Bowen: Lack Of Player Development Continues To Haunt Bears

(WSCR) It’s no secret former Bears general manager Jerry Angelo “missed” on a lot of top draft picks.

Few of Angelo’s top picks turned into viable professional atheltes, but maybe that wasn’t all Angelo’s fault.

“In the pros, (developing talent) is their job,” Matt Bowen of the National Football Post told The Mully and Hanley Show. “If you have to stay after practice, if you have to work a guy til midnight, you do it. You gotta develop talent. That’s what we saw. It wasn’t so much that Jerry was a terrible drafter. I know he had his issues, but the players they brought in, these speed and size guys, were never developed into starters.”

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Bowen pointed to the lack of depth at key defensive positions such as linebacker and safety.

“When is the last time a linebacker was developed here?” Bowen said. “Talk about that position. You have Brian (Urlacher) and you have Lance (Briggs.) Two Pro Bowlers, two great players that are getting older. Behind them, who do you have? Do you have a guy that, if Brian was to have an injury, could step in and you’d still see the same productions? Or, do you have a guy behind Lance so you don’t have to worry every time (Briggs’ agent) Drew Rosenhaus calls on the phone up at Halas Hall. You don’t have those guys. I don’t think they’ve done a very good job developing talent.”

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  • Michael Nudo

    Lots of blame to go all around. Sure, Angelo didn’t draft many great players, but how do you explain Mark Anderson’s season in New England? Coaches have to answer as well.

    • Tim

      Mark Anderson is a one-trick pony, which works better in New England’s system.

    • Derek

      I don’t think Anderson was an issue with development. He was more an issue of being used incorrectly. They handed him the starting job in his second year without any competition (Alex Brown never should have been benched), but he is not a starting caliber DE. He’s a situational guy.

  • Derek

    P.S. Daryl Drake needs to go!

    • MarxMyth

      Amen to that! I never get the impression that the receivers are being coached up. Sure, they get called out or defended by the coaching staff but you keep hearing about the same mistakes being made and we’re talking over the course of YEARS. Players not on the same page with the QB, can’t fight for the ball, running the wrong route. That’s bad coaching IMO. Because if you’ve been coaching guys for years and they’re still doing it, you need to do something different.

      Not to mention that he’s never coached for another pro team. Let the man get some other experience!


    Let’s boil this down into two distinct problems in the Bears system:

    Receivers that can’t get the ball
    defensive players that take the wrong angle and miss a tackle.
    One could be development–or, they’re not getting guys that can catch an NFL-sized ball.
    The other is inherent in the system. You look at a one on one near the sidelines and if the ball doesn’t fall out, the receiver gets a second (sometimes third) chance. Kyle Orton was a semi success in terms of development.

  • mark smith

    That’s why I’ve always thought if you get rid of Angelo, you get rid of Lovie, too. I don’t really recall any player being “developed” on this team. WRs aren’t talented but they don’t seem to get much better in the sense of being smarter players who run better routes. All the LBs of the future are no longer here. It’s like Lovie is good at coaching talent (who isn’t) but maybe not so good at bringing out talent.

  • dsmith

    Totally agree, someone please explain to me why you bring in a Bum like Roy Williams when you have an up and coming guy like Knox just needing reps and more coaching? Why do you insist that Devin Hester is a receiver when he is obviously NOT.

    Why have you not sured up the oLine like you were supposed to when you got Cutler? When was the last time we drafted a stud on Defense? I mean seriously – the problems in Chicago point to a long painful downward slide. Someone need to be responsible for it.

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