Cook County Leads 8-State Prostitution Sting, Nets 565 Arrests

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police in eight states participated in prostitution stings over the past 10 days, coordinated by Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports, there were 565 arrests – including 314 men allegedly soliciting sex.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports

A total of 227 people were arrested on prostitution charges and other misdemeanor counts, and two more were arrested on human trafficking charges.

The roundup was all part of what Dart calls the “National Day of Johns Arrests.” Twenty law enforcement agencies in eight states ran sting operations in hotels and brothels, on the streets and on the Internet over a 10-day period that concluded Monday night, Dart’s office said.

If the johns are all convicted, fines will be in the neighborhood of nearly $475,000.

While prostitution is often characterized as a victimless crime, the sheriff’s office says that is not true. Dart’s office says customers of prostitutes “perpetuate a violent, exploitative industry,” and if there were no johns, there would be no abusive pimps and traffickers either.

“Large sporting events, such as the Super Bowl, bring out competitiveness in all of us, including, unfortunately, pimps and sex traffickers,” Dart said in a news release. “In the days leading up to and including Super Bowl Sunday, my office coordinated with 19 other law enforcement agencies from around the country to send a strong message that our communities refuse to tolerate the sale of human beings for sex.”

The Cook County Sheriff’s office ran the sting along with the Orland Park FBI office, the Kane County sheriff’s office, police in Aurora and Elgin, and police in Indianapolis; Boston; Los Angeles; Phoenix; Las Vegas; Newport News, Va.; Cincinnati; and Dayton, Ohio.

  • tom sharp

    Incomplete story: How many politicians, cops and their family members were caught?

    • the rapture

      post the names and photos…come on’ – gotta see if the pimp next door was arrested

  • kennith

    A lot of man power was used why not use that man power for something important

  • Norma Jean Almodovar

    Wow- the cops spent all those resources to arrest people engaged in commercial sex even as 400,000 to 500,000 untested rape kits continue to sit in evidence lockers nationwide, all the while the DNA degrades- because according to government sources there are insufficient resources to pursue, apprehend, prosecute and incarcerate RAPISTS, where there was a real victim who went to the police, filed a report, underwent a traumatic procedure to obtain evidence against the perpetrator and are still waiting for justice.
    And then, according to the latest government report on intimate partner violence, there are the over 12 MILLION annual incidents of intimate partner violence AND the over 1 MILLION incidents of intimate partner RAPE… oh and let’s not forget that according to some sources, of the 900,000 law enforcement agents nationwide, 40% of them are involved in domestic violence themselves- which is about 360,000 cops who commit domestic violence and usually retain their weapons AND their jobs… but let’s go out there and arrest those men and women for engaging in consenting adult commercial sex, because that’s far more important than helping victims of rape and domestic violence! Well I guess it does cost less to arrest 565 people for prostitution related offenses than it does to search for the thousands of rapists out there (84,768 reported rapes, 17,132 arrests of rapists and 52,211 arrests of people for prostitution related charges in 2010- the latest year statistics are available). Besides, look at all the fines that 565 people will pay- rapists are not fined, so looking for them will not add any money to the coffers with which to pay for their own arrests…

  • Lyndia

    A lot of rapes and murders are comitted in this country because the victimizer jumps across the border or gets on an airplane and jets out of town, never to be heard from again. Maybe some of that money can be used to bring those dogs back home.

    • Leroy Goldberg

      Oh, I guess you made bail?

      • Afro

        @Leroy rofl I was just thinking the same thing

  • Just Axin

    Now, now, Leroy. How do you know Lyndia doesn’t have internet access at the county?
    Dart- Good job wasting millions in taxpayer $. You could have taken those same resources and scoured the hood for violent offenders, you political hack.

  • Afro

    Jack wants to be Off with Jill. Jill wants to be Off with Jack but the law won’t let Jill or Jack Off. (without getting their fee)

    • George

      Dam Afro you put it like that it kinda makes me wonder who the real pimp thugs are.

  • Joe Lee

    I do not support prostitution or drug abuse. Our country suffers from allot more violent crimes thanks to Christian doctrine in politics. The prostitution and drug stings clog up the court system so violent crimes do not get enough time for hearing and trial. The poor do not get fair trials because public defenders and the courts are overworked on Christian morality cases rather than on violent crimes. Remember, prostitutes and pimps do not care to go to jail when their criminal records keep them from getting lawful employment. Wow, three meals a day and a roof over your head for engaging in these crimes in this bad economy. I saw some homeless man beg to go to jail but the judge refuse to jail him.

  • blub

    All done in an effort to raise the price of fur burger.

  • Greg

    I saw countries where prostitution is a legitimate job in the bars, the girls were screened for std on a regular basis the aids rate was very low in the bar girls, but the rate was like 97% on the street girls, and when asked where were you when you contracted HIV they said legal prostitute in the bar.

  • WetNurse

    “While prostitution is often characterized as a victimless crime, the sheriff’s office says that is not true. Dart’s office says customers of prostitutes “perpetuate a violent, exploitative industry,” and if there were no johns, there would be no abusive pimps and traffickers either.”

    No, what perpetuates a violent, exploitative industry is the law making prostitution illegal.
    If it were legal, there would be no abusive pimps and traffickers either. Heck, the prostitutes could even be offered 401k’s from their employer.

    • Joe Lee

      How about Sugar Daddy and Sugar Child relationship? Sugar Daddy gives money to Sugar child and many times it spend on drugs. Do this fuel crime? Police needs to sting Sugar Daddy and Sugar Child by using websites like Seeking Arrangements, Sugar Daddy for me, Established men, etc.

  • juju

    euro-pee-ons can get it for free, so they pay up. hopefully, no children were involved. but, bet they were thinking of their mothers/sisters/aunts/brothers. freaky race.

    • Anglo-Saxon

      @juju, You are a dispicable negress piece of! Get some damn help!!!!

  • Kay

    There are some major problems with this story. First of all, if you do the math: 227 (arrested for prostitution) divided among 20 agencies is roughly 12 per agency. Divide this 12 per agency over the 10 days of the sting, and you’ll get roughly 1 person arrested for alleged prostitution, per day, per agency. Generally speaking, if 2 parties were arrested at once, engaged in a sexual act, this amounts to less than 1 couple per day. Now the Johns math: 314 men arrested divided across 20 agencies yields around 16 men arrested per agency. Over this 10 day blitz, this is an average of 1 or 2 per day. Since this math has been done, all we have left is to wonder how this is newsworthy, considering those are average numbers, pooled to make a large number. Not to mention the fact that 314 + 227 + 2 does not equal 565. That’s 545. Who are the others who aren’t accounted for, in this report?

  • joseph532

    Why aren’t police doing stings on sex predator that prey on young children? We need more Dateline to “Catch a Predator” stings? If police want to do prostitution strings, it should focus on men who pay 12 or 13 years old kids give toys for sex. Police all over should set up stings like the stings conducted on Dateline. We need to get those predator caught. There are plenty of them. Preventing underage children being molested and raped by sexual predators is a greater priority than adults paying each other for sex.

  • Chicago Stings and Johns Registry. « sexworkadvocate
  • sexworkadvocate
  • Billy Kovak

    Great job Tom Dart! Least were getting the violent crimes off the street while the murders are still out there….Tom Dart and a lot of politicians always do these bogus arrests near elections to make his numbers look good.

  • juju

    @Anglo-Saxon. You big baby. Wah Wah. You should try leaving your mother’s basement. There is a real world outside your cottage cheese brain. Hey, I might even spit on you as you are party of the dirty race. Try not to scratch your knuckles while you walk you big toilet face.

  • High Heels And Hard Ons

    One is for fighting, one is for fun.

  • Greg Olsen

    I am glad police are doing sting operations on prostitution. If you study the amount of liveable wage jobs, and the amount of people renting or having homes, you can speculate that 80% of Americans depend on prostitution to survive. They get pay for their services from sugar daddies and rich hobbyist. If prostitution is gone today, then majority of Americans will be homeless in the next month. The police stings are help to keep the price high for prostitution services and help many Americans from being homeless. Legalize it=too little profit=more homeless Americans.

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