(WSCR) With a new offensive coordinator at the helm, the Bears can move forward with a new offensive mindset.

Looking back, though, one Bears expert doesn’t think former offensive coordinator Mike Martz was the right fit.

“I thought Martz was a terrible hire,” John ‘Moon’ Mullin of Comcast Sportsnet told The McNeil and Spiegel Show. “Everything I had heard and everyone I talked to said he’s too wedded to a system. If he has the guys for it, great, but if he doesn’t, he’s not as flexible. … He didn’t change. The track record there wasn’t as good as people (said.) The big numbers were long ago.”

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Mullin said that new OC Mike Tice will give the Bears the chance to play to their strengths on offense.

“To me, the staff they’ve got now makes more sense to me in terms of flexibility and in terms of what they can do offensively. … If you want to look at what Tice is doing, I think if there’s a guy on this staff that has made do, he’s it,” Mullin said.


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