Secretary Of State White: Ending Free Disabled Parking Is A Bad Idea

CHICAGO (CBS) — Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is opposing an idea that would change the long-standing law that allows anyone with a handicapped parking placard to park for free all day at a metered space.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports, White said Tuesday during a disabled parking placard sting in the Loop that he is going on record opposing legislation proposed by state Rep. Karen May (D-Highland Park) to do away with free meters for all but those who are physically unable to feed them.

“Let me give you an example – if it’s a snowy day, and it’s tough for a person to pull their car up along the curb, and then find a ramp to get up to the sidewalk, and then try to put a card into the meter, I think that that’s a tremendous hardship on the people who are disabled,” White said.

Police on Tuesday fanned out in the Loop to target people who were misusing disability placards. They found 10 violators, and wrote $4,000 in tickets.

Aside from those who abuse the placards, there are many people who have them legally and are capable of using the pay boxes.

  • tom sharp

    First, almost anyone that is so badly disabled should not be driving. Second, it’s the 21st century and there has to be some way to better police this problem than that.

    • Janice Lee McCall

      NOT true so until you have a problem that involves not being able to walk a long distance do NOT speak!

      • George

        Janice…you certainly don’t have a problem with LONG run on sentences.

  • Afro

    I have a handicap placard due to missing limb, I don’t mind paying for my parking same as everyone else. I do appreciate having spots reserved that put enough space next to me to be able to lower my wheelchair lift. When I have to use my manual chair it can be challenging to maneuver. My van is set up to allow me to drive even when I can’t walk. I don’t see why they can’t put the placard number on our drivers license or ID card to register that placard to the our ID not a 100% fix but a lot of it would go away and it would give police a way to verify on the spot if it’s our placard.

  • Miranda

    Hey, Tom, you are not that sharp. Has it occurred to you that the disabled person might not be driving themselves and need help to get in and out of the building? Not all disabilities are visible, either. (Heart condition?) Also there is ignorance, which is a real bummer. Sucks for you.

    • tom sharp

      I’m a lot smarter than you–if “someone else is driving,” that person can let the handicapped person out where it’s most convenient, not at a meter and they can also assist them! Afro has one of myriad better alternatives to Jesse’s stupid plan.

      • Afro

        Just a minute there peace and love that pick up service doesn’t cover the whole state not everyone thats disabled lives right in Chicago

      • peace-n-love

        I agree with tom. Don’t they offer free pick up services for the Disabled that is funded by our tax money?! I do feel sorry for the disabled and give them a lot of credit but too many people are taking advantage of those placards.

  • Normajean Price

    Afro you’re right, this is state wide. Also have a handicapped family member. She’s missing a limb, is blind and unable to be alone more then a second or two. There are many parents of handicapped children who need to get their child to care and often need those spots. Frankly, it’s very expensive being handicapped and being able to park may not seem like a big expense but sometimes it truly is.

    • RepentantSoul

      there are disabled on fixed incomes and Medicaid that truly are in need of the programs. I have a niece with cerebral palsy she has to be driven around to all her appointments.

  • juju

    damn, you people are all effed up. please go to canada. free health insurance there.

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