By Dan McGrath-

Sports talk radio was a phenomenon fairly new to Chicago the first time I heard it here. I was visiting from California, taking my daughter to college on a trip that included a two-hour drive from Chicago. I came upon WSCR — “the Score” — while punching the buttons in a rental car and heard a boisterous guy later identified as Mike North lambasting the hopeless Bears in a loud, indignant voice that was both unmistakably “Chicawgo” and scalded-cat screechy.

“What have we here?” I wondered. Sports radio in my formative years meant Pat Sheridan on WMAQ or Red Mottlow on WCFL or the famed Musburger-Palmer Sports Report on WBBM. Easy listening.

This was most definitely not that.

Dan McGrath is the former sports editor of the Chicago Tribune. For the rest of this article, please click here.

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