Dog Abandoned And Attacked On West Side Now In Foster Home

CHICAGO (CBS) — Isis, the shepherd terrier mix who was abandoned in the cold by her owners and then attacked by children with baseball bats, is now in a foster home.

It was almost a month and a half ago when Isis was abandoned on the West Side, then attacked by a group of children.

She was brought in in December after police found kids beating her with baseball bats and broomsticks in the 600 block of North Drake Avenue in the East Garfield Park neighborhood.

Cherie Travis, executive director of Chicago Animal Care and Control, says Isis is making a great recovery and has moved on to the next phase.

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“We actually placed her in a foster home this week, just to give her a break from the cage before we put her up for adoption,” Travis said.

In December, Lashon Johnson, 42, and her son Lorenzo, 18, moved into a new apartment where the landlord does not allow pets, so they tried to get Isis to leave them as they moved to their new home. But of course, the dog followed, and began howling for hours outside the new home.

Then at some point, some children showed up just a few doors from the Johnsons’ new home, and began beating the dog. Isis left a trail of bloody paw prints as she returned to the Johnsons’ front door.

Police were eventually called, and Johnson, 42, was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty for leaving the dog outside.

After recovering at a city animal shelter before being turned over to her new foster home, Isis could be up for adoption at the end of this month or the first part of next month.

“She made wonderful progress and became a very playful, happy dog,” she said.

Travis reminds people that Animal Care and Control has about 70 dogs and 20 cats up for adoption right now.

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  • Tina K

    A misdemeanor only? This woman plus the parents of those kids should have fines plus potential jail time. So cruel and mean.

  • Amy

    Blech, humans suck. Seriously. And to think the kids who were beating this dog to death are still free to roam the street. Oh–and the lady who abandoned the dog too. They all should just be wiped off the face of this planet. They’re useless.

    • Lyndia

      Amy, what qualifies YOU to determine who should be wiped of the face of the earth? Do you feel that way about those boys that tried to kill that Asian boy, after ROBBING him. You are a special kind of stupid.

      • levy

        The boys who beat up the Asian kid are in custody and will get what they deserve as will the owner of that poor dog, but why are those violent kids and the parents not being held accountable for this heinous act ? It is incredibly frustrating to hear of this kind of malicious behavior by humans. Special kind of stupid goes to any human who can viciously hurt another for any reason.

      • Lyndia

        and I knows stupid

    • Lyndia

      Isn’t that what hilter said about your mama Leroy?

    • Leroy Goldberg

      …but they are usless.

    • Leroy Goldberg


      These are not humans. They are useless and have no place on our planet……especially Lyndia!!!


  • Stella

    Amy – you forgot the ending – Useless pieces of sheeet. So sad for the dog. The kids will be in prison for murder and torturing people soon.!!!!!!

    • Lyndia

      How in the hell do you know stella? Are you a mind reader? What those kids did was bad, I admit that, but to say they will be in prison for murder and torturing people is stretching it a bit.

      • Lyndia

        Dem kids might not even make it to prison and jus be shot dead on the streets. How bout dat stella?

      • Roberta Waker

        Studies have been done and there is proof that children that abuse animals turn into abusers and killers because they don’t value life whether it be animal or human. So Stella isn’t really stretching it. Yes, what they did was bad but do you really think this is the first time they have done something like this? I doubt it. Odds are they will end up in prison most likely for killing someone.

      • levy

        I think that when people young or old can carry out a vicious attack as that, to a dog or towards a human, it is pretty reliable proof that they lack a conscience and the compassion that would have stopped them from doing that in the first place. Unless they have a radical change of heart, they will continue to do horrible things out there in the world until they are taken out of it, by death or by incarceration.

    • Leroy Goldberg

      Of course those kids will be murdering and torturing people soon………this is how they are raised.
      Monkey see……………. monkey do.


  • Felice

    I would like to adopt this pup and give her a beautiful home. Please contact me or let me know how to go about it.

    • Roberta Waker

      Felice. Get in touch with Chicago Animal Care and Control. I’m sure they would love to hear from you and if Isis is adopted before you are able to get her; remember, there are many more animals that need forever homes. Good luck and thanks for caring.

      • Lyndia

        Oh yes, I be familiar with dem studies and I still can’t figure out which end of the banana you gots to peel.

      • Lyndia

        Roberta Waker, the question still remains: How do you know what these kids will do? I am familiar with the studies but it is predicitive not an absolute.

  • Lyndia

    Afro, the dogs that were shot was a case of mistaken idenity. The police mistaked the dogs for you!!! That was a tragic mistake. (Do you wear an Afro hair do?)

  • Tyrone Powell


  • MMM

    “I’d rather the company of a Dog than of any Christian, Muslim or Jew.”

  • MMM

    What kind of degenerate abandons a dog? What kind of sub-human children attack a dog with baseball bats? Oh, I know. They are products of the state welfare system, products of government schools and the excrement of the decrepit culture that s allowed to carry on because they are being fed with food stamps and it’s politically incorrect to criticize them.

    Even with over 50% of blacks being aborted since the 70’s, go look it up, this is just going to get worse until it’s not tolerated as cultural behaviour.

    • eshubi

      MMMM That is a disgusting, racist and piggy remark. With sub-human thoughts as the ones you conveyed, I sure would not like to know you or your family. You must fill their heads with hatred, resentment and fear. Ugh!

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