Nike CEO: ‘Joe Is My Hero’

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Joe Paterno. (Todd Warshaw  /Allsport)

Joe Paterno. (Todd Warshaw /Allsport)

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(WSCR) Nike Chairman Phil Knight spoke Thursday at the funeral of Joe Paterno.

Below is the a portion of the transcript of his speech, provided by DeadSpin.

“So I do not follow conventional wisdom. Joe is my hero. Every day for 12 of the last 12 years, but it does lead me to this question: Who is the real trustee at penn state university?

In periods of stress and grief, you say things that surprise you. When I came back from mass on Sunday, Penny said, “Heather called. Joe has passed. The first words out of my mouth, way out of sequence and typically self-centered, through the tears I asked, “Who is going to be my hero now?” It’s a question everyone in this arena should ask, and I do not have an answer for you, but I can tell you this much — That old hero set a standard that will live forever.”

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