CPS Teachers Want Pay Hikes, More Benefits

CHICAGO (STMW) — Marking the start of what is expected to be contentious contract negotiations, the Chicago Teachers Union made its first round of demands to the Chicago Board of Education.

While CTU President Karen Lewis called a news conference to announce just that, she remained uncharacteristically mum about what teachers and other staff are asking for in their next contract. The current contract expires June 30.

“While we certainly cannot negotiate contract proposals and details in the press at this time, we can share with you the fact that we will be advocating for the practices, support and resources which all of our schools, including our neighborhood schools, need and which our students more importantly deserve,” Lewis said during Friday’s news conference.

Lewis told the Chicago Sun-Times on Saturday: “Literally, everything is on the table.”

That includes a demand for pay increases and expanded benefits, particularly as CPS moves toward a longer 7 1/2-hour school day across the system next year.

In an emailed statement about the looming negotiations, CPS spokeswoman Becky Carroll hinted at what the union is seeking: “Our students have been short-changed by this system for too long, and their academic needs must come first. Our goal is to negotiate a contract that treats our teachers fairly and as professionals, but also one that is negotiated in the best interest of our students, parents and taxpayers during these difficult fiscal times.

“A Full School Day that provides students with the time they need in front of a teacher to succeed in math, science and reading is an essential tool in reaching that goal, and we look forward to collaborating with our teachers as well as principals, parents and our communities when we implement a Full School Day this fall.”

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  • THEE Yard Ape

    AND allow me to add that it’s this same union that was allowed to vote a property tax increase into law for ALL of US !!!!! I hope some of you remember that, as it just happened in 2011 !!!!!

  • Roberta Waker

    Since the City of Chicago already has an internet program with India to educate our children and it is doing very well, it should be expanded. Ms. Lewis should be made aware they if her union teachers won’t educate our children without raping the taxpayers; educators in India will provide our children with a good education for a lot less money. It really is a shame that we would even have to consider an option like this, but CPS is leaving us no choice but to outsource our children’s education. Her greed might very well bury the teachers union because families with no jobs are struggling to feed and clothe their children so this is NOT the time for raises and increased benefits even though they might be deserved. Those that want to teach should stay and those that don’t should be replaced with those that do.

  • retiredinAz1

    Another disgruntled taxpayer…looking to blame the teachers for tax hikes…….tax hikes cannot happen unless the city ok’s it!

    • THEE Yard Ape

      Spoken like a retired crook county union member enjoying the tax breaks in AZ!!! The CTU & CPS are completely seperate entities, right genius?? LOL !!!

      • THEE Yard Ape

        @AZ @ ss hole – I guarantee that you wouldn’t being laughing if we met and you talked that sh!t. Go fuk yourself, you’re just another one of the many worthless IL union fux out there. That’s really something to be proud of smart @ ss !

      • RetiredinAz1

        THEE Yard Ape –
        Hey, if you are ever in Arizona look me up…I would love the opportunity to teach you to pell while I was in the process of sweeping the ground with you. Yes, I am loving the AZ life and my only regret with my teaching is that you were not one of my students. My students were also taught respect, manners, and self control….three attributes you seem to not have…..bet your parents are really proud of you! And God forbid if you have kids of your own!
        And, again, I thank you for all your past taxes to help me retire! HA-HA-HA-HA

      • RetiredinAz1

        …..and, yes, the word “spell” was not spelled correctly…I wanted to see if you could actually read past a 2nd grade level! HA HA HA HA HA

      • retiredinAz1

        Yes yard Ape…..thank you for paying my way to Az!!! HA HA HA HA

    • Toonces

      Hey, aren’t there lots of poisonous spiders and scorpions in AZ? Gotta be an idio t union fu k to move there,

    • Roberta Waker

      So you don’t think the city will approve a tax hike or cut worthwhile programs to give teachers a raise? Ms. Lewis would be responsible IF she succeeds in getting raises and increased benefits that WILL cost the taxpayers, so in essence the teachers would be responsible. This is NOT the time to go for raises and increased benefits with so many unemployed parents struggling to survive this poor economy. If the economy improves, then go for raises, but until then please show some compasion for the taxpayers.

  • dan

    Switch to voucher program and let taxpayers make the choice to send kids to CPS or other options-plenty of capacity in catholic and lutheran schools which could offer the future thugs of the world the opportunity to learn right from wrong and the long term implications if you shoot some other kid in the head-and I’m talking life after they die in prison.

    PS-Karen Lewis should be put on a very large mahogany plank, have an apple or two (or 6) stuffed in her big mouth, and shipped of to a location where cannablism is still practiced-it is there she could do some actual good-feeding a tribe or two for a good month

  • Reasonable Doubt

    The teacher should show us taxpayers their true worth. Quit and get a higher paying job and just wait on us to beg them to come back Just wait on us underpaying taxpayer to beg them to come back!

  • Mike

    What does increased pay for teachers have to do with with the student performance. U.S has some of the highest paid teachers in the world and some of the worst scores on performance tests. How much more has CPS teachers made over the the last twenty years with no , repeat no increase in performance.

    Remember CPS sucks so bad that neither Emanuel nor Obama would dream of sending their kids there. Thats how bad you are CPS.

    • down-not-defeated

      Sadly, too much emphasis is placed on test scores that measure how a kid did that particular day demonstrating a limited number of skills. It doesn’t take into consideration the growth they may have made throughout the school year. Also, a boatload of resources keep getting allocated for remedial students while students with motivation, strong work ethic and sound family support structures are left unchallenged due to watered down, teach-to-the-test curricula.

    • Toonces

      Emanuel and Obama…….now there are two men of the people for ya. So ‘in touch’ with the common man.

  • Life long Democrat

    They are already showing us their worth and level of intelligence, they know we are ready to give them a raise. Just like the president of the board when he said, “the economy is doing well and the taxpayer can afford a tax increase” after our great mayor said, “I will not raise property taxes.” Time for a change of political parties in Cook County.

  • slippery

    i am not a fan of teachers, as far as i am concerned they are part time employees, add up all the actual hours they spend in a class room and divide that with there salary and you will be ASTONISHED. and please dont tell me about all the work they do at home, i know alot of teachers and they dont do anything at home. as far as test scores, i do not blame the teachers ! i blame the students and the parents, any student with a half a brain or political connection in chicago attends the magnet schools, which leaves all the idiots for the teachers to try to teach

    • Umad?

      Haha. Way to really come across as an uninformed idiot.

    • retiredinAz1

      And you need to return to the classroom to learn that you are suppose to capitalize “I”……ha.ha.ha

      • Toonces

        ‘T’ for union ‘trash’…….like you are?

      • retiredinAz1

        …….and besides the non-capitalization errors, you have over 7 other errors! Yeah, and YOU are putting down teachers! HA -ha-Ha-ha!

  • Karen Lewis

    You all should just shut the he!! up and give us our money or we are going to go on strike and your poor little johnnies can flunk out for all we care..

    We are entitled-we are union-we will always want and get more! chumps…

  • Jim

    CPS is the joke of the nation! Us, the taxpayers (aka your employers), want teachers to make a fair living without raping us like you currently do. Any contract that does not take the salaries/benefits downward to realty would be a shame to the taxpayers. We’ll see…

  • Carole

    Gee, guess what? So do I! I want a pay raise, I want more & better benefits.. So, some will have a 7 1/2 hour day. Many of us have to work 2 jobs to survive. I’m sick of CPS with their friggin whining ever dam year..

  • retiredinAz1

    It is a sad time when students test scores will be a huge factor in determining a teacher’s evaluation and even possibly whether he/she receives “merit pay”. teachers will now be teaching to the test…to be sure the students all pass……not necessarily making sure that the students comprehend the material, just that they can pass. this needs to be looked at carefully along with the merits of NCLB.

  • hey y'all

    I have to agree with down-not-defeated. We are spending too much of our resources on remedial work, leaving the non-remedial student out of the equation. Those students then are bored in the classroom and not challenged. It also going on in college too.

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