(WSCR) Before the Super Bowl, all the talk centered around Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski’s ankle.

Now, the talks seems to be focused on Gronkowski’s post-loss celebration where he was seen dancing with the hip hop group LMFAO.

Jalen Rose, the former NBA player who is now an ESPN analyst, appeared on an ESPN radio show Thursday, but before he talked basketball, he had something to say about Gronkowski’s actions, reports indicate. 

“Forgive this term because I didn’t make it up: He was having a good time. He was white boy wasted. He was having a good time,” Rose said.

Later in the program, Rose returned to apologize for his comments.

“You guys got me in trouble,” Rose said. “Earlier in today’s show we were talking about the Patriots’ post-game party and I made some comments that other people — some people — took as insensitive remarks, so for those that took it that way I definitely apologize. Pretty sure I always say things that upset people, get under people’s skin. I guess today was no different. So I’m sorry for the pushback.”

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