Pigeons Crowd Under Heat Lamps At ‘L’ Stops

CHICAGO (CBS) — Commuters are calling it everything from cute to disgusting – dozens of pigeons warming themselves under the heating lamps at Loop ‘L’ stops.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller reports, at some stops, the pigeons have crowded into the heat lamp stalls on the platforms to the point where there is no place left to stand.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller reports

“It’s like we’re being supplanted by the pigeons,” one woman said.

Most people politely let the pigeons have the space. Of course, that may have something to do with all the pigeon poop on the platform under the heaters.

“It’s kind of funny,” the commuter said. “But it’s also so dirty that people don’t even dare, trying to make their own way and get some space for themselves.”

The commuter was giving the pigeons a wide berth.

“I think it’s cute and disgusting at the same time.”

The Chicago Transit Authority says it has only gotten two complaints about pigeons this winter.

But one man waiting for an ‘L’ train was quite unhappy.

“It’s disgusting that these birds are and the city is not doing anything about it,” he said.

The CTA also points out that last winter, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals gave the agency an award for its treatment of pests.

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  • Pelon

    Flying rats that NEED to be poisoned like their four legged cousin rodents! Who cares if they are dead!

    • Ivette O

      I think people like you are the one that should be poisoned!!! I don’t think that any animal deserve to die just because it bother you!!! try to think more before to write stupid things.

    • Gii Gii S

      wow u are such a sorry huan being.. there was 400 murders in chicago last year and u are concerned about the pigeons.. they do no harm u have more chances getting hit by a train ( hope u do) than ever gettin pooped on by a pigeon.. its a shame.. if u dont like them dont watch them.. im sure people u cant stand r the people u stay away from…
      usually the reason why people say they hate pigeons is cause they are afraid of them.. shame to be afraid of one of the most peacefull birds on earth.. .. let them get some heat.. if thousands of people dont bother them..and mind their own business u can too.. dont be a hater.. much more thing to thik about than the pigeons on the train stations.. u spend 2 minutes waiting for the train.. and u wanna poison them.. wow man.. u have such a sorry life

  • Joyce Hill

    that is disgusting..they need to find a permanent way of getting rid of the nasty as birds..jefferson park is FILTHY WITH BIRD SHYT..THE STUPID AS PEOPLE FEED UM..THEY TAKE OVER THE SHELTERS..ITS SHYT DROPPINS EVERY WHERE..UGGHH..WALKING AROUND LIKE THEY OWN THE BENCH AREA AS WELL

    • Susan

      Amen, my friend! Jefferson Park Transit Center is disgusting!

  • Gii Gii S

    and i think pigeons should have less publicity just because of the rude coments they get.. let them be.. less publicity they get less they will be noticed.. and everybody stays happy

  • Gii Gii S

    i personally thik its cute.. and im glad to see any wild life left in our city. ..with all the concrete only they can survive and some house sparrow.
    I don tlike when people call them flying rats.. cause last time i checked rats dont fly.. i do however think they have the inteligence of a rat.. and they can survive any given climate :) Good for the pigeons..
    So what let them get some heat.. we spend 2-3 minutes waiting for the train and we all go home.. they stay there when the temperatures drop well below the zero.. dont mind them.. wait for ur train.. everybody is tired.. two min u spend on the train station. really shouldnt bother u.. its not like they occupy the whole station.. they only stand under the heat laps.. they can be scared away if u really cant stand the sight of a pigeon… but any time im on that station really people just watch them… nobody bothers them untill some hater like joyce hill that got nothing to do but lwatch pigeon videos and talk rude about them… ohh joyce u are so wrong

  • Jenaka

    Pigeon poop is organic and has been considered to be an invaluable resource as a fertilizer through the ages. Compare that to the waste that humans generate which is poisoning the planet……plastic, radiation, toxic chemicals, etc. I’ll rather have the pigeon poop. Not to mention the fact that pigeons can survive in close proximity to people, something too many species sadly have not been able to do. They should be admired. Pigeons are amazing birds.

    • Gii Gii S

      i couldnt have said it better, thank you

    • Susan

      Fine–if you love pigeon sh!t so much, YOU clean it up. Or at the very least, YOU pay for its removal.

      • Gii Gii S

        why u so concerned u not the one cleaning it… u sorry dub b.t.ch

  • Susan

    Pigeons are disgusting, flying rats. They’re pests, people. They’re disease-ridden and their droppings also spread disease. They have no ecological value.

    I pay my fare everyday and I don’t need to be surrounded by their filth.

    • Gii Gii S

      i dont think u know anything about pigeons.. so read up on them and then we can talk :) give me few samples where their droppings made anybody sick??? can u list e some diseases?? u have way more chances getting sick if u live with a dog or a cat.. than u do by waiting for the train.. if u mind pigeons so uch.. take a bus or better yet get a car

      • Susan

        And not only do you need to do some reading up on pigeons, you also need a grammar lesson. It’s called capitalization and punctuation. When you use them, not only do you look like an educated person, it makes things a whole lot easier for your reader.

        Gii Gii, if you want people to take you serously, drop the text speak and learn proper Engilsh

        Have a nice day.

      • Susan

        I have read up on them and from what I’ve read, they do carry diseases–same as rats.

        And my dog has received his shots every year, so no I’m not likely to get anything from him.

        YOU’RE the one who needs to do a little reading.

    • Jenaka

      You are thousands of times more likely to get sick eating food bought at your local market than from contact with pigeons or pigeon poop. You are thousands of times more likely to get sick or injured from your dog or cat. If you like reading, try finding the stats for things like dog bites and food borne illness. Then look up the stats of people who get sick from pigeons. Go to authentic government or health sites, not those by people who make money killing “pest” animals. Compare the numbers. As for cleaning up, rain takes care of most of it and if the pigeons were gone you’d probably find some other “messy” animals to complain about anyway. We all pay huge amounts to clean up human waste, bird poop is nothing. You should direct your vitriol towards something more important.

  • Gii Gii S

    people hate anything they afraid off..im not afraid of pigeons…

    • Susan

      Gii Gii,

      I’m not afraid of them. I just think they’re pests. But as I said, if YOU love them so much, YOU clean up after them. YOU put up with them on a crowded ‘L’ platform. YOU pay for the cleaning of people’s coats when pigeons sh!t on them. YOU pay for the cleaning of my car when they bombard it with their mess.

      Betcha they won’t look so cute ‘n cuddly after all.

      And I’m sure you’ll find that most people agree with me that pigeons are vermin.

      And there are ways you can get rid of them without poisoning them.

      • Gii Gii S

        I just really cant believe how dumb someone can be.. without any good fact u are willing to sit here and argue .. really nobody even asked u for ur oppinon.
        But its a stupid statement to say that ur dog cant give u anything just cause he had his shots.. he aint had no shots against internal and external parasites. rabies shot cant prevent u fro getting round worm and tape wor from your dog. Can it?
        this is why unated states has cae up with so any anti cruelity laws because humans like u really dont knwo uch about animals.. or how the animal kingdom works.. so u sit here claim u know something when in fact u know everything they tell u in the vets office when u go there once a year.
        Thats not enough woman, thats not enough.
        me however went to school for THE ANIMALS i know what they can transfer and what they cant transfer… .. i can back my story up 100%.. if there is a sick pigeon anywhere downtown . the only way u can catch his disease is if u eat his poop, and it really depends what the bird is sick of, cause most of the diseases they have are not zoonotic..
        Your dog however, any time he goes out, he brings eggs and larvae on his paws.. he licks his paws , then he kisses u.. i sure u have a round worm growing inside of u.. and let me not mention flees.. UGH.. u can claim u got no fleas in the house but we both know that would be a lie. BIG FAT LIE.

        ur dog dont take baths every day.. he licks his behind then licks ur face.. sits on your couch, rubs his behind against your pillows, sleeps in your bed.. lol and u clai u cant get nothing.. u can even get pregnant by your dog.. i just read abou tnew study having sex with your dog causes ovarian cancer.. so stop while u can woman
        pigeons .. they clean themselfs every day.. they have special glands that keep their feathers shiny and parasite free.. unlike ur fat dog

      • Gii Gii S

        i have a feeling im talking to a 12 year old.. …

  • Gii Gii S

    and u too darn concerned about who gonna clean the mess up.. it wont be u.. so quit it woman whiel u can.. i bet u bitter every day, sad and lonely.. talking trash against a bird that done nothing to u.. u claim u love your dog.. give me a breake.. u cant love one and hate another.. u just not real.. u probably have the dog cause u have no other friends..
    maybe u should try watching pigeons for a change.. see how they interact with their own kind.. have u ever seen pigeons kissing..
    it relaxes some people watching pigeons.. maybe thats what u need..
    maybe u need to see a baby pigeon.. maybe hold one.. it would change your whole world , believe me.. it would change u from inside out..
    they are the sweetest and most loving bird i ever worked with..
    they are better than any dog.. if u had a pigeon as a pet.. best believe me.. u can walk outside and that pigeon would sit next to u.. while ur dog would go running off and chasing squirells..

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    […] 4. For radio resource: “Pigeons Crowd Under Heat Lamps at “L” Stops.” Reporter Steve Miller. CBS. WBBM Newwsradio 780 and 105.9 AM, Chicago. 26 January 2012. <http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2012/01/26/pigeons-crowd-under-heat-lamps-at-l-stops/&gt; […]

  • Paicavob

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