(WSCR) One commonality between Tom Brady and Eli Manning is their pocket presence.

Both quarterbacks are typically given ample time by their offensive lines in the pocket to make their reads and make the proper throw — something Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was rarely able to do.

“A lot of times when we talked this season on Mondays, it was, ‘Man, Jay made a lot of plays,'” Matt Bowen told The Boers and Bernstein Show. “The reason he had to make a lot of plays was because he was running for his life. That’s why. You just want to say a couple times, ‘Jay threw the ball really well from the pocket.’ That’s what a quarterback is supposed to do. He’s supposed to have time to go through his progression.

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“They (need to) add a wide receiver to work the new guys, to work Earl Bennett. Maybe they add a tight tend, too, to give (Cutler) some weapons. But you have to give quarterbacks time.”


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