Skokie High School Teacher Accused Of Making Girl, 17, Strip

UPDATED 02/15/12 9:13 a.m.

BENSENVILLE, Ill. (CBS) — A teacher at Niles North High School in Skokie has resigned after being charged with sexual misconduct.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports, Jeffrey Tackes, 30, of Bensenville had been a math teacher and head coach of the varsity cheerleading team at the school, at 9800 Lawler Ave. in Skokie. He stands charged with one count of misdemeanor sexual exploitation of a child.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports

The Daily Herald reports the charges came after a girl, then 17, accused Tackes of coercing her to strip naked for him.

The young woman came to the Bensenville police station on Monday to report the alleged incident that happened in December 2010, the Daily Herald reported. Police told the newspaper she had an 18-month window to report the alleged crime.

Niles North suspended Tackes from his teaching and coaching positions until the matter is resolved, a statement from School District 219 said.

The school is working with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, Skokie police and Bensenville police, and has been in contact with students who might have any relevant information and their parents, according to the statement.

“We take all allegations of this type very seriously, and we have been in communication with students who might have any relevant information, as well as their parents,” Niles North Principal Dr. Ryan McTague said in the statement. “Our number one priority is the safety and security of our students, and our student services team members are ready to respond to any level of student need.”

Bensenville police tell the Daily Herald they have no other complaints against Tackes.

It is not clear whether the girl he allegedly exploited is, or was, a student at Niles North.

Tackes is also affiliated with Cheer Illinois Athletics, a cheerleading training facility in Bensenville, according to a police news release. A representative for the facility could not be reached by the Sun-Times Media Wire for comment Wednesday morning.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.



    • Corporal Punishment


    • Ortho Stice

      It didn’t happen at Niles North. If it had, the Skokie police would have arrested him.

  • daga

    children? she was most likely 16 and new what is getting into to,,,poor guy,,,thats all

    • mb

      excuse me? since when is 16 not a child?????? maybe if you knocked up your baby mama at 16 you think that’s the age of an adult, but the law says that is 18. you are obviously a male for sympathizing with the “poor guy” the way you did without having the full story. get the facts straight. under the age of 17= child.

      • brook

        yeah…she’s just a toddler that has pubic hair. you obviously used to be a female.

      • Carl

        “MB” you obviously don’t know the full story either. You’re a hypocrite.

  • Joe

    I don’t believe her story. Something is very wrong with this accusation. Why would she wait two years to say something? I doubt prosecuters could prove this accusation to be true beyond a doubt. For some reason, she is just trying to smear this guy.

    • mary

      I agree. this story seems fishy to me. This had nothing to do with Niles North school, so why do the papers and media show the school and a teacher’s classroom? Why did she go to his house and why did she wait to go to the police all this time? This story has a lot of holes in it.
      Is she looking for financial gain?

      • Samm

        It sounds a hella like that! I think you are correct

  • bruce brainerd

    Good thing she waited so long. Not- Not guilty- go away baby. Golddigger

    • Lindsey

      I agree

    • Heffuefner

      If he had “made” a seventeen year old boy take off his clothes, the media would be celebrating his “lifestyle choice” and criticizing anyone who was critical of him.

      Just more agenda politics to outlaw heterosexuality.

  • Ortho Stice

    Here is a prime example of why people have such disdain for the media. If Tackes had committed the crime at Niles North, why was he arrested by the BENSENVILLE police? The answer? He owns a private cheerleading school in Bensenville. Obviously, this is where the incident took place; otherwise, he would have been arrested by the Skokie police. The article mentions the Bensenville school as an afterthought.

    • Novas

      there was no mention of the gym because the gym has nothing to do with this case. there is no connection other than the fact that he is a former owner. why the press has even gone to the gym is beyond me. there was no involvement in the gym or with any of the athletes there. it was mentioned as an after thought simply to stir things up amongst viewers/ readers. this shouldn’t have even made the new to be quite honest. the 14 month old allegations and a misdemeanor charge. that’s basically the equivalent to walking around with weed in your pocket… good job.

    • Fred


  • It is not illegal

    720 ILCS 5/11-9.1) (from Ch. 38, par. 11-9.1)
    Sec. 11-9.1. Sexual exploitation of a child.

    (a-5) A person commits sexual exploitation of a child who knowingly entices, coerces, or persuades a child to remove the child’s clothing for the purpose of sexual arousal or gratification of the person or the child, or both.

    “Child” means a person under 17 years of age.

    • Marv

      If that is true, I say all the more power to him. Making the score on the premium doesn’t happen every day!

    • It is not illegal

      WGN has a statement in quotations that it was “with a child under 17”. So it sounds like the article’s author in the commen mistaken assumption that the age of consent in Illinois is 18 just sloppily reported this wrong.

      • Ben Haggi

        @Tee, in reality, a seventeen year old is fully capable of deciding who she wants to be close to.

      • Tee Thompson

        When you use your power of authority to gain sexually the law clearly states that 17 year olds are too young. But you’re too foolish to study before posting mistruths.

  • Pathetic!

    Real nice, CBS. Where the hell is Lyndia’s comment? Why would you delete someone’s opinion? Pathetic!

    • Lyndia

      If it be a crime to has sex den lock my azz up cuz I gots to has it, I needs it, I luvs the sex and I luvs to be cashing dem checks…

  • juju

    @NWA stop spewing your opinions. You have absolutely no value to being who you are. Now go to sleep, but take your hand out of the Cheetos bag this time. Say hi to you mother.

    • Anglo-Saxon

      You’re not any better, juju, with your frequent reference to Europeans when there are no Europeans in the story.

  • Toonces

    No worries;he will be out of prison in 8 months on ‘good behavior.

  • Laqueefa

    I don’t believe that this article is true about Jeffrey Tackes, A woman of the age of 16, or yet 17, is intelligent enough to make the right decisions. Making an accusation two years later is just absurd. What a shame the youth is.

    • mb

      “What a shame the youth is.”

      Truly, the shame is your education level Laqueefa. Maybe you viewed yourself as an adult at the age of 16. However, modern day society states that the age of an adult is 18. It upsets me that the comments by Joe,bruce brainerd (who gold digs a high school teacher? genius comment really), fred, marv,Tee Thompson, Ben Haggi are by men. It’s obvious that there is a bias here. Also if someone is not “adult” enough to drink/ vote/ get married/ defend their country/get an abortion then why do these “MEN???” except for Laqueefa find that a girl is under that age is able to consent to sex and/or sexual acts? You all are sick

      • Laqueefa

        You tell him Lindsey! I think the girl wants attention, how can a cheerleading coach decide to tell a girl to strip if he’s with them all the time?! that sound a little off.

      • Lindsey

        Excuse me, but how are you so sure that this accusation is true? It could also be a young girl trying to get attention of some sort. I’m not saying I know anything about the situation but you have to consider it from BOTH perspectives. I don’t think you should say that they are sick for having their opinion on a man they MIGHT know better than you.

      • Chiguy

        The age of consent isn’t 18 in every state? So does that mean people in certain states become adults sooner than people in other states? No. 18 is an arbitrary number that the people in Illinois chose.
        Stop making this about men vs women. At the age of 16(which wasn’t too long ago) I could promise you I would’ve known to make the right decision and I am a guy.

  • Name

    However, if a guy were to report being told and actually taking his clothes off for someone and came back a good year later saying what happened, no one would take him for serious. Especially without evidence. Just as a 16 year old can decide whatever drugs they want to do, I’m sure they can decide who to take their clothes off in front of besides the mirror.

    • Carl

      I support

  • DB

    No proof needed, just an allegation that something happened 14 months ago that you didn’t bother reporting until now is enough to destroy someone’s life.

    • Sammy

      Somebody didn’t make captain so they wanted revenge [x haha

      • Mary

        It does seem like the girl has it out for him. Interesting that this girl went to his house and then two years later accuses him of making her undress. He has never had any problems in the past according to the police and the media takes the girls accusations and runs with them to create a story. Now this mans career is ruined without any proof that her allegations are true. People should be smart enough to wait until all the information is presented before throwing someone under the bus when they do not have all the facts. How many times in the news do you hear stories where people were accused of a crime and the person was innocent.

  • Hanna

    Where is the mother of this girl and why is this 17 yr old at this guys house. A mother should know where her 17 yr old “child” is at ALL times!!!!!! this story just does not add up…almost 2 yrs later…did she fail his math class? did she not get the spot on the cheer squad she wanted??? who knows? At 17 you should know to Just say no!!!! o

  • Hanna

    Where is her mother??? and why is a 17 yr old at this guys house. A mother should know where her 17 yr old “child” is at ALL times. This story just does not add up…did she fail his math class? Did she not get the spot on the cheer squd she wanted?? who knows. A 17 yr old young adult should know do just say NO…or maybe she didnt want to say NO????

    • Daphne Page

      Maybe she wanted to be captain and she didn’t get that spot.
      & maybe her mother isn’t responsible.
      I completely understand, sounds like something fishy …

  • juju

    How big were her boobs?

  • Andrew

    HAHA! There should be a law that says males cannot coach cheerleading

    • Steffie

      you’re stupid.

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