Walter’s Perspective: Emanuel Is Right To Push For Speed Cameras Near Schools

CHICAGO (CBS) – Sign me up tonight for Mayor Emanuel and the speed cameras he wants in school zones.

Count me in among Chicago neighbors who are happy the mayor is being “Rahm-bo” about it, relentless in his determination to prevent reckless driving from killing a child on her way to kindergarten. Go for it Rahm-bo, put the squeeze on Gov. Quinn until he stops dragging his feet on speeding in school zones.

Beat up on him, Rahm-bo, until he agrees to allow the cameras. Pound him with statistics on car crashes and pedestrians –- about 2,000 a year within a block of a school or park. Remind him the cameras will be on only when many children are on the streets and that police will ticket only drivers going more than six miles per hour over the 20 mph limit.

But cameras are unpopular, grumbles the governor. Tell him, Rahm-bo: So what if they’re unpopular? He has three years before having to run for re-election.

  • Afro

    Walter you’re a fukn re ta rd the sooner you go die the better off this world will be. It just isn’t right to give some one a ticket when you can’t prove the one getting the ticket is the one who was driving. You are more proof to me that some people don’t have a single gawdam brain cell in their entire body. Walter when you die your epitaph should read one less POS in the world.

  • tom sharp

    Leave it to you to be on the wrong side of this issue! Here is a big clue: many of the “thousands of accidents by schools” you cite didn’t involve speeding, some didn’t involve cars, and some didn’t happen at all!! This nothing more than another money grab be a financially and morally bankrupt state and government officials.

    Hope your next DUI is in front of a school. Get well soon.

  • Don

    Shame on you Walter. You know this is not a safety issue. When was the last time you did a story about a kid being killed because of speeding in a school zone? This is a revenue issue and you and Rahm should be open enough to discuss that side of the plan as well. What is the rush? The Governor should VETO the bill and send it back with the message that there should be public review and input before legislators consider refiling. Let’s hope the Governor doesn’t listen to your advise to ignore the peoples overwhelming disapproval of this bill because he has 3 years before he has to run again. I think the people are starting to have longer memories than you remember from the good ole days of back room politics.

    • Native Chicagoan

      Agree. School zones have already speed bumps. This is a revenue grab. Money would be better spent improving the quality of the materials (e.g., not baseball diamond fake powder dust sand when it’s dry and cement when it’s wet) and designs of the Chicago parks.

  • Afro

    How about a new law people with 3 DUIs on their record go to prison and lose their license for life. Walter is a babbling drunken fool

  • Native Chicagoan

    Agree. The school zones already have speed bumps. It is remarkable that the cameras installed at intersections come with the oddity of having the yellow light switch to red almost instantaneously. Why don’t you report on that, Walter?

  • GoldCoast99

    Poor, dumb, around the bend Walter…I drive by and see you every day on the streets in the Gold Coast looking lost, slow, and befuddled. Even doing something simple like trying to catch a cab to work you look LOST, so why should any opinion you have be on the air??? I guess hangover and /alcoholic dementia have finally caught up to you.. . You look played out, sound like an angry lost drunk, and your so called editoriasl all have the same idiotic one dimensional arguments….Andy Rooney finally got the hell off the air by dying, I hope we don’t have to wait that long to be rid of you….

  • Wolf

    There is no need for cameras in a school zone what is needed is basic restructuring and reform of the bloated public sector operations that are killing the private sector economy…but this will never happen in Chicago or any political system least of all from the illegitimate Mayor of Chicago…

  • John Taz

    Today the School zones… tomorrow the world! They already have signs, speed bumps and crossing guards, all the government wants is a better foothold with their cameras. You know camera’s? Like when they took your drunken mug shot? You’re lucky you have a job you drunken fool, why don’t you crawl back in the bottle and pull the cap back on top of you, your opinions aren’t worth spit.

  • Chicagoan

    A commentary coming from a DUI driver himself!

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  • Yourna Mehere

    Walter Jacobson was ticketed with DUI back in 2008. He could have killed children crossing the street. Walter the drunk should be behind bars!!!!! (not that kind of bar, Walter)

  • juju

    Helps to catch the predatory race out to sleep with kiddies, right Anglo-Saxon?

  • tony

    Walter i thought you died.i didnt know you still were alive you drunk

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