CPS Plans To Drop Costly Sick Day Policy For Non-Union Workers

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago Public Schools officials said Tuesday that they are seeking to implement a new sick day policy for non-union workers, ending a decades-long practice that has cost the system tens of millions of dollars a year.

Right now, those workers are allowed to carry over and accrue up to 325 sick days, which often means large cash payouts when those workers retire or leave CPS and cash in their unused sick days.

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When the Chicago Board of Education meets next week, CPS Chief Executive Officer Jean-Claude Brizard will present the board with a proposal to end that policy. Officials have not yet said what the new policy would include.

“We intend to present a comprehensive policy to the Board that will do away with generous payouts that we simply can no longer afford so that we can invest more dollars to boost student achievement,” Brizard said in a news release.

CPS said it wants to end the decades-old sick day policy, which costs the system an average of $37 million a year. The change would not affect union employees.

  • Linda Elsey

    It should be a use it if you are sick but not be able to accrue any and should be the same for all workers, not just non-union.

  • Chivi

    I agree with you Linda. The abuse is across the board with union and non-union. Three months that the teachers don’t work and they get paid for all year. Not good for the economy and not good for education.

  • Greg

    Now the abuse will be the people who call in sick when their not just to use the “sick” day so they don’t “loose”it. I’ve seen this at other jobs.

  • GB

    And that’s why you need a union. They can take whatever they want and what are you going to do about it if you’re not organized?

  • Bob

    But it should apply to Unions. The only reason non-unions get such good benefits is many private companies, and all public organizations try to match the unions to be fair.

    if you are going to take it away from the non-union employees, it should be done as part of a renegotiation of the union contract and where they have it reduced as well.

  • Chivi

    Bottom line, you cannot carry over more than 5 days. Why are there so many sick days if teachers, etc,. only work 9 months (if that) out of the year?? No wonder my sister became a teacher and she hates kids and teaching. She did it for the money and to retire early not to mention the pension. This is ridiculous!! What a legal scheme to defraud our children and the tax payers!!! Work for the love of the job not for the love of ripping children and tax payers off!! Respect goes out to the teachers who actually love their job and are loyal to their profession. You teachers should start blowing the whistle on those others that make you look bad. One bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch but there are certainly a whole lot of them rotting away!! Do something!!

  • Bob

    GB, Unions have their place but the problem is the workers are no longer important to the unions. It is the union bosses that are greedy and take from their own to spend as they please. I know more union people that got no support from their union when an employer was not being fair. Unions have outlived their usefulness. There is only 7% union in the private sector so your argument doesn’t hold any water anymore. It is the public sector that is heavily unionized and sucking all of us dry.

  • BD

    Rahm loves stirring up fights! He pits all of us against each other while he manipulates the system. Similar to Obama, who does the same thing! Look around, they have us fighting over immigration, gun laws, birth control, medicare, Social Security, all while he borrows TRILLIONS trying to buy his way out of this mess HE CREATED! Wake up people, throw everyone out of office this year! Dems and Reps! A den of thieves is all Washington DC is!

  • Wolf

    Why not drop the insane policy for all workers…where is the fairness clause here…

  • SJ

    Where I work, our days do accrue, but we don’t get a payout when we retire for the unused days. Is that an option? That way, teachers can afford to take time off and have babies, using those banked sick days, as they do in other jobs.

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