Tilted Kilt Waitresses Sue Over Sexual Harassment

Updated 02/09/12 – 5:50 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Nineteen waitresses who worked at the Tilted Kilt on Wabash Avenue — a Celtic-themed bar where waitresses wear tartan miniskirts and skimpy white shirts over tartan-patterned bras — have filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the sports bar.

Mark Roth, an attorney for the 19 women, said a bar manager made disgusting comments to his clients.

“There were requests for sex. There were degrading comments that were made. Something that no woman should have to put up with anywhere, let alone by their manager in the workforce,” Roth said.

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Among the allegations in the lawsuit, filed Wednesday in federal court:

• The manager allegedly took a straw full of water and put it down at least one waitress’ dress, releasing the water and remarking, “I’m trying to get your panties wet,” and, “That’s how daddy likes it – with your panties wet.”

• The manager allegedly said to at least one waitress, “Meow, meow. You’re a dirty kitty,” “You don’t know what I’d like to do to you,” and “I want to f**k you so bad,” among other prurient remarks.

• The manager loudly discussed pornography with customers and at least one waitress, the lawsuit claims.

• The manager and owner allegedly called one or more of the plaintiffs by sexually derogatory nicknames, including one name that purportedly translates from Greek to English to suggest that someone has inspired a man to get an erection, the lawsuit alleges.

• The manager allegedly grabbed the waitress’ buttocks and breasts, tried to kiss one of them on the mouth, licked at least one of their ears, and put ice down their skirts, according to the lawsuit.


Roth said the 19 women don’t have any complaints about the customers, only the managers at the downtown bar.

“They had nowhere to turn because the manager was actually a predator,” Roth said.

The servers at the Tilted Kilt wear skimpy outfits – skimpy white shirts over tartan-style bras and tartan miniskirts — and Roth said the waitresses are all beautiful women, but they have a right to a safe refuge in the workplace.

The Tilted Kilt is a successful national franchise based in Tempe, Ariz. In a statement, a spokesperson said Tilted Kilt does not tolerate sexual harassment. But the lawsuit is specifically filed against TK Chicago Loop, the downtown franchisee, which did not respond to repeated requests for comment on the allegations.

  • juju

    Can’t wait for brainiac message writers to see this one.

  • yikes

    Dang..i was under the impression by the stupid restaurant name and skimpy outfits that the patrons were allowed to tilt the waitresses kilts.

    • Gary

      you must be related to “the rapture” or a monkey, with my apology to monkeys everywhere.Stupid moron. Again, sorry, I’m being redundant.

      • StupidPeopleFTW

        They get paid more than most ‘respectable positions’, stop being a moron.

      • Steve

        If women don’t want to be degraded — on ANY level — get an education and work in a respectable position. This goes for men, too. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that working at a restaurant will be degrading when your “professional attire” consists of a 10 inch skirt and a half-top. DON’T DROP OUT, KIDS!

  • Gary

    To “the rapture”: where do you work, if you work at all, moron. So, I want to go to your work and talk dirty to you too…I like you wet, and sweaty, and meaty, with man meat. Where does your wife or girlfriend work? Wait, I think you have neither. What women with any brains, or bust, would want to be with a moron like you? Stupid dumb-S

  • Flash

    Hey rapture: that’s not a flashlight in my pants. And I’m no feminist. Talk to me dirty boy.

  • Toonces

    The beot ches need to keep their clothes on that might help. You think men go there for the food…….?

    • Kate

      Hey dummy…are you illiterate? They have no issues with any customers, only their boss! And now they’re b’s?? I wish people could post their pics up here…I’d LOVE to see what a treat you are.

  • juju

    Don’t think you want pictures of any of these people. They probably still laugh when someone says ‘Hooters anyone?’

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  • Terry Fish

    Dress how you want to be addressed . I could see if you were forced to work in those conditions . But it is your choice … There are million of beautiful women all over the world that are not putting themselves out there like you are …. Your wants & desires have over rode your needs and the price is you put your self in a very bad position … The manager needs to respect you for who you are . the child of God Almighty …

  • Thom

    This about sexual harassment in the work place by the manager . The manager is a superior of the employee. It not allowed under federal law this has nothing to do with the costume they work in period. As stated in the article it was not by the customers . If this fool had any brains he would know where the money is made and protect them.

  • commonsenseguy

    ok, so let me get this straight… women who go and volunteer for a job where skin-is-in, for lack of a more tasteful way to say ho-with-beermugs, should expect to work in a corporate white-collar ultra-PC workplace?
    uh,,,, gloria allred might take your case but gloria steinem would trip you down a flight of stairs.

  • MeekMasta

    People still suing rather than moving on to another job and learning a hard lesson about why not to work somewhere…. If these were my sisters I’de tell them about the reality of the situation and help point them in the right direction… Instead of empowering more dirty lawyers in the world and staying in a disrespectful situation… Wake up people..

  • Lily J.

    I went to school across the street from this bar, I watched them build and open it, so just having seen the outfits, I was not surprised to read the headline. You automatically think it is drunk customers when you hear this type of complaint, but when it’s the managers it is just disgusting (and stupid, we live in a litigious age). Very surprising anyone let this go on, the bar always seemed very popular and is in a decent location in the Loop.

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  • Ugh.

    You all are acting like people have their choice of employment opportunities right now. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy to quit and get a different job just like that.
    And it’s 2012. Can we please recognize that dressing like that, especially because it’s a work uniform, is not an invitation for sexual harassment?

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