Cop Blog: Concealing Tape Is ‘Your New G8 Best Friend’

CHICAGO (CBS) — There is a suggestion on a Chicago Police officer’s Web site for how officers can avoid citizen complaints during the expected street protests when the G8 and NATO summits come to town this spring.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports, the Second City Cop blog published a headline,, “Your new G8 best friend” above a picture of a roll of electrical tape and says, “Use as necessary,” going on to say, “It’s not for securing anything,” and “Hint – it covers things.”

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports

Those “things” include officers’ badges and nameplates. But an Oakland, Calif., police officer recently learned that was a bad idea when this video was shot during an Occupy demonstration:

In the Nov. 2 demonstration, a man can be heard questioning Oakland police Officer John Hargraves on whether or not it is policy for officers to hide their name badges. The officer was covering his name tag with black tape when a bystander, Terrence Jerrod Williams, started videotaping.

Williams was then seen asking Hargraves’ superior, “Is it against policy for cops to hide their name badges?”

It turned out the answer was yes. CBS San Francisco reports Hargraves’ superior, Lt. Kenneth Wong, whispered something and removed the tape from the name tag.

Afterward, Hargraves was slapped with a 30-day suspension. Wong was demoted for failing to report the incident properly.

A veteran Chicago Police officer told WBBM Newsradio that clear nail polish on a police badge will do the trick to without the trouble, making identifying information blurry.

We ask a OPD officer why he had his name badge covered…. from BLK PXLS on Vimeo.

  • E M R L

    What about these same protestors using urine and excrement in plastic bages thrown at the Police and Firemen? Can they throw it back? and why NOT! These are NOT peaceful protestors they are nothing but animals who are trying to excert theirt will on the people and should be in jail! Look at you tube previous protes for G-8 and NATO and you can see they are anything but peaceful! THANKS RAHM for ruining MAY for the TAXPAYERS!

  • E M R L

    Rahm when these same protestors tear up Michigan Ave. and State St. stores is the city going to reimburse the owners for the damage you caused by bringing the 2 summits here! Theirs not enough police in Chicago now! and your going to take MORE away from the neighborhoods for your 2 summits! It’s going to be a early summer sale, free stuff for all Chicagians, Chicago is well known for haveing some of the best looters in the country.

  • smartalyk

    Which of the above comments are cops trying to defend their illegal actions? I dare you to guess… Anyone? How about all of them? Pathetic.

    • Craig

      No where on the blog did it say for police to cover names or stars. I’m a police officer. No need for you to question the reasoning for my comment. Me being a cop means I actually know more about what goes on in the city. You just have to go on the words of a reporter who wasn’t there or writes on opinion, not fact.

  • tom k

    If that’s what the liberals are worried about I say every police officer should make their name plates visible along with their badge numbers and do nothing but stand on the curb as these animals destroy downtown let Rohm explain why this city got destroyed I hope the CPD do nothing to stop it other than making sure their name plates are easy to read

  • Frank C Brooks


  • dre

    if i filmed that here in chicago i’d be arrested or beat!dre

  • Tom k

    CPD Please let this city burn DO NOTHING protect yourself and your family I can’t wait to see Michigan Ave go down

    • da chicago way

      tick tock tick tock…….hey taxpayers, take that week off,trust me!

  • Joey1023

    American police depts. have become terrorist organizations. Now they’re conceiling their identities so that no one can identify them committing crimes? These people are more like a mafia. With cops like this, who needs criminals?

    • Sam

      You’re an idiot! What did they arrest you for?

  • Mike Peake

    In California, there is legislation against cops hiding their badges, however, they’ve still recently been caught so doing by Occupy Oakland and Occupy Los Angeles:

    “Any uniformed peace officer shall wear a badge, nameplate, or other device which bears clearly on its face the identification number or name of the officer.”

    Get this enacted in your area…

  • Andrew Petersen

    Just reviewed the post. Nowhere, and there isn’t A SINGLE INSTANCE, where the SCC blog advocate covering name tags with tape. In fact, in the 60-plus comments that are published in the post, not a single commentator advocates the use of tape in concealing the identity of officers. I found instances of the following:

    people saying it’s not a good idea to cover tags/badges;
    numerous quotes about the Oakland PD incident;
    stories of name tags and stars being ripped off as “trophies;”
    using fake name tags that say, “McCarthy” or “Rahm;”

    But try as we might, not a single instance of advocating rule breaking or disobeying general orders, Department policy or disregard for the law.

    I’ve emailed the blog owners, whom I know; and advised they get an advocate to file against this media outlet for Libel.

    • Danny

      Aren’t you awaiting trail for killing your wives?

      • Andrew Petersen

        Ho Ho Ho Ho moron….

  • Alfred Haynes

    If they aren’t talking about taping their badges, then what are they talking about?

    “Didn’t you see what happened to the PO and Lt in Oakland because of tape?” asked one of the blog’s anonymous users.

    “Superb. Those that know, know. Those that don’t, ask a friend, not here” said another.

    This is the kind of foolishness that solidifies the public’s mistrust of Chicago police officers.

    • Karl

      It used for several things, most importantly securing windows so when they are bricked they won’t shatter into thousands of dangerous pieces. Hopefully they won’t shatter at all or only break into a few pieces. Those of us (police officers) who many on here are calling criminals, used tape for just that on election night in November of 2008. Those of you who didn’t get a chance to see the westside of Chicago that evening probably have no idea the chaos that ensued the election.

      • James

        Electrical tape using used for securing windows, nor to police officers go around “securing windows”. Nobody here is as stupid as you’re hoping they are.\

        But I’m sure you, being a cop, are smart enough to that police have been caught red-handed using tape (most often electrical tape) to conceal their badges because it makes them harder to identify when they’re attacking protesters.

  • tom

    SCC should of never participated in the best blog contest that was on this website.

  • Danny

    If the cop is doing nothing wrong then he or she has nothing to hide, right?

  • jeRry

    When is everybody going to understand that it not the peaceful protestors that should be feared. It is the entities that will be lurking among them that will create disturbance and violence. Scenes at protests and rallies get press and attention. This is what causes change, but one little issue can cause panic that will create a full blown riot. Not enough cops means tax paying citizens will have none to respond in their already crime ridden neighborhoods. Police don’t like the situation city is putting them in, and the city will not back any of its employees. If it goes well chicago rham takes credit. Goes bad- he’ll be the first to point fingues at individuals!

  • Andrew Petersen

    The City is expecting over 7000 Profession protesters that do nothing but cause problems that the standard local yokel is going to get caught up in.

    OccupyG8/NATO punks are going to be shoulder to shoulder with professional Anarchists

  • KMBA 2012

    Kudos to the reporter for exposing the most racist, public and police undermining, hypocritical blog on earth. Kudos to the news media blog spots who shut down their comment sections to all instead of moderating comments to exclude comments like this one. SCC = Trash

    • James

      Guys why won’t you shut down comment sections when posters are pointing out that police in the US are turning in to the Gestapo. We can’t beat and threaten these posters at gunpoint like if we met them in person. They’re being mean. :qq:

      You’re such a child. If you don’t want people ‘undermining’ the police then perhaps the police should learn to serve and protect more than their own self-interests and abuse of authority.

  • Aleena

    It was relaly directed at the last paragraph, about how people or things have gotten much quirkier since I last lived in California.I guess you can say I’m missing the corn-fed, blue-eyed, country girls from the Midwest.

  • dcjkzjdr

    ko8SWV xzheyehpgwqy

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