velnias

    Is Raymond Palomino any relation to Chicago Police Officer Palomino who operates out of the police station on 32nd. and Halsted St? Any Know?

    • Read IT

      did you NOT read the article?? It clearly states that that’s his father.

    • mike

      hes his father

  • Byte me

    Typical Bridgeport white trash. South Side trash.

    I wonder which one of the attackers was ‘Just Axin’, desperately trying to make excuses for the criminals?

    • Afro

      Bravo Freddy Wu!! why can’t the ni gg ers own up to their shiit!



      DONT LISTEN TO THE RACIST WHITE LIBERAL MEDIA STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Martin

      What does the colour of one’s skin have to do with anything about this attack? This is about some punks that attacked another person over a perceived slight…in this case, the victim didn’t allow one or all of them to cheat off of his test.

    • Lauren1982

      YOu have no idea what you are talking about, do you? South Side Trash? I would love for you to come visit the South Side for just one day and point out this so called WHITE TRASH! Get a clue duche bag!

  • sonny

    Black Culture…

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  • bizzebee

    There are some other videos on youtube of teenagers claiming to know the victim and they clain that there was no first attack?!?!

  • Mike

    All 7 should be charged as Adults..with Mob Action as one of the charges, maybe even a video type charge too.

  • double standard

    Imagine the uproar if the victim was BLACK and the perps were WHITE. HELLO JESSE!!!

    • mr.ofay

      your hold HIS-TORY is base upon doing this already…how soon we forget?

  • cindy lou

    Yes we should locjk them up for life!! you know these animals are going to do more crimes in the future with there mentality. Just keep them in prison and throw away the key , They are future rapists, murderers and theives .. Animals

  • Larry Horse's Arse Horse's Arse

    These losers probably turned themselves in because they saw the reaction online and feared for their lives.

  • Paul Kersey

    Payback is a M-Fer!

  • Just Axin1

    BM- You must have missed the first line, “Not that it’s right”. Also, I couldn’t find in my 3 sentence comment any attempt at “desperately making excuses..” for the punk’s criminal behavior. Sometimes a beatdown may be criminal, but necessary as we don’t know what the victim might have done had he himself engaged in attacking others previously. Not legal, but sometimes payback can hurt.

  • g-man

    Robbed ( oops )

  • Oster Tino

    Damn I live in England and i just saw the site home page with A man who killed his girlfriend, a drug suspect who was shot, a man who killed 4 people before killing himself and 7 white kids beating up and Asian. You americans really have a thirst for violence dont you.
    In England its a rare for such crimes to take place, and when they do they is usually a large amount of shock but i can tell that from the website these type of things seem frequent. And thats all in just one state, and just this week. lool

    • 4 corner hustler

      That’s why your country is weak and we stick up for you every mess you get into, Only 3% of the violence is reported so you don’t see what really goes on! Bridgeport is all White trash Sox fans with no class or teeth at all,

    • NOpenedMind

      I live in Europe and I am American, and it seems as if other countries look for any exscuse to call Americans bad. You laugh at the fact that you read several killings in one state, during one week. Ask yourself how does that make you any better. You say we Americans are all crazy for violence and that is ignorance my friend. You generalize us all in one category when “people” in general are all different. I heard that in England you all hate Americans, but when I went there I was treated very nicely. What I’m trying to say is that you should stop judging a group regardless of what you think you know. Learn what is fact and what is opinion; otherwise it is just ignorance.

    • someone

      we barley see this in cali, this is illinois, very different

  • Bad Boys

    Officer Palomino did the right thing and turned his own son in when he heard he was involved.
    You have to stop blaming the parents when they have no control over the gang mentality state of mind.
    And to find out now that the victim had been tne perpetrator before. Hmmm

  • Sonny C.

    for the record it happened in Armour Square not Bridgeport ,please get you a neighborhood map and look it up,Bridgeport ends at the viaducts of Canal STRETand as far as white trash come around here and say that

    • Sonny C.

      and aint none of these kids from A.S or B.P so in no way shape or form do they represent the people of OUR neighborhoods…

      • bl


  • cindy lou

    judging by your use of the English language , you represent your community well . There city dwellers all animals

  • mz.i dnt care

    Its to much going on in this world an the first thing u ppl wont to say is black this black that an niggas this thats whats wron with the world today stop focus on the color of the skin an look an thank god it not u or your kids an half the time its not always african american it mostly the whites who really make the news by killing their wife kids an whole family so before you guys blame everything on the black look at what yall do!!!!@

    • NOpenedMind

      mz.i dnt care

      You start off with a somewhat decent claim about not focusing on color, but at the end of you rant you mention how white people kill their wives and kids. That is a contradiction and it shows you are a hypocrite. Please understand I am not insulting you; I am just trying to point out what I saw in your rant.

  • Man for the draft

    Whatt a bunch of cowards. Anytime that it takes a bunch of cowards to attack one individual says a lot about their confidence. No matter what race you are it’s not a good thing to attack someone when you out number them. It’s obvious that these young people have too much time on their hands. Let’s bring back the draft to get these out of control kids off the street. At least they will be to cowardly to attack a bunch insurgents and we can clean up our country of these worthless thugs. Hats off to the father who turned in his coward son to face the music for his behavior.

  • anthony

    What was the reasin for why they did this to the boy. I heard something about another attack in october.

  • Get with it!!

    Why was the kid carrying so much cash?? Drug dealing? Rich kid in the hood? New gym shoes? Lunch money? Oh yeah, he just got paid!!

  • Joseph

    Another stupid pig from our neighborhood and his good for nothing punk ass kid. Pieces of garbage

  • the heck

    The 17 year old’s mother is in jail but his father is a 30 year veteran cop? What an odd family. If a veteran police officer can’t raise a son to be an upstanding member in society than what can we expect from rest of parents who can’t control this Ipad generation.

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