Carl Sandburg Substitute Teacher Accused Of Abusing Student

UPDATED 02/07/12 4:30 p.m.

WHEATON, Ill. (CBS) — A teacher and coach at a high school in Orland Park was being being held on $250,000 bond Tuesday morning, on charges he sexually abused a student.

As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, Steven E. Reynolds, 26, of Hinsdale, is charged with two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, according to the DuPage County Sheriff’s office.

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Police were alerted on Monday about the alleged sexual abuse involving a 17-year-old female student and Reynolds, a substitute teacher and freshman basketball coach at Carl Sandburg High School.

Reynolds is accused of having sexual contact with the student several times in recent weeks, police said. Reynolds was arrested on Monday night.

Friends of the victim told school officials about the abuse, and school officials called Orland Park Police. They immediately called the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and DuPage County Sheriff’s police, and Reynolds was then arrested.

Consolidated High School District 230 Supt. James Gay says he commended the individuals who notified the school.

Students and parents at Sandburg said they were taken aback by the allegations against the well-liked teacher.

“I was surprised. You know, this is the first in our community that we’ve had stuff like this going on, that I know of,” parent Laurie Heemstra told CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot.

“He was always a nice guy. He subs for a lot of my classes when my teachers are out. He was cool, like, he’s a nice guy. That’s all I really know about him,” her daughter, Michelle Heemstra, said.

Fellow student Hannan Chaudary said, “I’ve seen him in the gym class, because I’m in strength and conditioning and, just, we didn’t know anything. So, like, we found out this morning and everyone is just like, ‘Wow,’ you know?”

Meanwhile, an Orland Park parent whose child is set to go to Sandburg for high school next year said she is outraged.

“It’s very concerning for me because my son is going there next year, so I mean, how many kids has he affected? It’s just scary to see this, what’s going on,” said Pam English.

She pointed out that sexually abused children are often compelled to keep quiet.

“You feel sorry for them because a lot of times, they’re probably afraid to talk or say anything to people, that something is going to happen to them,” English said.

Reynolds appeared for a bond hearing in DuPage County court in Wheaton Tuesday, where his bond was set at $250,000.

As of 11 a.m., Reynolds had not posted bond and remained in jail.

  • Peter Piper

    Sick puppy peter puffers!!!

    • Darlene

      A 26 year old teacher? Talk about throwing it all away! Can’t find a date, son?

      Schools are not singles bars, but it looks like that is what they have turned into!

      How many more of these perverts are going to be allowed to be left alone with students?

      We read about this every single day of the week from all over the U.S.!

      Ok, school administrators, what’s your answer?

  • justice...

    Stupid Mexican shoud be deported…..Oh Wait!! He no Mexicano….we should let him go….

  • juju

    Another sick euro-pee-on. Couldn’t sleep with his sister so sleep with a child. sick race.

  • Ryan P

    You should all be ashamed. To never even have met this man, and to question his character based solely on his “alleged” crimes, and his skin tone. The justice system needs to right this wrong.

  • i'm just saying

    No it’s true-the white race has its share of creeps, pedophiles and serial killers but the percentage of them compared to the overall white population is minute.

    Unlike black and hispanic rapists, murderers and plain old thieves-the numbers are huge and the us prison population reflects that

    • Lyndia

      Please go to and look at all those white freaks. It is true that whites get involved in hideous, crazy, things you would not think of, kind of crimes. Most serial killers are white men. The stats are not lying. They love prono too.

    • Short Eyes

      @ Yeah,but you have everyone beat,a PEDOPHILE is the worst POS on the planet.Black and Hispanics are killing each other,there not MOLESTING Innocent Children Everyday…..I’m just saying?

      • Sandburg Grad

        You are all so ignorant. Whether or not he is guilty of the crime doesn’t give anyone the right to say that he committed it based on his race or skin color.

        Specifically you, ‘Short Eyes’, you should be ashamed of yourself for racially profiling pedophilia as a ‘White’ crime. It doesn’t matter how many people are in jail for what crime they committed, pedophilia does not rank any higher than rape or murder. They are all as despicable as the other.

    • David

      @ i’m just saying, as a White Guy i agree with Short Eyes,no one lower than a child molester,this Crime is indefensible.and you should be a shame for trying to defend them.

      • OLD VET


  • Linda Elsey

    A 17 year old boy should have been able to beat him down or at the very least defended himself.

  • really

    if this women is solely concerned about her son being touched my a teacher then she should really do her research on sandburg. There has been teachers who have had dui and got away with it and kids doing drugs. Ive seen kids get here faces beat in with gym locks. sandburg is a terrible school to start off with but honestly if it took this long for someone to fess up its probably just another kid who wants some attention.

  • nunya

    Lmfao!!! Thats sad.. And sandburg is a good school. Theres just some creeps here and there.

  • anon

    cant believe this… i am a sandburg graduate and im completely shocked by the heroin and sexual abuse… never would have expected this a few years ago.
    yes theres fights, and drinking and maybe pot but thats a given!! come on thats thats just what teenagers do ANYWHERE.

    but HEROIN? and RAPE??
    as for the rape, just look at the guy!! hes a sub and a basketball coach. that just screams out child molestor

    and heroin ?? come on people sandburg is better than this. send your little brats to rehab and get it together.


    man this schools bad this year

    • Cameltoe Rancher

      Thanks for making all male teachers and coaches look all the more creepy coach! As if Joe Sandusky didn’t help the cause all the more huh?

      Please take away this pr!ck’s license as to not further pollute our image. And all of this at a time when teachers are fighting for their public pensions? You @sswipe! I hope you go the way of Jeffrey Dahmer with a broomstick in prison.

  • chris

    yo this school haves alot of arabs and fights to

  • blank you

    Why are they always GAY???

  • Jennie

    This sounds something like a Chicago Public School. CPS schools are just a little bit worse because they have distant, nasty principals

  • Lyndia

    Reynolds is an ugly thing. However, most people that have mug shots of look bad but this man takes the cake.

  • yessina

    first off it was a girl he did this too , and i dont even believe it . He would never do something like that !

  • jennif

    I agree, this is legally sexual abuse. But come on…these comments aren’t warranted. “Several episodes” indicates to me a 17 year old girl and a 26 year old guy enjoying themselves. In 10 years, it would be absolutely permissable. He’s a jerk, and he’ll learn his lesson, but this isn’t a huge black mark on the school.

    • Roberta Waker

      Will he learn his lesson? Too many teachers/coaches are sexually abusive these days and are taking advantage of impressionable school girls who think they’re in love with their teachers. It’s up to the teachers to stay away from these girls and control themselves because they will never get another teaching or coaching job and will have to register as sex offenders. Is a few hours or days of “fun” really worth your career and your life?

  • gjhd

    One of the nicest basketball coaches I’ve ever had. Never expect him to do this.

  • two sides to a story

    I am a current sandburg student and I am apalled that so many people are judging this man without knowing him. He was a very nice guy and he certainly doesnt seem like a baby diddler. I believe the U.S. court system still goes with the reasoning innnocent until proven guilty. So how’s about we hold off on our insulting comments until the verdict is determined?

  • Let's not get overboard...

    I want to know the girls side of the story, and if she’s even telling the truth and not just mad that she got a bad report.

  • Father of two boys

    The guy is charged with a crime, he’s educated and knew better. He’ll pay if guilty!
    The school however took proper action and didn’t procrastinate. My son is a senior
    at Sandburg and has had many excellent teachers and staff. Reynolds was weak and stupid for crossing the line, the girl’s culpability is not clear but what does a 17 year old really understand?

  • Fadi

    How can so many people judge someone without knowing the person, as well as not knowing the full details of the situation. I happen to be a former student at Sandburg, and Reynolds was my assistant basketball coach for 3 years. The man is one of the nicest and most caring individuals I have ever met. For all of you people to judge before an actual trial is barbaric, and he is innocent untill proven guilty.

    • ^ His Roommate

      This guy knows what he is talking about! You are all so quick to judge but I bet if it was a person who was close to you, judgements would not be thrown around so quickly.

  • Peace-N-Love

    I think some state allow you to legally marry at 17 even if the person is over 18. I don’t think he is child molester or sexual predator, just an idiot who threw his life away to POSSIBLY A WILLING participant. If that’s the case Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presely are guiltly sex offenders for sexually abusing their under age wives!!!

    • Lyndia

      Jerry Lee Lewis wife was a cousin and a teenager.

  • juju

    Elvis and Jerry Lee both part of the sick tradition spawned by the euro-pee-ons.


    He took to many arrows to the knee. I hope he like to get chocked with a towel and raped in the butt by the rest of the sick fu*** in Cook County.

  • Sandburg Grad

    Don’t believe everything you see online. Newspapers and News Stations NEVER get the story right. I’ve read multiple times that the victim was male and multiple times the victim was female. What does that do to the credibility of this story?? I’ve heard that it was sexual abuse and I’ve heard that the victim was INVITED to his house.

    Who knows the real story? The accused suspect. But that’s no reason for any of you ignorant readers to jump to conclusions and assault the “white race” or him as a person. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED so stop acting like you do!!

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