CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s no surprise when we hear news of prices going up on today’s hottest products, but stop the presses — we’ve got good news about lots of products that will cost less in 2012.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker takes a look at this year’s best bargains.

From must have tech toys, to new hot wheels, the new year brings lower prices.

A good deal is on the horizon for the iPad 2, because the iPad 3 is around the corner. That announcement will instantly knock $50 to $100 off the iPad 2.

Jennifer Strom said “that would definitely make me buy an iPad 2.”

Expect a drop in price for Roku streaming video player boxes. They have competition from Blu-ray DVD machines that both stream and play movies.

Westinghouse is coming out with a new 3D HDTV this summer. That will force the competition to drop prices below $1,000.

Last year, GPS units cost about $160, but this year experts say you can get one for half that because “they have a smartphone that can do the same thing,” according to Lindsay Sakraida, Features Director for

In the market for a new car? Save $9,000 on the the 2012 Volkswagen Passat. It’s dropped from $29,000 to $20,000.

The high cost of gas has taken a toll on car rentals. Sakraida said “you should be seeing a lot more promotions.”

“Domestically, internationally wine prices are fantastic,” according to Mike Baker from the Wine Discount Center in Chicago.

There are two reasons why: First, stores are forced to lower prices because thrifty consumers are economizing. And, second, France and California no longer have a lock on the market.

Baker explained “there are great wines produced around the world…all these producing companies are in competition with each other to grab the consumer’s attention.”

Some 2012 Jeep and Dodge vehicles are cheaper than the previous model year.

Also, watch out for good deals on 17-inch laptops that are full of features.

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