Walter’s Perspective: Cop Blog Created Controversy Over City Sticker

CHICAGO (CBS) –– The Great Chicago Sticker Shock. The vehicle sticker that shook City Hall. It’s gone, out of the news, into the garbage, never to be stuck on a Chicago windshield.

And the boy who designed it — the winner of a citywide contest for it -– he’s gone, too, out of the news and stuck with shame, reported to have drawn on that sticker the symbol of a street gang, which he did not do.

So why the sticker shock? Because a blog on the Internet groused about the sticker -– a popular blog by and about Chicago police, too obscene for me to name it.

Other posts on the blog? “Can Chicago ever get a police superintendent that doesn’t kiss the BLEEP of inner-city blacks?” A cartoon of nuns at a bar.

A trashy at times and vulgar blog, beneath the dignity of Chicago police. The vehicle sticker on the blog was sticker shock, so it had to go.

But don’t blame and shame that boy. Blame and shame the blog.

  • Afro

    Blame and shame all of Chicago Walter you moron even you because you are the one who supports the democrats that done it

  • Zapper

    The kid’s facebook page had his friends saying” DLOVE nice work”… as in Disciple love nice work under a picture of him wining the contest with the drawing. How do you fall for this? Open your eyes.

  • Afro

    I hope he sues for the heartache and the pain and suffering the city just gave him, this is just crazy even if it were a gang sign, the city invited it by having the dam contest in the first place!

    This kid entered what he thought was a legitimate contest, he took the time and done the work, he won and now deserves all of the benefits of winning, including having his artwork seen, honor the whole contest or be sued. Shame on Chicago

  • Don Green

    Actually Wally, blame his parents for reproducing in a gang-bagging environment and blame his father for being involved in gangs, guns and drugs. Just look at the photographs and the criminal records. The kid simply followed in the footsteps of his father and any father figure he had in his life. You know what else would be too obscene for you? Herbie’s facebook page and all the filth and self admitted gang affiliation that he posted just weeks ago. Or maybe the obscene murders, drug dealings and so much more reckless behavior that is praised by the street gang, herbie and his dad. Perhaps the gang tattoos etched on their skin to reveal their life-long alliance to the street gang known as MLD. That’s what truly is trashy and vulgar, Wally. That’s what is beneath the dignity of all decent and honest human beings.

  • DanL

    Afro,I wouldn’t blame ALL of Chicago,there are some who does not support them.
    Also I was curious about the sticker and why everyone was blasting the kid. seeing how the news made it I thought people were just picking on the boy so i decided to find out what the name of the blog was,with a few clicks i found the site (second city cop for those who are wondering and would like to see the pictures and other proof) What is on there….what they say….it isn’t pretty,but what they posted about him was right. Based on the pictures and things people have said on hisfacebook,he looks like a gang member…and the question now is,why or rather how come the news media didn’t fully check everything out (including your article walter) about the boy posting gang related things on his facebook before attacking the blog? I understand coming to a kid’s aid when he gets bullied and what not, however if he is in a gang and he is killing people,stealing,selling drugs,or doing drugs,then makes a picture showing his gang’s symbols/signs….. he doesn’t need to be protected. If he really wanted to turn himself around,he wouldn’t have hidden those gang symbols/ affiliations in his drawing..

    • Afro

      Naw I don’t buy it DanL the problem is it’s all speculation, and we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. The city knew or should have known the risk when they held the contest. Now the boy has said it’s clean, and with out proof it is wrong to not print the stickers, besides gang related or not he won the contest with it now it should be honored. If their was a problem with his drawing it should have been rejected in the beginning, not after they put him on national TV as a winner.

      • DanL

        Afro,while I respect and somewhat agree with you on some of what you said i hae to disagree to a point.,as a precaution I still wouldn’t print it out still even if it isn’t really gang related due to how things are going. He is still getting the money if I read correctly so it isn’t like he will leave empty handed.

  • mww

    Walter: why kill the messenger? The blog? It’s name is “too obscene” for you to mention? “Second City Cop” is obscene? Is that the same blog we’re all talking about? Or is it another blog? (Let me know).

    Did Walter see the kid’s Facebook picture of the kid exhaling pot smoke? Did Walter see the kid’s dad holding the two guns? And the kid’s relatives sitting around showing off guns?

    Yeah, you media jackals can sugar coat this all you want. Pictures don’t lie.

  • randall

    Considering that you left out the fact that the President of the Chicago Crime commission, Jodi Weis also believed the ‘artwork’ was , in fact, symbolic of the MLD’s would indicate that you are just still overcome with ‘sour grapes’ toward the CPD for your past DUI arrests. You also do not mention the numerous entries on the ‘artists’ facebook page where he has photos/comments of gang members . It is so sad that your prior run ins with the police have impacted on you inability to be a ‘fair and balanced’ member of the media. And remember, there are always twelve step programs out there to help you in these trying times.

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  • Jane

    I believe the blog that broke the story is called “Shaved”, the full name of the blog is obscene. SCC provided a link to Shaved’s report and between the two blogs, they did the reporting the local media would not.

  • SL

    What a sorry excuse for a reporter you are, Walter, but maybe you’re a fantastic mind-reader since you apparently know just what this boy’s intentions were. Please. Either you didn’t take a look at his Facebook page before he made it private (hmmm….wonder why he felt compelled to hide what he previously flaunted before this controversy arose?) or you’re even more clueless than you appear.
    The fact that the cop’s website has a vulgar name doesn’t mean that the writer doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  • tony s

    I bet when you typed this story you were at home naked on the computer thinking about this little poor boy.Walter you are so naughty

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