By Jay Zawaski-

In last night’s 8-4 loss to the “mighty” Edmonton Oilers, a lot of things went wrong for the Blackhawks.

Once again, the defense was standing around watching Oilers parked in front of the Hawks’ net.  When they did actually try do disrupt a play, it was with a weak poke check.  The forwards stopped backchecking after 20 minutes.  They did manage 47 shots on goal, but I don’t recall a really spectacular save by Devin Dubnyk.

The Hawks need to change a lot of things, both on the roster and in the locker room.  Stan Bowman is on the clock to make a deal, but he also can’t panic right now and get hosed on a trade.  It’s a tough place to be.

The one thing the Hawks CAN change right now is in goal.

Corey Crawford hasn’t been good enough.  Plain and simple.  Of the five goals he surrendered last night, 4 of them would fall under the “questionable” variety.

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