(WSCR) While it appears almost a foregone conclusion that the Bulls and Heat will rematch in the Eastern Conference Finals this year, one NBA expert doesn’t think the Heat are afraid of taking on the Bulls again.

“There’s a very fine line between confidence and arrogance, and this team crosses it from time to time,” Ethan Skolnick of the Palm Beach Post told The Boers and Bernstein Show. “They just believe they are better. Chris Bosh has said it repeatedly that, ‘We’re the best team. If we play like it, then it’s all about us.’ Now that they’ve beaten Chicago five-straight times — I know they didn’t have (Luol) Deng in the last game, and as much as they respect him, I don’t think that the Heat look at that as a major issue. They just think that if they’re playing their game, nobody else in the league can touch them.”

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Skolnick did say, however, that if the Bulls are able to trade for center Dwight Howard, that would put some fear in Miami.

“If the Heat are going to be worried about Howard going anywhere, (Chicago is) the place that the Heat would be worried,” Skolnick said. “If you put (Derrick Rose and Howard) together with a Thibodeau-coach team, I think obviously that would be an automatic concern around the league.”

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