Jury Deliberates On Cop Charged With Killing Boy In DUI Crash

CHICAGO (CBS) — Jury deliberations continue later Wednesday morning in the trial of a Chicago police charged in connection with a deadly hit-and-run accident.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Bob Conway reports, Officer Richard Bolling, 42, is charged with reckless homicide and aggravated driving under the influence in the death of Trenton Booker, 13, who was riding his bicycle at 81st Street and Ashland Avenue as the boy was riding his bicycle on May 22, 2009.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bob Conway reports

During closing arguments, prosecutors insisted that Bolling received got preferential treatment from investigators at the scene, including delaying sobriety tests, one for almost five hours, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Bolling’s defense attorney, Tom Needham, has said the officer asked “for no special favors” and was in a state of “complete horror, fear and grief” when fellow officers told him Trenton Booker had died, Needham said.

But Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Ashley Romito said earlier in the trial that before he heard about the fatality, all Bolling cared about was the damage to his Dodge Charger and when he could eat the White Castle meal officers found next to an open bottle of beer in his car.

Bolling didn’t undergo field sobriety tests until two hours after the accident and he wasn’t given a Breathalyzer test until 4 1/2 hours later, Romito said in opening statements.

His blood alcohol level registered at .079 — just a bit shy of the .08 legal intoxication level. Had Bolling been given the test sooner, his blood alcohol level would have been higher, Romito argued.

Romito said in closing arguments Tuesday that Bolling might not have woken up that day planning to kill Trenton or anyone else, but he still committed a crime, the Sun-Times reported.

Bolling himself testified he had one beer and one mixed drink prior to the crash, the newspaper reported.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Jack

    One beer and one mixed drink should not be enough to impair an adult to the point of being DUI. That explains the breathalizer test. He also passed the sobriety test. Could this maybe be the fault of the biker for traveling the wrong way in traffic at 1:00 in the morning? It’s starting to look that way. This guy is only being singled out because he’s a cop!!!

    • http://inalienablewrights.wordpress.com inalienablewrights

      No usually it works the other way Jack. they get off because they are cops. Something does not pass the smell test here. The po-po union will usually spare no effort to get a serial rapist off if he is a cop.

      This guy is not liked by the cops so they threw him under the bus. Perhaps his crime was that he was not on the take and they did not trust him? All I know is that something stinks in the state of Denmark.

  • Tom

    Jack-One beer and one drink would not cause this guys blood alcohol level to be almost .08 four and a half hours after he quit drinking. If that’s all he had to drink there would not have been any alcohol in his system four and a half hours later. Thus, if they would have got a B/A test on him at the time of the crash it would have been almost, if not, twice the legal limit.

    • Jack

      @Tom, unfortunately speculation isn’t enough, the actual test results is all that is relevant. Proof beyond a doubt. Case dismissed, court adjourned, next!

      • Afro

        Hey Jack you’re off you know good and well that what you are saying is the very corruption that is defining Chicago and people are tired of it! So are the judges and prosecutors.

    • Ted

      Agreed, Tom is right, hammer down, court adjourned. next!

      • Eric

        You are correct, and that was probably offered during trial by experts. @ Jack, this a**hole is not being singled out, if it was an average citizen, they would have given FST and BAC test on the spot immediately. Chicago police are the most corrupt in this country when it comes to protecting their own, and this isn’t the first time.

  • Chivi

    Blood tests on city workers?? Are you kidding!! 97% would get fired!! I know of 15 teachers alone that take drugs not to mention the cops, firefighters, etc.

    • Lori

      Chivi, if you’re aware of the teachers, cops and firefighters being on drugs then you need to speak up! I don’t need a drug induced teacher teaching and reprimanding my kids, I don’t need a cop who’s just done a line on a call to defend me and I don’t need a firefighter fighting a fire to save my family life. How about you, what do you want? You’re holding the cards now I suggest you speak up!

  • Lori

    Why do they keep referencing a Dodge Charger when they showed a GMC Envoy this morning with the bike underneath the rear end?? Just asking!

    • Afro

      Why did they showe a GMC Envoy this morning with the bike underneath the rear end when he was driving a Dodge Charger??

  • Chivi

    Lori, I have spoken up. The last time I spoke up I lived in Garfield Ridge and got harassed so bad by the cops that I lost most if not all respect I had for them. I do not live there anymore. Garfield Ridge cops cover up a whole lot of crimes and accidents their kids get into. They do it for each other. As far as teachers are concerned, the union takes care of covering up their mess pretty good. My relative is a CPS counselor. She’s nuts. She gets into physical and verbal fist fights with her 2 daughters. Her daughters have called the cops on her and the cops only look at the fact that she is who she is and there must be something wrong with the daughers. I’ve tried!! Look how long it took to catch the guy at Penn State. Even after someone blew the whistle, nothing was done. Big cover up. All for the money.

  • Afro

    I don’t have any problem with any police but when they get busted and start lying I lose ALL respect for the individual POS

  • Harry

    I love fried pork chops

  • To Serve And Protect And Flee When Drunk

    After the Mo Mo does his time, he could become Mo Mo Mall Security.

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