Lake County Sheriff On Defensive After Woman’s Death From Hunger Strike

WAUKEGAN, Ill. (CBS) — The Lake County Sheriff is defending his jail’s handling of an inmate who died after refusing to eat.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports, Lyvita Gomes, 52, was arrested this past October for ignoring a jury summons. But as a citizen of India, she would have been ineligible to serve anyway.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports

When a Lake County Sheriff’s deputy went to the residential hotel in Vernon Hills where Gomes lived, she allegedly resisted, and was thus charged with misdemeanor resisting.

While in jail, it was learned Gomes’ visa had expired. Then she refused to eat.

The Chicago Tribune reports the former flight attendant supervisor had a history of mental health issues and thought she was in court for tennis lessons.

Lake County Jail officials transferred Gomes to Vista Medical Center East in Waukegan a day before she was to appear in court, to determine whether she was mentally fit to stand trial, the Daily Herald reported earlier this month.

Gomes died a couple of days later, of dehydration and malnutrition. Officials have not been able to locate any family members, the Daily Herald reported.

  • inalienablewrights

    The big issue here is – do you want someone forced to be on your jury for your trial? Is this the freedom of living in a “free’.” country?

    Perhaps the next thing we need in this “free” country are jail sentences for those that refuse to vote (like they do in Australia) or pledge allegiance to the flag. Just think – we could lock Americans in rape cages every time they don’t cheer the state just like the people that did not cry property in North Korea. Sounds like freedom to me. Free to do as you are told is what it amounts to.

    I am so proud to live in a country where not wanting to serve on a jury (and many can not afford to) is now a death sentence in the Communist Country of IL.

  • inalienablewrights

    Personally a major beef with juries is that they are lied to by the courts. They are not told of their duty to judge not only the offense but the law. You see juries are the 4th branch of government checks and balances. I know you are amazed that guberment schools nor the presstitutes educated you about this right – so it must not exist right?

    WRONG! Please check out: and please watch the Red Beckman video on juries

  • Jennie

    I was really shocked and saddened to hear about how an old school friend to die in this manner. She came from a very respectable family and we both studied in the same Catholic School. Lyvita was always willing and eager to help everyone. I hope she was given some dignity when she breathed her last words. May God bless her and her loving family who have to deal with her sad loss. I hope and pray that this does not happen to anyone else.

    • inalienablewrights

      Jennie you should be outraged about this! I am outraged and I did not even know her.

      Do you think your friend did anything to deserve being murdered over doing something that was her right?

      Who is next? You and I?

      • inalienablewrights

        Who did she harm? Who’s rights did she violate?
        Is that not the ONLY thing that the justice system should be concerned with?

        No victim no crime!

  • Greg

    She was a law breaking immigrant “expired Visa” My wife is an immigrant here legally. We go and have her alien registration renewed before it expires as required. She will be taking her citizenship testing soon and she (we) have met all the requirements when needed to do so. We have to see illegals such as the Obama family being given a free pass and amnesty, it isn’t fair to us who follow the law.

    Onyango Obama, an illegal immigrant, briefly appeared in Framingham District Court on Thursday

    Read more:

    • inalienablewrights

      Greg that does not seem pertinent to this discussion at all. She was not jailed for being illegal!

      • Greg

        If you would have read the first article that came out you would see differenty she was being held for immigration here is the first release you stupid ass now tell me it wasn’t because she was illegal your a dunb ass

      • greg


        You open your mouth and shiit runs out before you even know half the story. You can’t rely on one news article to know all the facts let this be a lesson to you

      • inalienablewrights

        Greg it is intelligent people that call someone a stupid ass rather that explaining themselves. I remember it was Sir Isac Newtons favorite phrase. :-)

        Does anyone else out there have a clue as to what Greg is trying to communicate. His post and his reply are out of context and unintelligible. Other than him calling me a stupid ass. At least he communicated something clearly.

      • Greg


        Greg it is intelligent people that call someone a stupid ass rather that explaining themselves. I remember it was Sir Isac Newtons favorite phrase. :-)

        I explained myself and called you a stupid ass, I can’t help it if you have not the reading comprehension level required to understand what was very clearly stated.
        Greg you are so full of shiit that spews out of your mouth every time you open it

  • David

    If you are summoned to jury duty, you show up, period, no exceptions. When police try and arrest you, you comply, period, no exceptions. If you want to be a complete and total moron and deprive your body of nutrition and water, that’s your problem, period, no exceptions. As long as the jail provided her with food and water, it simply is not their problem. The jail does not hold people down and force feed them, we are all ultimately responsible for our own actions!!!

    • inalienablewrights

      Ja voll David! I thought they got all of you at the Nurnberg trials.

      You should get a job as a FEMA camp guard so that you can throw Americans into ovens. After all they will deserve it because they do not jump when their owners tell them to.

  • Josephine

    It is amazing how people can make comments on a person or situation they are completely ignorant about! I knew Levita Gomes. SHe worked legally for Delta Airlines at a senior position. She was an extremly intellient, smart and wonderful person. Prior to joining Delta, she taught Science in a renouned school in India. Students admired her as did I!
    People should get their facts right before writing mean, hurtful and ignorant comments!

  • Josephine

    May God Bless her soul and may she finally RIP!

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