Former Loyola Volleyball Players Say They Were Cut As Retaliation

CHICAGO (CBS) — Several members of the Loyola University volleyball team say they were cut from the program as retaliation after they protested a coach.

“It’s just really upsetting to spend so much time doing something and then get it taken from you,” junior Arija Inveiss says.

The cuts left the team with just six players, yet two of the athletes say they heard they had to go because of too much depth in their positions.

“The reason I was given was I lacked self-discipline and that my locker was too messy,” sophomore Emma Headley tells CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman.

Some of the ex-members of the team played when the team boycotted a practice in 2010. They say they sat it out because they weren’t being coached.

That led to a leadership change and, they believe, to their situation now.

Loyola’s athletic department released a statement saying the cuts, though unfortunate, were handled “in a fair and ethical manner, consistent with policies and procedures.”

Freshman Kathleen Omelina says she passed up other opportunities to play at Loyola on a yearly renewable scholarship.

“Loyola promised they had my back,” she says. “I can’t afford to stay there. I don’t have the means.”

The women say the way things were handled is not consistent with the Jesuit tradition at the school they love.

Their message to future college athletes: Know this can happen, and if you’re on scholarship, have a backup plan.

An NCAA spokesperson says the number of cuts at one time from this team was unusual.

  • JM

    As with any sport, scholarships typically aren’t a 4 year guarantee, but renewed yearly.

    Yet another example of that not being quite right, but there’s nothing technically wrong with it.

  • George Papdacolus

    Sometimes when you stir the pot, you have to live with the consequences. The girls created a mess, the administration handled it and now the girls don’t like the outcome. At the end of the day, you can’t expect the administration to allow the hens to rule the hen house….now they are paying the price.

  • Liv J

    When you give as much time for the sport as these girls did, and you are told “you lack self-discipline, and your locker is too messy,” what kind of explanation is that? The coach’s motives had nothing to do with the sport. These girls showed up for practice, trained for months in advance before the season started and played the game they love. Most of these girls have been playing since they were nine/ten years old and were good enough to make it to the collegiate level. I don’t think all people realize how much you have to love and want to play the sport to play at the college level. It’s obvious these girls want to play and we’re dismissed for petty reasons. If these girls and their families thought this was handled properly would they be talking to CBS? No, they wouldn’t.

    In the big picture this was an attack on these girls integrity and had nothing to do with how they were playing. I’ve been a player and I’ve been a coach and this was a sorry excuse on the coach’s part because obviously there was some inexperience there. And George it doesn’t sound like these girls walked all over their coach and staff, they didn’t attack anyone. So they are paying the price for a few empty water bottles and misdirection by their coach?

    • the rapture

      participating on an NCAA team is a privilege – not a right – the players need to get over their perceived injustice

      by the way – you all were cut at the beginning of October (I have my inside sources) so why are you whining and complaining about it now – a little drama so you get some sympathy is making you look like little brats and not college students

      lesson learned – maybe – just wait little ladies – until you get into the harsh real world – you will be fired for having a messy desk and ignoring your boss

  • juju

    Were they black?

  • Just Axin

    Looks like it’s time to turn to a life of porn.

  • jayne

    no one was cut at the beginning of October…it was the end of November so I don’t know who your “inside source” is. privileges are taken away when rules are broken and in this case none of the players broke any rules.

  • Jake

    Gracie, Gracie, Gracie — more bad press for you & your misdirection of an athletic program. What goes around, comes around. Your decisions have negatively and unfairly impacted these girls’ lives. It is hard to believe that the leadership of Loyola with their Jesuit philosophies are allowing you free reign. Very sad.

    • LUC parent

      Jake…you are my hero!

  • Tori Spears

    I know there’s a lot of controversy surrounding this situation…but it’s about time the athletic department at Loyola gets called out for the injustices they’re practicing not only in this situation, but what some might argue everyday. Yes, college athletics is a business…but Loyola is a Jesuit institution where student-athletes go to play because they’re extremely focused in school as well as athletics. Why does Loyola’s athletic department feel they need to act like a cut-throat, top tier Division I institution when they’re clearly not? Student-athletes at Loyola certainly don’t get treated with any of the “perks” of a top tier school, so why are they only encountering the harsh realities of such a program? In an institution firmly based in Jesuit values, this department has found itself lost in the business of college sports.

    • horizonguru

      So let me get this straight, since Loyola is a Jesuit institution they should not strive to be successful and push their student athletes to perform better? College athletics is a business and will be so more than ever once these athletes start getting their extra 2000 dollar a year stipend! Coaches are held accountable for their track record. If it was allowable for a coach to go 0-16 year after year and keep their job I can understand your point of view. Now let’s step back into reality for a moment. If you don’t perform as a coach you get fired! That’s real life stuff that affects real people’s lives! I’m not sure what kind of background you can come from where you can’t see that athletics is about competition and competing at the highest possible level at all times. I guess this is just the sad mentality of most athletes these days where they want to go somewhere and have a great time. How about we teach kids to be accountable for themselves on and off the court/field? I think there can obviously be a happy median between athletics and Jesuit values but to ever say athletics is not a business and shouldn’t be treated that way is just living life blindly!

      • horizonguru

        I’m saying they are real people just like everyone else, and just like everyone else they are not entitled to anything which is why I can’t see what is so hard to understand about this! I was a collegiate athlete myself and of course there were times where I didn’t agree with my coaches. However, I never even considered taking action in the way these girls did. I respected my coach through thick and thin because I decided to go play for him and for the University and knew if I didn’t take care of things the way he expected there would be consequences.

      • FC

        horizonguru- Let’s be clear, are you saying students are not real people and dont have real lives?? While a big mortgage can be a powerful motivator ,its not the definition of real life–these girls deserved better. Any good D1 coach will tell you–there are A LOT of really bad coaches out there. Just b/c they are girls does not mean they were whining–they could have had a valid point.

      • Standing By The Players

        “Coaches are held accountable for their track record.”

        Not this time.

        As for the rest of your comment, you don’t even know what you’re talking about. You really don’t.

  • tracey

    The story has been ongoing since November, not last night
    The girls didn’t break any rules
    The reasons given by the athletic administration were petty and never addressed during the season – the department was never honest with them
    The team had an 8-22 record for the season with non of the released players contributing to that lose, why were they released and not the players that lost every game – answer – an inexperienced coach who needed scapegoats.
    These girls love attending Loyola, an excellent school, they wanted to highlight how underhanded some members of the athletic department have been.
    All of these girls will do extremely well in the real world, this experience has shown them how people in authority can mess with you.

    • Standing By The Players

      “…an inexperienced coach who needed scapegoats.”


      “All of these girls will do extremely well in the real world, this experience has shown them how people in authority can mess with you.”

      Double Bingo.

  • Mark

    There have been unanswered, ongoing problems and complaints against Loyola’s athletic department for years.
    During recruiting, Loyola told these women of it’s Jesuit values and for some it was a reason to attend there. They passed up opportunities to play at other colleges. Colleges that keep their promises and treat their student athletes fairly.
    Please read this part of Loyola’s athletic mission statement.

    4.Student-Athlete/Coach Relationship. It is the responsibility of each member institution to establish and maintain an environment that fosters a positive relationship between the student-athlete and coach.
    5.Fairness, Openness and Honesty. It is the responsibility of each member institution to ensure that coaches and administrators exhibit fairness, openness and honesty in their relationships with student-athletes.
    6.Student-Athlete Iinvolvement. It is the responsibility of each member institution to involve student-athletes in matters that affect their lives.

    Loyola violated it’s own mission statement and even worse, violated the values of the Jesuit tradition. Shame on Loyola University-Chicago for behaving this way.

    • Momof4

      My oh my… Loyola isn’t the only one. Look towards Lincoln Park and the values of the Jesuit tradition? I guess abuse and bullying is just a part of it these days. The Jesuits involved at the higher levels ALL turn on the student athlete to protect the coach and school. What a shame.

  • Jake

    More related info in this campus newspaper link — check it out. Could this be due to a player’s injury, while playing a sport they have dedicated themselves to? I hope that any athlete considers this before making a move toward Loyola. What ethical coach, athletic director, or univeristy would do this to a player? Jesuit traditions and philosophies?! Loyola Phoenix link:

    • LUC Parent

      Be careful athletes…injury is a constant occurrence with Division I athletes, but know that Loyola will not stand behind you. They are quick to remove your money and hand it off to someone else. Let this story of the women’s volleyball team be a warning to any athlete thinking of choosing Loyola University of Chicago.

  • reality

    While I can understand it must sting to be cut from a team (especially in today’s culture where it is taboo to tell a kid they just aren’t good enough), I do not understand why this is newsworthy? Where, exactly, is the scandal? Shame on these girls for not acting like adults, and shame on CBS news for making childish drama a news story.

    • come oooooon

      Excuse me?? Wheres the scandal?! These girls are not acting like adults????? What went on at that school is years in the making. The only thing this past year has to do with anything is that fact that the cuts and releases were in direct retaliation to the girls sticking up for themselves. The girls had to endure incompetent, under qualified, and a mentally abusive head coach. The girls had spoken to staff members including their own coaching staff, assistants, grad assistants, and the athletic director, among others, but none of them listened to the concerns of the girls, NO ONE LISTENED to them and that is awful. Especially considering the fact that the athletic department held an “open door policy” where athletes shouldn’t feel afraid to come in and talk or ask for help. Sure was nice of the athletic department to stand by that, you know allowing the girls to show there concerns and all and then shoving it back in there faces because they didn’t like what they heard, real cool. The girls boycott last year was a desperate cry for help and cutting them this year was one hundred percent direct retaliation for that. And CBS is a God sent for letting these girls warn future athletes that AUTHORITY WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL, EVEN AGAINST JUSTICE, and this is not right. This should never be the case but of course it is. So thank you to CBS for letting the girls speak.

      • voice of reason

        THANK YOU!!!!!!
        There have been ongoing issues for years! The 90 second CBS news story is only the tip of the iceberg.

        If only the administration of Loyola had listened to the players concerns this all could have been avoided. I guess their “Mission Statement” pertaining to “fairness, openess and honesty” is there just for show. I guess it’s easier to turn a deaf ear and hope it all goes away than to hear the truth. When players and parents have requested meetings they have been ignored or flat out refused.

  • patrick

    The “reality” is that these girls were never told they weren’t good enough, their characters were attacked by an inexperienced, immature coach and administrator who had no regard for them as individuals.

    The “scandal” is that the girls were never given a fair chance either on or off the court at any time during the season, contrary to the athletic departments mission statement.

    Obviously CBS found the story newsworthy otherwise the girls would not have been contacted.

    • Momof4


      Keep it rolling… maybe we can get somewhere with the NCAA to actually check into the Jesuit Colleges that have been reported and basically investigate the school. In the past they have been told nothing like that has ever happened or totally lied to.

      Thank you CBS!

  • horizonguru

    This whole mess stems from players choosing to defy authority and walk out on their coach. Last year the players voluntarily chose to “sit out” a practice because they didn’t agree with how they were being coached. Let’s step into the real world for a second. If you are an employee of a company and you decide, well maybe I won’t go to work today, I’ll just stay home. My boss has been pretty annoying lately anyways. Do you think there will be no consequence to this action? These girls were given a privilege, not a right, to play volleyball and represent Loyola athletics. In my opinion, this is a very poor representation if that’s the way you choose to go about getting something done. If you aren’t happy with the coach you set up a meeting with them and talk about it. If that doesn’t clear the air setup a meeting with an administrator and express your concerns. By no means should you EVER boycott a practice! These girls were lucky to not be released from the team immediately at that point! They were actually probably done a favor this year by getting the chance to prove themselves and how did they take advantage of it? A 4-22 record, finishing dead last in the Horizon League with a 1-15 record. These players were recruited by a coach that is no longer with the school, thanks to the actions these girls took to get her out. Now with the hiring of a new coach the bar gets raised and their talent is not up to par with his expectations. Can you blame him for getting rid of the “cancers” that caused this whole debacle? I’m pretty sure I would not want to keep players around that walked out on the team and the program. These girls made their own bed per say and for them to whine and cry and about it just goes to show the type of personalities they had. It may be a harsh reality but such is life. Your actions will always have consequences and they are living out the consequences now. I guess like they said in the story, everyone should have a backup plan. Them and their parents clearly should have had that all in place before taking the action they did!

    • FC

      You seem to know alot about this but calling these girls “cancers”– really! You must also know it was pretty common knowledge around the horizon league that MW was a terrible coach. The other coaches used to snicker about it. She was a laughing stock. The only person who couldn’t see it was the LUC AD. There are details re: the boycott that you have not heard apparently.

      • horizonguru

        Any players that walk out on a team and program are cancers! That is a selfish standpoint and a lack of respect for authority. If you don’t like the way things are run you pack your bags and head for greener pastures. I’m not saying anything good about MW, but things tend to work themselves out. It’s not up to the parents and players to choose what happens, it’s up to administration and if that can’t be respected then they don’t belong there, period.

    • tracey

      The players that contributed to the 4-22 record and 1-15 for the league are not the players that got released so obviously the new coach’s bar was not so high. The players did meet with the prior coach and the administration to no avail. These girls were completely committed to the program and wanted improvements which is why they felt the need to speak up. Could they have gotten their views across without boycotting a practice, perhaps, but it’s because they felt so strongly about their lack of coaching that they did what they did.

      • horizonguru

        Tracey you are diminishing your word before you even get started here….regardless of whether you are on the floor or on the bench these are TEAM sports, everyone is responsible for each other!! The fact that three of the girls that were released were walk-ons tells me that this program was in disarray going into last season. I’m not diminishing anyone’s skills as a walk on, but normally you maybe see one or two walk-ons at most on a roster any given season. From what I can see this was a move made to start from scratch, and bring in players of your own which is a common occurrence with a new coach at the division 1 level. I’m not knocking the effort they put in or skill level, but it is clear the coach did not see what he was looking for. Will he regret it? I guess that is yet to be seen, but a coach is judged on their results, If they don’t feel a player has enough talent to get the desired result I can’t understand why it’s wrong for them to look elsewhere. If you but a new car and you don’t like the way it runs, do you do something about it? Or drive it until it breaks down?

  • Mark

    Please read this part of Loyola’s athletic mission statement.

    4.Student-Athlete/Coach Relationship. It is the responsibility of each member institution to establish and maintain an environment that fosters a positive relationship between the student-athlete and coach.
    5.Fairness, Openness and Honesty. It is the responsibility of each member institution to ensure that coaches and administrators exhibit fairness, openness and honesty in their relationships with student-athletes.
    6.Student-Athlete Iinvolvement. It is the responsibility of each member institution to involve student-athletes in matters that affect their lives.

    • horizonguru

      Mark Im pretty sure this is a standard you will find in any and all mission statements. I’m curious as to what people felt should have been done as opposed to the actions that were taken? The girls were given a second chance, the coach that they did not like playing for was fired following the season, and they were all brought back to play the following year. Any takers on this one?

      • FC

        horizonguru- 1st of all LUC had a standard practice of adding 1 walk-on per year. As a “walk-on” –some players were recruited but were not on scholarship. Not sure if that necesarily dimishes their abilites.
        2nd–it was the way they were released that is objected to–harsh and cruel. Locked out of the locker room before they could retrieve their belongings, texted they were not to meet w/ their academic advisors in Norville any longer–alternative meeting place must be found (I don’t want you in this building), random students were given their athletic gear but they were not allowed to have it. In fact coach said “give to anyone else–just not those girls.” Why all the anger if they were just not good enough for the team? Doesn’t add up.

  • Momof4


    It is happening on other Chicago Jesuit colleges. No one ever sees it yet it’s been happening year after year. The treatment of these student athletes is sickening. The athletic circle is no different then Penn State (it’s girls not guys and it’s not rape but it is bullying and retailation and otheres that see it even a Athletic Director turns her back.) But you will be told that there is no “Ant-Bully Policy” at the Jesuit College. It’s ok… Even the President of the College a Jesuit Priest turns his back. How does he sleep at night? Very sad indeed. We haven’t given up our fight, it’s just beginning.

    • horizonguru

      The fact that you can equate this situation to sodomy of boys is BEYOND disturbing, you of all people should have no right to judge on Jesuit values. If you are really a mom of four then I would think you could differentiate between your child having an annually renewed scholarship pulled from your child being sodomized by a coach! It’s not even remotely in the same category! Keep fighting the good fight though, I’m sure with your point of views you will be getting really far! I’m pretty sure the President would listen if it were worth while to listen to, but the fact of the matter is this is no matter for the President of a University to be dealing with. Like I said before, these girls made their bed by walking out on the program, now they get to sleep in it! If you see that as retaliation or “retailation” as you put it, then have it your way. If you want to empower these kids to take action the way that they did then you should surely be able to empower the Athletic Department to take action all the same. Any other view would be incredibly hypocritical.

      • GH

        This group will always be bashed for sitting out 1 practice but the fact is a long time employee of that ahtletic department actually gave the girls the idea of sitting out! Oh yes, it is true. They were manipulated into doing the athletic dept’s dirty work. They were given an example of another team that boycotted years prior (how would these kids even know about that??) It was some story about a basketball team and that coach quit . Well, this coach didnt quit and when the situation started to get ugly this “person” completely turned on the girls & of course denied telling them about the “other boycott”, This person wanted MW out and wanted the head AD job but things didnt quite go as planned.Now the girls are paying the price for someones extreme anger. Oh yes, they are still employed by LUC but not in the new cushy position they had hoped for .One can only hope the girls have learned a big lesson… Never trust a person who uses their position of power to gain more power. I don’t think any of the girls intention was for things to get this bad. They love volleyball and just wanted a decent coach. Unfortunately this “person” fed into this idea and 100% agreed w/ their dilemma until it all blew up. Unfortunately , there is alot more to this situation still to be heard. The soap opera continues

      • Momof4


        What I was trying to say is that someone did try to report the abuse and it was way more severe and on a different level. But no one ever listens, they keep it inside or turn around and act like nothing is happening because they are winning at all costs. I’m not saying it’s on the same level as sexual abuse but it should be investigated and dealt with.

      • Momof4

        You have no clue what is going on. I apologize for my spelling errors due to the fact I was in a hurry to get out of the office and head home in the snow.

        I was quoting the headline… I did not create the title but there is a lot of bullying and retaliation in sports at all levels.
        “Were Cut As Retaliation”

  • horizonguru

    How can you tell me I have no clue what is going on? I could be Michael Garanzini himself for all you know! If this was retaliation what is the administration retaliating to? Players not agreeing with administration?

    • loyolaguru

      so horizonguru, if all of that is true and those girls were just getting what was coming to them, then you’re going to have to explain why kathleen omelina was released. freshman player told she wasn’t good enough, when up until this release every athlete was promised that they would absolutely not be released for that reason. in fact, it was in loyola’s athletic code…that is right up until a couple of days after kathleen was released. very very shady. and michael garanzini would absolutely not be on a cbs thread attacking the morals of a mother of four, or a team full of young girls…one of which was 17 when the practice protest took place. just a kid. maybe the decision to sit out of practice was childish, but it was a group of adults who investigated the situation and fired marcie wolbeck. obviously the claims these kids made were worthy of the situation that was made of them.

      • horizonguru

        Who recruited Kathleen Omelina? MW or CM? Pretty sure that was MW so that’s your answer right there. New coaches have no ties to players recruited by the former coach. Brutal, yes, but that’s the nature of the beast. From what I understand these girls are still on scholarship through this semester. Had they immediately pulled the scholarship mid-year then yes you have a legitimate gripe. But they have the chance to finish the year with the same money they were getting and decide whether or not they want to go to school somewhere else or stay at Loyola. I don’t think that’s so unfair.

      • Tom

        Not so sure new coaches have no obligation. Don’t the coaches work for the university and the university is responsible for what their employees say, do and promise?? In the BIG picture it is the school that makes a committment to the student.

  • VB Fan

    Just wondering why all the players from the 2010 team were removed from the 2011 roster when they were on the team all year? This includes the seniors who were “released” after the last match and the one “non-released” senior. Why was a new walk-on player added to the 2011 roster when she was not on the team for that season? Look at all other fall sport rosters, they are all still intact. Why did the Athletic Dept handle this particular team different than all the others?

    • DH

      HMMM, interesting. Could it be b/c the asst AD keeps telling everyone how this team embarrassed Loyola??? Or could it actually be that they embarassed her?

  • FC

    how about –players not agreeing with self serving employees who care more about their own personal agenda than the students the university has an obligation to support. Let us not forget w/o the students there would be no university or all the jobs that come w/ it!.

    • horizonguru

      Are we all so sure that this whole walk out theory didn’t stem from an Assistant Coach looking for a promotion? There are always two sides to every story! FC can you or anyone else provide any proof that this Asst. AD wanted a promotion? Maybe it was a case of the AD who was on his way out was pawning a bad situation onto someone else to deal with?

      • FC

        Who said anything about the Asst AD wanting a promotion??

      • FC

        We are all that sure.

      • Really?

        I can, with 100% certainty, guarantee that none of this stemmed from an assistant coach looking for a promotion. JW supported those players until the end, but never ever disrespected MW in the process. And how lucky, in retrospect, is she to have gotten out of this ridiculous, self-serving, pathetic excuse for an athletic department while she still had respect from any player or coach in the horizon league. I not only have connections with loyola, but with the whole horizon league, and not one single hl coach has respect for the “coach”, Chris, who came in boasting that the hl was lacking in male coaching and he had the championship in the bag. So, if indeed those players were released because of the boycott, then that is exactly what they are fighting against. Why not Diana Schulte? Why not Kristen Haggenjos. Ps Diana just quit because she could not take the ridiculousness of Chris’ program. You can argue all you want that the boycott was wrong, but that is not the reason they were given for release. Chris started four freshman to get to that 4-22 record and kristen and diana started whenever they were healthy. blame who you would like but a coach turning his back on a 6-4 freshman, claiming that she is not good enough is simply a coach admitting that he is not very good at what he is hired to do. Chris is inexperienced, too focused on trivial matters, and frankly, a coward. Best of luck to the team with the few players that they have next season, but he is putting the same girls on the court who lost all of those games last year. Can’t wait to see who he releases when his prodigies fail him once again.

      • patrick

        If only JW had gotten that promotion even though she didnt’ even apply for the job, we would most certainly have seen a winning record for the season!.. She is one of the most respected coachs in the HL. The team had the utmost repect for her in every way, something that was also true of CM until he choked on the coaching part and dwelled on the petty insignificant things.

        Everyone knows the truth behind what happened last year, the entire team was used as pawns in the politics of the department.

        No one is questioning the renewing of scholarships, everyone also knows that they are granted on an annual basis. That is not the issue. The girls know that too. They are not questioning their playing ability. I get it that the coach has the discretion to keep whatever players he wants.

        What seems strange to me is why two seniors were released after they had fulfilled their playing committments to the team? Why were all the girls released after the fall season leaving 6 players on the team for spring season if there was “too much depth” to their position. Having no bench doesn’t seem very deep to me!

  • tracey

    Loyola is an excellent school and I would hate for the school administration to be seen in a bad light, I know that these girls would hate for that to happen too. They are passionate about being able to continue to study there, they just wanted to hold the athletic department to the same standards.

    The fact that they are no longer playing volleyball at Loyola is unfortunate but I believe that they now realize that they are better off not being a part of the athletic department and its internal politics.

    In the whole scheme of things, volleyball was a small part of these amazing girls lives. They still have great memories of the team in spite of the treatment they were given by the administration. No one is going to be a professional volleyball player coming out of Loyola, current players included. They have learned valuable life lessons and are better people for having the strength to stand up for their rights, something that will stay with them in the real world.

    • FC

      Well said Tracey

  • VB Fan

    Too much focus on the boycott of one practice. Loyola investigated the whole situation in 2010 and the decision was to remove both coaches and the AD, these three individuals were not removed because the players boycotted one practice. Is it possible that someone with authority in the athletic department is helping one of the three above get back at the players? If so, I think that is called retaliation.

    • horizonguru

      Just to be clear, the AD was already well on his way out before any of this went down. To think that this event had anything to do with his firing is beyond dreaming and just goes to show how little you know about the situation! And too much focus on boycotting one practice? How is an athletic department supposed to ignore players trying to run the department? That’s just narrow minded and ridiculous!

      • tracey

        From what I have heard, the girls were never trying to run the department, anyone close to the situation will confirm that, they were simply following a suggestion from an administrator in the department to show the coach that they were frustrated with the season and the lack of coaching for a Division I program. The entire team continued to practice and play as passionately for the remainder of the season, never missing practice and being committed to themselves and the program

      • #

        calm down, carolyn

      • GH

        and BTW Horizonguru, you still have not answered as to where you got the idea that the Asst AD was gunning for a promotion???? Interesting fact.
        and to be cystal clear–the AD was already ‘fired” but not scheduled to leave officially until the spring. So why did he clear out his office & disappear over the winter break after completing 1 last task… cancelling the interview of 2 VERY qualified coaches & hiring an inexperienced CM . He’s not even listed on UCLA’s roster , he was a “volunteer” @ Stanford and a 2nd asst @ Missouri. Why was that even permitted?? Who was running the department?

  • VB Fan

    I am so sorry, I forgot to mention that the Assistant Ad has made several comments about the 2010 team and situation during the 2011 releases ??

  • jayne

    saying the reason for the girls releases stems from the boycott is just proving that this whole situation is so messed up. none of the girls were told in their meetings “you were released because you boycotted practice”…carolyn you disgust me

  • horizonguru

    I am getting that from your previous post! “This person wanted MW out and wanted the head AD job but things didnt quite go as planned.Now the girls are paying the price for someones extreme anger. Oh yes, they are still employed by LUC but not in the new cushy position they had hoped for.” My point is she was not looking for a promotion and you were ranting that that was the whole cause of this boycott. The timing all works out for your conspiracy theory but the sad part is you just don’t have the facts. Maybe you should ask JP why he was asked to pack his things and go early instead of assuming that this petty situation had anything to do with his early release. You could also ask him why he hired who he did and cancelled the other two interviews. Is it unfortunate he still had the power to do this being in a position where he knew he was out the door? Of course, but don’t put the blame on people that had no control over the situation when it all went down.

  • GH

    Nope –I think you outed that fact yourself.
    And I sympathize w/ your reasoning–this whole thing is unfortunate. Many have been hurt but it cannot all be pinned on the girls.I do not believe he was fired b/c of the girls boycott. But it would be interesting to know who was in charge of overseeing the volleyball program.

    • horizonguru

      GH I copied that quote directly from your previous post so don’t try and pin that on me. I am trying to preach the exact opposite. It is unfortunate and I am going to reside to the fact that we agree to disagree on the whole thing. It is unfortunate and I don’t pin everything that you guys argue on the girls, but they did not help the cause one bit by trying to take matters into their own hands regardless of who planted the idea in their head. I personally have nothing bad to say about the girls other than the fact they really did not handle things right last year. It is all unfortunate, but things don’t always end happily and this is a prime instance of that.

      • pathetic, hg

        ” These girls made their own bed per say and for them to whine and cry and about it just goes to show the type of personalities they had.”

        sounds like you were directly attacking these girls personalities.

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