Bernstein: Cry For Victims, Not Paterno

By Dan Bernstein- Senior Columnist

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

(CBS) Joe Paterno’s life ended today, but it began to end long ago.

It began to end when he decided to let Penn State football be a vehicle for serial child-molestation at the hands of his trusted assistant. It continued to end in the infinite moments thereafter, every time he failed to speak up, failed to act, failed to protect, and failed to care.

Nothing in his life was more important than his grim, cowardly silence. There is no counterbalancing the moral ledger, or any mitigation by anything related to football. For years, he looked the other way while children were being assaulted, and his program was being used to enable the crimes.

No number of victories stacks up against what these boys and their families lost. Not even 409.

It’s repugnant to believe that this was one small oversight by a kind, old man, blemishing an otherwise honorable legacy. Paterno’s inaction was concurrent with everything else. This was not a singular moment of poor judgment – it was boundless, constant, and ongoing. Any joyous cheers from fans echoed over the grave, dark stillness in Happy Valley.

He may have known when Jerry Sandusky was first hired. Most believe he knew when Sandusky was investigated, confronted and forced to retire in 1998. We know from his own sworn testimony, though, that Paterno knew in 2002.

Read about the victims after that date.

Read the sick details of what these men say Sandusky did to them in those years. Read about the on-campus swimming pool, the hotel sauna, the trips to bowl games, the basement dungeon where they screamed for help while being raped.

The plain reasons given for Paterno’s firing also serve to explain why his death needn’t be mourned.

“Every adult has a responsibility for every other child in our community,” Penn State trustee Kenneth C. Frazier told the New York Times last week. “And that we have a responsibility not to do the minimum, the legal requirement. We have a responsibility for ensuring that we can take every effort that’s within our power not only to prevent further harm to that child, but to every other child.”

Entrusted with that responsibility to a greater extent than others considering his vast, unprecedented power, Paterno turned his back. Rather than protect children, he knowingly endangered them.

And he should rest in no more peace than that of those boys, whose lives were ruined by a monster.

Here’s another quote about doing the right thing in difficult times: “Being the most popular kid won’t mean much if you are in trouble with the law or have flunked out of school. So if your friends are making poor choices, stand up to your friends and stand out from the crowd. Don’t give up your winning future for short-term popularity.”

That’s Joe Paterno, from the back of a 1990 trading card distributed by The Second Mile, Sandusky’s “charity” that he exploited as a victim-cultivation mechanism.

So there will be tears, now. Many will come from under-informed students, willfully-ignorant alums, and Pennsylvania residents raised to worship a fraud. There will be grandiose, sanitized eulogies from every media corner. A Disney Requiem.

I cried last week, when I read the words of Penn State trustee Stephanie Nolan Deviney, who described to the New York Times her thoughts as she left home for the meeting at State College to determine Paterno’s future.

She went to the bedroom of her seven-year old son to kiss him goodbye.

“I thought of all the mothers of all those boys in the presentment,” she said. “And I thought about what they must feel when they kiss their sons good night.”

I cried again when I read that passage on the air. I am crying right now as I type. I am sad, and still indescribably angry over what Penn State football helped happen.

I am crying for the right reasons.

paterno card Bernstein: Cry For Victims, Not Paterno

bernstein 90x130 Bernstein: Cry For Victims, Not Paterno
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  • Johnson Johnson

    Now who can argue with THAT?

    • HMc
      • Jeffrey Jeffrey Jordan

        The legions and uber-legions of Penn State Stepford Wives who fall in lock-step with their blind loyalty of Joe Paterno is what is so sickening.

        Dan, I’ve listened to all of your shows since Day One of the disgusting news that poured out of Penn State on a daily basis.

        One of the most interesting interviews you played on your show was the assistant coach who said Paterno knew “everything” that went on. The entire town would swoon over Paterno. Paterno would get on the bus and do a little wave like he was the Pope. I hope you play that interview again, I’d like to hear it.

        Perhaps Paterno will be given a Kim Jong Il type of funeral, with thousands of Penn State students and alum standing on the side of the road crying uncontrollably.

    • John H

      Right on! It disgusts me to see the glorification of a man who allowed children to be raped. Does anyone asslociated with Penn State get it? Thank you Dan Bernstein and Terry Boars for your coverage of this. You may not realize it but you have done alot of good and focused on the true victims of this.

    • Steve Mattei

      With all due respect. we are looking back at this now with 20/20 vision, before this was all hear say. I think you are allowing your emotions to guide your opinions and thoughts. Law 101: Innocent till proven guilty. Please remember…that the grand jury is only one side of the story. The last time I check…anyone could get indited by a Grand Jury…its pretty easy.

      If you recall there is NOT a lot of information in the grand jury report regarding the convo between COACH JoePA and McQueary. Why? Question: What was said and what details were presented to COACH JoePA? Those questions and details will come to life in a trial, not during a grand jury session. Lets take one step further….a grand jury report is NOT public…the purpose of the grand jury is to see if the state could bring enough evidence to charge Jerry Sandusky. During this process they found Curley, and Shultz to have committed perjury. JoePA was not convicted of anyting…in fact they said he did what was necessary according to the LAW. Morally….that is a different story which we still need the facts. Lets review what took place:

      Joe went to the AD and University POLICE. Should he have followed up?… Could he? Yes. Do we know? No. Why? Because we don’t know the facts. I can see this happening: Joe called (not sending an email, the man does not have a computer or cell phone) to currley or shultz to check how the investigation is going and both of them coming back saying we are “ok…we have this under control….the law is taking shape”. Look in the end there are red flags across the board. Joepa is the scapegoat and the fall person because the media loves to see a hero fall and they have been waiting for 46 years to get any dirt on this college. I find it hard to believe that he would let a piece of $h*t like Jerry take down 46 years of honor, character, and respect within a program. Something is missing….lets look at the facts here:

      As to the 1998 case, there were allegations which led to two undercover stings which both ended up negative. Both of these allegations took place outside PSU. PSU has nothing to do with the 1998 case. The Second Mile Foundation was made aware of this and BOTH THEM AND THE POLICE found no evidence to place charges on him. PSU in the clear here…

      2002: Here’s were the water gets muddy. McQueary walks in on EX-Football Coach Jerry Sandusky in the PSU team shower. What took place there it horrible in so many ways and my heart goes out to all of the victims. McQueary (28 years old ADULT), did not bring the kid to safety and call the police, he ran home to consult with this father on the best course of action. After they decided that it would be best to bring this information to COACH Paterno. At this point, any information COACH Paterno delivers to the authorities is called hear say since he did not witness this first hand. McQueary is the ONLY person that witnessed this first hand, and the only one with the TRUE power to go to the police right there and then to end this situation. Please remember that COACH Paterno did go to the police, but his information is hear say at this point because he did not witness this act first hand. McQueary is really the key to all of this…Once University POLICE got this information, they went to question McQueary…what was said and done after that is a little shaky. This is where the ball was dropped…Curley and Shultz both covered this up…or didn’t do a good job looking into the situation.

      Another thing we are missing here…JoePA did not witness any of these events first hand…so it does not matter what he “knows”…the police can not do anything about it until a person with first hand expierence or their investigation is complete. Joe is NOT THE POLICE.

      Dan….I am not dismissing your thoughts…and I do agree with you that there should have been more follow up on all ends. I don’t think we are done yet with the names being dug into this. I think there will be a few BOD’s let go and don’t be surprised if the Gov. of PA and DA back in 2002 knew more but did nothing to help. At this point…WHO KNOWS…But COACH Paterno is a COACH…he is not the police…just like a coach…he put all the information he had in the best person able to bring justice (Police), but they dropped the ball on this, along with other people.

      In the end…your words and thoughts are a little out of line. Please direct your anger to the people that failed the children…that was the people that investgated this…not JoaPA. For you to say he should of died….wow…I am not sure you look your self in the mirror.

  • inalienablewrights

    Congratulations out of about 200 articles here this is the first I have agreed with.

    These are the same sentiments and thoughts I had when the Daily woman died but the locals in that case inexplicably honored her. Perhaps Chicago is a bit like North Korea in that when monsters die they are fearful not to show the proper amount of grief.

  • Marky Mark

    Spot on, Dan.

  • David

    Your ignorance and stupidity is astounding Dan. I’d like to debate you so I can prove you wrong at every single turn. Your article is an embarrassment.

    • scott

      How confident you are in your idiotic beliefs is impressive.

    • Meatless Meatball

      David, you’re going to find that there is ample room for debate on a lot of subjects. But not child rape. PSU was made unsafe by the presence of Jerry Sandusky. Paterno could have put an end to everything Sandusky did, everything he was, and everything he would go on to do. For at the very least ten years, Paterno did not. He is a coward and a monster, and I, for one, only regret that he will never have to answer or look in the eyes the men who were raped as children because of Paterno’s negligence.

    • Eric

      The ball is in your court, David. You threw down, so call in! Prove Dan Bernstein wrong at every single turn and tell him how astoundingly ignorant and stupid he is. I’ll bet he will let you do all the talking, too.

      You won’t call or you’ll hang up.

    • Victor Locke

      Trust me David, debating with Dan Bernstein is like trying to pet a wolverine that has been cattle prodded at least a dozen times. All he does is yell and scream, he doesn’t use facts to back up his idea and he cuts people off. After talking with a few friends who have been on debate teams, that makes for a poor debate person. If he could just defend his postion in a calm, respectful manner, I’d say go for it. But for right now, you would just be waisting your time.

    • Creighton

      What are you an idiot? He has a live call in talk show 5 days a week and he loves slapping fools like you around. Please call him, I would love to hear this debate. You can’t even make a point here how are you going to make one on the air? All I hear from the Paterno supporters is that everyone else is a monster, and “shut up”, and “you don’t know what your talking about” but none of you ever use facts. Well I got news for you “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

      And for the record that quote is from an actual great man.

      • Scott E Phillips

        But there would be no debate. He loves “slapping fools like you around” A debate would require facts, argument and exchange of ideas. Not the sort of thing that ya’ll would listen too.

        Did you even notice that this article is chock full of supposition, baseless accusation and just plain lies. Do you even care that this hate-mongering, insulting ENTERTAINER is simply trying to get more and more attention, so we’ll all stay tuned?

    • Big Cat

      I’d love to see you debate Bernstein, just to see your guts strewn across the floor after he verbally eviscerates you.

    • Betty Berstein does Dallas

      Dan B is a moron, and his little cult-like moron followers are, too. They don’t have any brains!

    • Brian

      Is this guy serious? Is this Jay Paterno? What is wrong with people. Cry for kids who die of cancer, cry for kids who are raped by dirty old men while their buddies turn their back and allow it to happen. JoePa got better than he deserved with a quick death

    • clique84

      You are an embarrassment David. The man aided and abetted CHILD RAPE. Please exit the planet in an orderly fashion.

      • Josh

        Paterno aided and abetted child rape? You should immediately take your evidence directly to the police, since you seem to have first-hand knowledge and evidence that the police, district attorney, and grand jury were missing.

        Or are you just another armchair litigator who decides the facts that suit him without knowing the evidence?

    • Bert

      big fan of child rape i guess

    • Thomas Rogan

      What’s stopping you? Start the debate here, you can practice on the rest of us ignorant fools. I believe he’s on the air all week (312) 644-6767. Failing that, find out when and where the next who needs two show will be, you can debate him in person. I double-dare ya.

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      So… disgust for Paterno -a man who knew for at least 8 years that his former assistant was a pedophile rapist, cultivating his own victim farm of at-risk children under the premise of charity, but did nothing- is now ignorance?

      I guess I’m ignorant.

      Honestly, I don’t have any feelings about his death- it doesn’t really change anything. To me, his legacy has already been cemented: A man who had the power to stop a monster from raping children that decided not to.

  • clique84

    May he rot in hell, soon to be joined by Sandusky and every meatball former player and student who defended serial child rape.

    • Betty Berstein does Dallas

      And may you, too, witless. Let me guess: right-wing republican?

    • Bobby

      oh him and sandusky will have adjoining rooms. Hope he joins him soon

  • Matthew Garner

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, Dan. I was looking at Twitter this morning and it’s unbelievable how much support Penn St. and Paterno still has…it makes me sick.

    Spot-on commentary…but then again, that’s about par for the course with you!

  • The End

    Congrats on your death wish coming true you bleepin’ dramatist! Wishing and willing the death of someone, whom you do not know, that has done so much for the community if pretty classy for a jour….no….a hack with a blog. Would love to understand how you are supporting the victims.

    CBS must be proud to have you onboard. Class act.

    • mnjoe

      No one was wishing he died. If anything it would be best if he remained alive and had to face all of the boys and men that were raped under his watch. To support this man because he was a successful football coach is just bizarre. I honestly don’t understand it, and if you or anyone can explain the support in light of what has come out about him, I am genuinely interested in hearing it.

      • Brad

        What do you mean, no one was wishing he died!? The author of this column was wishing it upon him every day he was on air since this started!

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        Agreed. I don’t really see his death as mattering in regards to the abused. Death claims us all. Paterno didn’t “get what’s coming to him”, he got what everyone eventually gets. He lived a full life- some would say a dream life. What difference does it make in regards to the children raped by Sandusky after Paterno learned he was a monster. Is it justice? Not really.

    • Orly

      He did wonders for the community …….. Child rape for all!!!!! Get a clue you make me sick.

    • Jeff Newton

      How are you continuing to support a someone that condoned and supported child abuse by covering it up. Walk away troll – never to be seen or heard again!

  • Michael

    Be FEARFUL Dan, David really wants to argue with you that 409 win REALLY matter. Keep doing what you’re doing and PLEASE…. NEVER LET THIS SUBJECT DIE. Paterno got off easy with his death by cancer vice death by media! May Satan rest his soul!

  • The boss

    A very well written article. Thanks for providing one rational voice in a bog of inexplicable idiocy, Dan.

  • Thomas Rogan

    Bravo Dan

  • jim

    Why do you like child rape? Your boy is burning in hell today. God PSU and JoePa apologists are the lowest form of life. Do the world a favor and end your own life and join your butt buddy

    • Betty Berstein does Dallas

      Wow, you know a lot about that, Jim. I’ll bet you tried it!

  • The End

    I’m not sure how anyone could take a comment like yours seriously. You don’t have a clue who I am and the causes I support. So before you continue making juvenile comments spewing vitriol and generic blame across an entire community of people I suggest you grow up.

    • mnjoe

      It’s very specific blame. People like you who are willing to support someone who was silent in the face of horrific acts enable these things to continue.

  • Jeff newton

    If not being a man that supports and condones child rape, then yes, I, Bernstein and others are less of a man than Paterno. Please go away you troll!

    • Ken

      No where in the grand jury testimony does it say he was aware that a child had been raped. The only thing it says is that he notified the man in the charge of university police of his findings once he was told a VERY VAGUE story of what had a happened.

      So maybe YOU should read the GJR.

      • The Dry Aged Remains Of Gerald R. Ford

        Boy, are we an angry little troll. Kenny boy….

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        Paterno knew something was rotten in his house, and shoved it off his lawn, leaving it after a phone call he couldn’t even be troubled to make that day. He told little Jerry to go rape little boys elsewhere. He did not see to it that the man was stopped.
        But yeah, you seem to be an advocate. Did you fly your NAMBLA flag at half-mast today? Did you photoshop a tear onto your pedobear logo with the blue and white scarf?

      • Mike

        cause it’s not like paterno asked the AD to kick sandusky out or anything, right? that would be preposterous.

      • Meatless Meatball

        No, it’s not preposterous. But it didn’t happen, because Sandusky continued coming to PSU to use its facilities for TEN YEARS.

      • Mike

        But Paterno wasn’t the AD….

    • Ken

      Brad I guess just about every coach in college football is a terrible person then along with hundreds of other notable people who have stated their sadness in his passing today.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        Well, yeah. I’ll even give you an example. I was happy the Bears drafted Gabe Carimi. Today Gabe Carimi tweeted that JoePa RIP. The fact that it made him sad made me sad, because now I see that he lacks perspective, and values football legacies above the safety of children.

      • Victor Locke

        I find it kinda funny and I find it kinda sad that people like you who think anyone who shows the tiniest bit of respect for the dead lacks perspective or is a fan of child rape. It really doesn’t make sense to me at all.

      • Meatless Meatball

        That’s because you’re a fan of child rape.

      • Victor Locke

        Ahh yes, that’s your award winning comeback right? Just because I see things differnetly than you and I don’t pretend like I know everything I’m a fan of child rape. I tell you what Meatball, why don’t you come back when you have something of real substance to say instead of one of your witty one-liners. Unlike you, I choose to be respectful and actually debate with others with facts, not insult and make stupid assumptions. But according to you, that’s being a fan of child rape right? I guess I know where your IQ is. It’s sad

      • Meatless Meatball

        Victor, there is no defense. At all. Either you stand with the victims, or you stand with child rapists and those who would protect child rapists. Joe Paterno protected a serial child rapist. There is no room for negotiation on that. You are just wrong.

        Here’s a better way to look at it: Do you think that Bernard Law is a good man or a bad man? Why do you think that?

      • Victor Locke

        Okay, I did a bit of reading about Bernard Law, and I truly hope you are not trying to make the comparison here between him and Paterno. You see, unlike Paterno, Law went through channels and avenues that were completely irrelavent to the crime. Paterno went to those that were designated to take care of crisis such as this. Law went to therapists for no other reason than just to say he went to somebody. Paterno went to the men who were superiors to Sandusky. Mind you, Paterno was not Sandusky’s boss, he was retired at the time. So Paterno went to men of power, one of them being THE HEAD OF THE POLICE. So to me it seems like you’re trying to compare apples to oranges.

      • brad

        yeah pretty much. College coaches are the lowest form of life outside residents of Creepy Valley

    • Ken

      He was never told that a child was raped so maybe you should get some real perspective on the story and not just listen to the absolute garbage that Bernstein puts out.

      BTW Bernstein Mike Kryzewski who is the basketball coach at Duke the university you graduated from said he cried when he learned when Joe passed. Is he a terrible person and someone who condones child rape? Maybe you should join the Westboro Baptist Church cause you are the only person that I have seen today with a similar opinion on the news of todays passing. Just absolute insanity.

      • benson and hedges

        Ken, would love to hear you call in though and repeat that to him, the part about Coach K and Bernstein being a Duke alum. Cant wait to hear his response…..

      • DDS


        Great comment and 100% true. I wonder if Coach K would even recognize this pathetic excuse for a journalist as a Duke grad?

      • mnjoe

        Who cares what a basketball coach thinks? You worship at the altar of Paterno, and think a journalist would care what a basketball coach thinks of his writing? You must have some daddy issues.

      • Nick Leddy's fire and passion

        It’s really sad to think that you would even spend one second thinking about what Coach K would think! You’re just a waste of life who is so lost without a sports god to look up to that you’re now moving onto another one. Who cares what Coach K would think you tool. while you ponder for your dead monster, I’ll weep for humanity

      • Thomas Rogan

        Do you REALLY believe Paterno was “never told that a child was raped”? Honestly? Like when he said he’d never heard of men raping boys….you believe that nonsense as well? Are you that credulous?

        Who gives a rip what coach K said or did when he heard? What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        1) Bernstein doesn’t have much love for Coach K. He might say that K is indeed horrible.
        2) Read the grand jury report. You’ll see what Paterno knew.

      • Matt

        Actually the grand jury report lists what people said, not what Paterno knew. Even the people who said one thing on the report have gone on to say other things since.

      • Larry Horse's Arse

        Thanks CIS.

      • Ken

        Yep literally just about every coach in football is going to hell. good call.

      • Jeff Newton

        Nah Ken, just the ones that let their programs run amuk and protect child sex abusers. let me ask you this, how do you tell your kids about this if you are able to pro-create? How in good conscious can you support someone who knew, admitted he knew and chose to do the minimum? Explain that. Explain how you are ok with what Paterno did.

      • Ken

        Jeff, because I’ve followed the program my whole life, Cause i’ve met the man, cause I know many people who know him as well. I’ve seen the impact that he has had on the lives of hundreds of young men that he has coached. He didn’t just care about winning. He knew that school and family were the most important things in life. And in his program that always came first. He would bench several players every year who were academically eligible, but not up to his standards so he benched them. All time he graduated his players at 91% rate, and at the same time ran a program that was winning a lot on the field. He was always a class act, he was never a highly paid coach, he was always severely underpaid, because he would just give the money back to university in generous donations. Even a few weeks after he was fired, he donated 100K to the university towards academics. And in his last interview despite how poorly he was treated by the university he said he loved PSU and reminded people that he lived a great life and he didn’t want to die bitter.

        That’s what I think of when I think of Joe Pa. I also believe despite everything, he should have retired in the late 90’s. Around the same time Sandusky retired. He wasn’t nearly as powerful as he used to be even in 2002 when the incident occurred. He was old and kind of out of it. And when this incident was brought to him and not told in full detail. I believe him 100% when he says he wasn’t sure how to handle it. But I believe he made the right first step in telling the AD and the man in charge of PSU police. That’s really all he could do at the time. Despite popular belief, he couldn’t call police cause he didn’t see it and he was required by law to report it to his superiors.

        Should he have done more following up on it? Probably, that’s the only problem I have with the way he handled it. But he was a 75 year old man who had received a very vague report. He trusted certain people to handle it and they didn’t. They are more to blame, but no one talks about them.

      • Schmutzie

        “He trusted certain people to handle it and they didn’t. They are more to blame, but no one talks about them.”

        First of all Sandusky, Curley, and Schultz are up on criminal charges. They’ve been arrested. They are being blamed more.

        The fact that you “met the man” and followed the program cuts no ice at all. In fact, it undermines your attempt to seem impartial. You are biased in favor of Joe Paterno. That’s your choice. However, don’t think you’re going to jump to his defense in a thread like this and not get any pushback.

        The one thing that bothers you in re: to Paterno is how he maybe didn’t follow up as well as he should have, is the one thing that bothers everyone about Paterno’s role in the Sandusky scandal. Others assign more responsibility to Paterno than you do, and that’s their (our) choice. Some (most) accept the fact that Paterno’s lack of follow-up allowed Sandusky to roam the campus for another 10 years, molesting God-knows-how-many more children.

        Paterno (and Curley, Schultz, McQueary) could have blown the whistle on Sandusky at least by 2002, but they didn’t.

      • The Dry Aged Remains Of Gerald R. Ford

        Well played, Schmutzie! Why you are one of the best!

        Echoing my thoughts exactly.

      • The Dry Aged Remains Of Gerald R. Ford

        Well play, Schmutzie! Why you are one of the best!

      • Roxine

        Ken –

        No one talks about McQueary, Schultz, Spanier and Curley because no one is defending them. Why is it Paterno supporters scream “what about McQueary, What about Spanier – It’s Curley’s fault or Schultz’s fault” in their defense of Joe Paterno? How is that relevant? Joe failed. When he was tested, he failed. He simply didn’t do enough and no amount of hand-wringing and protestations about “but he did so much good” will change that.

        Martin Luther King, Jr., said it best: “The ultimate measure of a man is NOT where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

        Joe Paterno may have been a good man, in many ways. I don’t look at him as an evil person. But he enabled evil, and he failed the most important moral test of his life. That will always be his legacy. I didn’t choose that for him-he did.

      • H8ter

        You can’t be a part-time man of principle

      • Jake

        why do you support child rape?

      • dave

        Jake, when did you stop beating your wife?

      • Thomas Rogan

        That’s the wittiest retort you could muster? And you think you’re up to the task of debating Bernstein?

      • Jeff Newton


        You make some good points. But since he is the image of Penn State he automatically is in the middle whether he wanted to be or not. And it was with that amount of influence that he had over teh campus and the program that he could have made an incredible impact.

        I am sure he has done incredible things at Penn State and for the community there. But with all of his influence, power and prestige, the one thing he could have done more, he chose simply not to by passing the buck. Should others have done more, certainly. But you have the face that would be on the Mt. Rushmore of college football and with all the power and control he has there he could have really made a dent. THAT’S what people have problems with. The fact that he could have used his power and influence for good to fight a true evil and he did the minimum.

        Regardless of his legacy, he will always be known for not having done enough. The image that portrays is that he was more interested with protecting his own image and the image of his friend than he was about the victims.

        That simple fact I have no tolerance for. He should have known better – 75 or 105 years old doesnt matter.

      • Brad

        Hey Ken. Bernstein isnt a huge fan of Coach K. Might want to know what you are talking about, Just add Coach K (cant wait til the skeletons come out of his closet) to the ignorant talking heads kissing this monsters ass

      • Chris

        Thank you. The notion that anyone who defends Joe Paterno is a supporter of child rape is so utterly preposterous it doesn’t even deserve a response. You can cry for both Paterno AND for the victims.

      • Xavier

        you are an absoulte moron. JoePa deserved what he got. He let child rape go on for YEARS. you waste one tear on that hell rotting bum i hope you have the same fate someday

      • Matt

        Xavier you have proof of that, of course.

      • mnjoe

        But you responded.

      • clique84

        Read the grand jury testimony you tool. Please exit the planet in an orderly fashion.

  • frozenrope

    Please do. Please call in their show and state your case. That would be appointment radio.

  • truth

    “The end”: Who cares if someone wished Joe Paterno dead. Did Dan’s evil wishes actually kill him? Also, Joe Paterno did ‘so much’ for the community? You mean, he won football games and fooled dumb people into buying into a sham?

    If Joe Paterno was someone worth defending, he would have done more to prevent the rape of boys. I guess that’s too hard to understand.

  • Winnie

    Amazing article, bravo! Why are you wasting your time on sports radio?

    • Eric

      Because we get 5 hours a day of this, too! Certainly not a waste!

  • Jake

    Bravo Dan!

  • Jake

    Why do so many in Pennsylvania defend rapists?

  • Lou

    “I’m crying for the right reasons” what a self-serving and self-righteous shell of a man you are – that statement alone strips you of sincerity and credibility. Your selfishness speaks volumes. Couching your own self-righteousness under the guise of genuine concern for victims. You’re opportunistic, not genuine. But I’m glad you know you are the beacon of morality. Enjoy inheriting the wind Daniel and supporters – although I doubt any of you will understand that reference, true to form.

    • Meatless Meatball

      Are you intelligence-impaired? Because the only other alternative is that you think one should mourn Paterno’s death because, well, he won a bunch of football games. The most selfish thing someone can do is to protect one who abuses children because it would hurt one’s own standing. Lou, you are now in the camp of defending child rapists and those who protect them.

      Ask another question: would you be coming to this stirring a defense if Paterno was the CEO of Walmart or the Chairman of Disney?

    • The Dry Aged Remains Of Gerald R. Ford

      Do us a favor and go play in traffic. Joe Paterno-I cannot and wil not ever use the affectionate term the mouthbreathers in Pennsylvania use-occupies the same moral low ground as those Germans who lived next to the concentration camps in WW2 and said they ‘didn’t know’ what was going on. Paterno knew what was going on, he had a chance to put an end to it and be a better man but he decided that his football program was more important than the lives of young boys and men who were being destroyed by that monster Sandusky. I always want to ask you Paterno defenders one thing:What if one of those victims was your kid? What would feel then, Sparky?

    • Chris

      Proverbs 11:29 – Whoever troubles his own household will inherit the wind, and the fool will be servant to the wise of heart.

      You can’t use a biblical passage without proper context. Talk about self-serving and self-righteous.

  • Andrew

    Awesome article, thanks Dan.

  • RIP Joe PA?

    […] Minute Ago (1/22/2012 10:11pm) in reply to clemsonrich Great column on this…s-not-paterno/ […]

  • Thomas Rogan

    Jeff-(To Ken) How in good conscious can you support someone who knew, admitted he knew and chose to do the minimum? Explain that. Explain how you are ok with what Paterno did.

    Ken- because I’ve followed the program my whole life

    That’s what I thought.

  • Mike Schauer

    Paterno,had the chance to enhance a real legacy. And that was to come to the aid of the boys that Sandusky was raping. The only crying that I am doing is that we won’t be able to see this squirm in front of a jury. Paterno was probably the most powerful man on the Penn St. Campus. Had he come forward from the start he could have stopped a mass rapist. But he chose not to do anything. And for ten more yrs. allowed this monster to rape young boys.Whatever impact this man had on others is now a mute point. Covering up for a rapist will be his everlasting legacy.”I wish I had done more”. Tell that to god now

  • chucky

    Auto-refresh sucks donkey balls.

  • Keith

    Thanks Dan … appreciate the great article … brought tears to my eyes.

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