Animal Conservationist: CareerBuilder Should Pull Chimp Super Bowl Ad

CHICAGO (CBS) – The latest CareerBuilder ad featuring chimpanzees is expected to get a lot of laughs during this weekend’s Super Bowl. But it’s also making some people super mad.

Animal conservationists are upset with the ad because they say it sends the wrong message about the endangered species. They also say it is highly insensitive and exploits a species that could be extinct within the next 50 years.

The ad was unveiled online this week, in anticipation of its debut on television during Sunday’s big game.

Not everyone was offended.

“I think it’s excellent,” Chris Vates, a Lincoln Park Zoo visitor, told CBS 2’s Mai Martinez after viewing the commercial. “Any time you see monkeys in people clothes, it’s hilarious.”

But the zoo’s chimpanzee expert, Dr. Stephen Ross, isn’t laughing.

“I think what we really want people to think about is the balance between a few seconds of laughing at something that appears funny on the surface and thinking a little bit about what it took to get those few laughs,” Dr. Stephen Ross said.

Ross says to get those laughs, chimps are normally taken away from their mothers at very young ages so they can be trained, and the separation scars them for life.

“Primates, especially great apes, really rely on that early time with mothers in order to develop properly as an adult,” Ross said.

He says the abundance of chimps in movies and commercials skews the public perception of what is actually an endangered species.

Ross says CareerBuilder should pull the ad.

The company is not budging. In a statement, a spokeswoman says CareerBuilder supports the fair and humane treatment of all animals and the chimpanzees were treated well and not harmed in any way.

“We hired top trainers known to provide the highest standard of care for their animals.  We also had a member of animal rights group, the American Humane Association, on set during the entire filming to ensure the chimpanzees were treated with respect. This was very important to us,” the statement said.

Click here to download an educational book, “Chimps Should Be Chimps,” from Apple and presented by Lincoln Park Zoo. It is compatible with iPads.

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  • James

    The black man is the original man from which everyone evolved from . Yard ape should do a DNA TEST and see what lurks beneath. If you found out you would be crushed.

    • Leroy Goldberg


      The black man is the original ape from which every monkey, i.e…you, Lyndia, NWA, yadda, yadda, yadda evolved from. No DNA tests are necessary. We all know what lurks beneath and we know what lurks outside.
      Please…we don’t need to find out anymore, we’ve seen enough.

    • what's the problem

      For many years, animals of all kinds, monkeys, dogs, cats, elephants, Clydesdales, etc. have been exploited in commercials, tv shows and movies, circuses, etc.

      Nobody complained.

      Monkeys are tortured in labs for hideous experiments.

      Nobody complained.

  • Debra Washington

    “Any time you see monkeys in people clothes, it’s hilarious.”

    Yes, Lyndia does look better with her clothes on!

    • SEtheridge

      Debra Washington–You are why people view Americans as ignorant. These animals are incredibly smart and emotional beings who deserve better lives than this. And they are APES, not MONKEYS. Please educate yourself.

  • The 3rd Chimp

    Over 98.5% of our DNA is the same as a chimp. They are our closest relative. In fact, we are in the same category as two other chimps. Only around 93% of our DNA is the same as a money, and Gorillas are somewhere in between those two. We’re all chimps. There may be ethical issues with putting them in cages.

  • The 3rd Chimp

    oops monkey, not money. Gotta control my inner chimp. lol

  • Just Axin

    I hope Cook County jail has extra guards on staff when the violent offenders are watching the game. Once the evil apes see this they’ll go bananas!

  • Just Axin

    Lyndia, next time smile and do something with that damn weave

  • Leroy Goldberg

    Looks like I’ve rattled a few monkey barrels. Sorry JEWFRO, short eyes and Dan. Sorry the three of you have monkeys swinging from your family trees.

    • NWA

      Yo momma got one swingin from her bed post.


      • Leroy Goldberg

        Ah, here’s the star of the commercial himself. Your trainer did a pretty good job dressing you, but you need to smile, show some teeth.

    • THEE Yard Ape

      Don’t you just love how they delete my original comment (below for those who missed it to enjoy), but leave up so much other bullsh !t?? Hey Leroy, time for me to cry discrimination!!! HAHAHAHAHA

      “If only the Chicago species of negro was as close to extinction as these marvelous & INTELLIGENT animals”

  • Mike Adams

    Since all the extra publicity Donate to the Jane Goodall Institute

    Laugh at the chimps. Send some cash to protect them… Seems like a good plan…

  • GO Southside

    I am offended when man acts like an animal. We don’t go pulling the human card from them.

    WWF should back it with a commercial for donation for their protection.

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