Man Accused Of Kicking Kitten Like A Football

CHICAGO (CBS) — A 22-year-old South Side man is in the Cook County jail – accused of kicking a kitten like it was a football.

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The kitten belonged to Percy Love, according to police. Officers said they saw Love kick the kitten at least 15 feet into the air. Love then raised his arms like he had just made a field goal.

“It’s horrifying,” said Cherie Travis, the executive director of Chicago Animal Care and Control.

The agency is now taking care of the kitten, which Love had named “Nightmare.”

“He seems to be doing fairly well,” Travis said. “He’s a very, very friendly cat … which somehow makes it all the more unbelievable that somebody would do that.”

Veterinarians are taking x-rays to determine if the kitten suffered any fractures.

Travis said the cat will likely be put up for adoption.

Love has been charged with a misdemeanor count of animal cruelty but is in the Cook County Jail because he has violated his parole on a 2008 burglary.

percy love Man Accused Of Kicking Kitten Like A Football

Percy Love, accused of kicking a kitten, is now in Cook County Jail for violating his probation. (Credit: Cook County Sherrif)

  • NICK


    • Toonces

      TOUCHDOWN!!!!! ^5!

      • THEE Yard Ape (who loves animals)

        PLEASE, give me just 5 mins. alone with this 2 -bit ni @@ er !!!!!!!!!!!!! Misdemeanor my @ ss, fux like this need to be hung. ERADICATION is the ONLY answer to this negro plague!


    misdemeanor!!!!!!!!! i DON’T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Roberta Waker

      It should be a FELONY because he could have killed this sweet little kitten. Things like this will continue until the penalties fit the crime and jail time is mandatory. Maybe Bubba will give him a good kick where it will do the most good and I hope he travels as far as the kitten did.

  • Terri

    Mmmm south side…say no more. I would like to kick Percy into the air……what an a-hole…….I hope he gets “his” in Cook County Jail………Percy may enjoy that too much. Misdemeanor….that is so ridic!

    • NWA

      Southside! You’re a @ZZhole. What about the guy in the north suburbs who whacked his girlfriend’s kitten in front of her?


      • Lyndia

        and I be knowin bout crack. believe dat.

      • Lyndia

        Leroy, you are not worth the sweat from the crack of my azz.

      • Leroy Goldberg

        There is no place in society for monsters such as this Percy Love, NWA, Lyndia. They are heartless, souless, worthless pieces of garbage.


  • Nancy J

    He needs to stay in jail so police can really investigate this creep. Anyone who hurts a defenseless animal is both a psychopath and a sociopath. Jeffry Dahmer used to hurt kittens, too. So did the killer known as “The Ice Man’. Read about it, on line. A person who will do that kind of thing to a kitten will most certainly abuse a human, and worse. Lock him up and throw away the key. He is a total social misfit.

  • Theresa Wong

    I would like to adopt this kitten!

  • TLM

    What a sick coward! I hope he gets his a** kicked AND MORE in jail! What an a-hole! God this makes me sick – poor little kitty!

  • Alan
  • Roberta Waker

    Theresa. If you want to adopt this kitten, get in touch with Chicago Animal Control, but I’ll bet there’s already a waiting list. If you can’t adopt Nightmare, please adopt another kitten that needs a forever home; there are many more that have been abused that don’t make the news. And please don’t restrict yourself to a kitten as there are many adult kitties that need good homes too.

  • Bill S

    YOU BAST@RD !!!!!!!! YOU MUTHA-FRICKIN’ BAST@RD !!! Kick a poor, defenseless kitty … YOU ARE A B@sT@RD!!!!!

  • Brad

    Does anything that happens on the southside shock you anymore?

    • Lyndia

      No, it should not. Just like I am not surprised when a honkey child kill their mama. I am not surprised when they find serial killers. White man crime.

      • Lyndia

        I jus be talkin out my azz. I be on welfare and food stamps, I jus likes to drink and haves sex. It’s a crime cuz no White man wants to has sex wif me.

  • cat lover

    Percy deserves to get his a** kicked!

  • InalienableWrights

    This is insanity.

    Government was instituted to protect the rights of man not of animals. Instead killing babies is legal and kicking a cat (though not nice) is a crime.

    And you wonder why the world is upside down.

  • GrandDragonKilla

    gotta love the intelligent comments. And to think by posting such angry hate filled comments somehow they think that’s a good thing lmao…. WHITE POWER!!!!

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  • animal advocate

    This man will most likely go back to prison for violating his parole. Since police officers witnessed the crime I see no way he could beat this case. That would be a violation of his parole and a mandatory trip back to the pennitentiary. Studies show people who hurt animals also hurt people. This man belongs in jail. Hopefully this cat continues to be healthy and will be adopted into a loving environment. People need to lobby for all animal abuse to be a felony. Then less than humans would go to prison for inhumane and immoral behavour such as this.

  • Jambalya

    Why does this guy get prosecuted for abusing a kitten, but the guy who owned pit bulls that abused a man gets nothing?

    Oh, and for the Chicagoans who insist on being ignorant racists:
    study links prejudice to low iq

    I always knew the white chicagoans were morons. now i have proof.

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