Lawmaker Wants To Ban Retail Receipts With Toxic Chemical

CHICAGO (CBS) — Did you know the retail receipt in your wallet may contain hazardous chemicals?

Now there is a push to ban them in Illinois. CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez talked with the legislator behind the plan.

Most people have no idea that many receipts contain toxic Bisphenol A, or BPA. Some stores have gotten rid of it voluntarily. But legislation introduced Thursday will require all stores to find an alternative.

State Rep. Karen May (D-Highland Park) introduced a bill that would regulate cash register and banking receipts.

“It’s especially important because it rubs off on your fingers,” May says. “It’s a class of chemicals called endocrine disrupters, and they really do nasty things to our body.”

They’re linked to breast and prostate cancer, infertility, learning disabilities and more.

Scientists say when you get it on your fingers it goes through your skin and into your body. Even hand-washing doesn’t take it all off. And using hand sanitizers can actually makes it worse.

May says it’s also a workplace issue.

“Retail cashiers have up to 30 percent more BPA in their bodies,” she says.

Chains like Whole foods and Costco and even smaller stores like Sunset Foods in Highwood already use environmentally friendly paper.

What can you do right now?  Never let children handle receipts. Put your receipts in an envelope if you plan to hang on to them. And make sure you wash your hands. Even though it won’t get it all off, it helps.

Stores that have already phased BPA out include KFC, Taco Bell, McDonalds and by the end of the year drugstore CVS.

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  • InalienableWrights

    . If you would have dug deeper you would have learned that BPA’s are purposely but into almost all the plastics that our food comes into contact with.

  • InalienableWrights
    • InalienableWrights

      I think these reporters are purposely not reporting on the whole story many times.

      • InalienableWrights

        Really smart Mrs guberment official get rid of only a minor way in which we get BPA’s — still allow it in our food.

      • David Gordon

        Wouldn’t be interesting to see the “Don’t cover this memo” that captive media reporters are subject to. NO COVERAGE: Ron Paul, medicinal freedom, hemp, food safety, real vitamins and minerals, raw milk, sunshine, etc. FAWNING COVERAGE: Status quo politics, left-right paradigm, war making, false flag cover-ups, inventing enemies, pharma culture, etc.

  • southside

    Glad to see another state rep laser-focused on solving the big problems that Illinois faces. Vote this one out.

  • PG

    The state is taking 9 months to pay its bills, is at least several billion dollars in debt, is massively behind on public pension payments, and this fool decides to focus his attention on a chemical in receipts. Honest to God, how do these people remain in office?!? Are the voters in this state this stupid?

  • David Gordon

    I follow your concerns PG. Almost every state faces the same challenges. But the same illogical mindset which allows massive deficit spending allows a known carcinogen to be needlessly be include in a commonly handled paper. Ruinous corporate influences come in many forms and winning ONE battle is where it starts. Let the battle of poisonous receipts be won (probably not really taking so much time) and perhaps we can turn the focus to more meaningful corrections. Now if we could get this tiny type these comments are limited to larger, maybe more people would make their ideas known!

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