CHICAGO (CBS) — Conditions remain clear and dry, but cold, for the remainder of the day.

CBS 2 Meteorologist Megan Glaros says a high-pressure ridge is over the area, keeping conditions both clear and chilly.

But temperatures will rise as the week goes on, and not a drop of rain or a flake of snow will be anywhere in sight until Friday night.

The high for the day on Tuesday is just 2 degrees above freezing at 34, although some locations will have it slightly cooler. The overnight low for Tuesday night is 20, followed by 34 again Wednesday, 38 Thursday, and 39 Friday.

Unfortunately, the snow Friday night will come courtesy of a cold front that will cut the high down to 32 degrees just in time for the weekend on Saturday.

Meanwhile, a strong solar storm is affecting the earth. A solar flare erupted from the sun on Sunday evening, in causing what is estimated to be the biggest solar storms since January 2005.

But the impacts are expected to be minimal, only causing degradation of aircraft communications at the earth’s poles.

But the solar flare was accompanied by another kind of release from the sun called a coronal mass ejection, which is causing a geomagnetic storm. The National Weather Service says this could cause interference on power grids, satellite navigation systems and low-frequency radio navigation.


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