CHICAGO (CBS) – Sign me up tonight for Mayor Emanuel and the speed cameras he wants in school zones.

Count me in among Chicago neighbors who are happy the mayor is being “Rahm-bo” about it, relentless in his determination to prevent reckless driving from killing a child on her way to kindergarten. Go for it Rahm-bo, put the squeeze on Gov. Quinn until he stops dragging his feet on speeding in school zones.

Beat up on him, Rahm-bo, until he agrees to allow the cameras. Pound him with statistics on car crashes and pedestrians –- about 2,000 a year within a block of a school or park. Remind him the cameras will be on only when many children are on the streets and that police will ticket only drivers going more than six miles per hour over the 20 mph limit.

But cameras are unpopular, grumbles the governor. Tell him, Rahm-bo: So what if they’re unpopular? He has three years before having to run for re-election.

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