Phony Cops Make Stop In NW Indiana

CHICAGO (STMW) — Police are urging motorists to use caution after a woman was stopped on Interstate 80/94 in northwest Indiana by two men pretending to be state police officers.

Sgt. Ann Wojas, public information officer for the Indiana State Police, said the 28-year-old woman was stopped between 9:30 and 9:45 a.m. Saturday while westbound on the Borman Expressway near Kennedy Avenue.

Two men wearing dark clothing and claiming to be state police told the women her vehicle was suspicious and they had to search it. The men flashed what appeared to be badges and identified themselves as state police officers.

The vehicle the men were driving was a black police type vehicle, possibly a Ford Crown Victoria, with a red and blue light mounted in the front window. The driver used the emergency lights to pull the woman over.

Both men were wearing black clothing, clean shaven and with no visible tattoos or scars. One man was white, the other black.

When she exited the vehicle so it could be searched, the men proceeded to remove money and other personal items. When the victim tried to call 911, the men threw her phone. While the woman was outside of her vehicle she noticed the front rim on the alleged police vehicle was rusty and the car had no identifying marks.

Wojas said police are asking anyone who may have seen this “traffic stop” or unmarked vehicle to please call the Indiana State Police Lowell District at 219-696-6242. Any information may be important.

She said that to make a traffic stop in Indiana an officer must be either in uniform or in a marked vehicle.

“If an unmarked car does try to stop you and you do not feel safe we suggest you put your hazard lights on to show that you recognize that you are being stopped and drive to a well-lit area, busy with people area,” Wojas said.

“Call 911 or your local police and tell them you’re being stopped by an unmarked unit and driver. Prepare to give them location, description of vehicle, appearance and anything else observed,” she said.

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  • Franz

    Too bad she wasn’t packing-she could have pulled a 38 from her bra holster and shot these guys

    Another reason Illinois needs conceal and carry right?

    • Afro

      The problem is the first thing you have to do is inform the police that you are carrying. So if you are ever packing make sure you know that the person pulling you over is indeed a police officer.

    • The real James Hamilton

      This happened in Indiana they have conceal carry so this is her own fault.

    • Mr. Justice

      The best option is do not pull over. Take out your cell phone and call 911 and tell them what is going on. Ask for a “marked” police car.

      • Afro

        Then you get busted for using a cell phone while driving you get robbed either way

  • Hanz

    It happened in Indiana doofus

  • Hanz

    Besides, not once does it say the women were threatened. They were simply tricked into believing it was a stop that went further than expected. As much as you would like, you can’t just shoot criminals because you feel like it

  • Reasonable Doubt

    Hanz even more—what if it had been a police— Franz gave her advice to pull her handgun out of her bra and shoot a officer. Besides a 38 is a sizable gun and cannot be hidden in a bra holster. That would have been taken from her!

    • 38Special

      @Reasonable Doubt

      The first thing if you are carrying or not is make sure the car pulling you over are the police, Once confermed you must inform the officer you are carrying. The flashbang bra holster will conceal a small .38.

      • 38Special

        Yup thats it Afro my wife uses it

      • Afro


        Ron Paul On 2nd Amendment

  • Fun With Dumb And Dumber

    Things to do list: Monday buy old ford crown vic police car. Tuesday buy dark clothes, not to flashy but nice. Wednesday buy shiny badge at army/ navy/ police store. Thursday find a friend that is an idiot. Friday start crusing 80/94 looking for people that did not read this article. Saturday profit. Sunday jail.

  • Super Trooper Officer Farva

    Pulled over by salt n pepper. Police cars dont have license applied for plates. Give me a double cheeseburger hold the spit.

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