Stupid Callers: Joe From Evanston

(WSCR) Today in stupid callers we meet Joe from Evanston.

Joe called into The Boers and Bernstein Show on Monday to share his sentiment that the best way for the Bulls to handle Derrick Rose’s back injury is to pray for him. While that may be a legitimate suggestion to some, the boys had fun with good ol’ Joe.

What ensued after Joe’s suggestion was pure hilarity.

LISTEN: Joe from Evanston

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  • Jim Haskins

    I would’ve listened to the stupid callers audio from Boers and Bernstein, but I didn’t cuz, well, I despise those two. The stupid caller suggested that prayer might help heal Derrick Rose’s back and I’m sure the smart Boers and Bernstein had their fun with stupid Joe. I marvel sometimes at the beautiful simplicity of God’s creation: atoms are little solar systems; solar systems little atoms. Then there’s Lazarus. It’s said Jesus raised him from the dead. But none of it compares to the wit and wisdom of Boers and Bernstein, two guys who REALLY have it figured out. And what is it these two have divined? That the sublime is stupid and the stupid sublime…just askem!

  • JoeFan of Evanston

    I’d rather listen to Joe instead of BOREs and BOREstein

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  • Syd

    So Jim, do you often troll around comment boards for things you “despise”? We’ve got a real winner on our hands folks. But then of course there’s Lazarus. Jim Haskins, I think Jesus needs to raise your sense of humor from the dead.

  • North Center Mike

    Unnecessarily mean. Either let him talk or hang up on him; don’t exploit his inanity by mocking him. An “O.K. Joe, thanks for calling” would suffice.

  • been banned

    I hope Bernsie’s son gets a taste of his dad’s bullying tactics from some stranger one day–its only fair after the treatment B and B gave this poor old guy Joe who was just trying to make a statement. And I emphasize “old”…B and B are certified bully’s, picking on the elderly. It was clear old Joe was just trying to make a point he believed in, but since they dont, they bully the poor guy. Nice behavior–it isnt even funny anymore, its getting vile now. They hate fans who root out loud for their teams, those who invoke spirit of any kind into sports or life, and of course all that is Tebow, People from Pennsylvania, kids who play football, and most White people. They’re too PC to ever speak badly about non Whites or Progressives, thus why I dont buy their claims to “telling it like they see it”…no they dont, it has to meet the PC criteria first. They dont dare rip a Black Liberal talking about God in their lives. As stated often, Terry Boers makes half a million dollars a year for this stuff–he doesnt do his homework, doesnt attend sports events, and only rarely on occasion will watch one on TV. Nice payday though. Just know when you listen to them, you are not going to get Sports, but Opinions only, which is fine if you know that going into it. One percenter Boers and half a percenter Bernsie. Rich guys who are nice and polite when in public , but quite crude when getting paid to be while on the air. Glad its all a scripted act, as somehow I dont see Mrs Bernstein or Mrs Boers allowing it in the house or around the kids… Scripted Act, period, for highly paid individuals offering scripted opinions. They and the producers during breaks set up callers, have taped music and sound bytes waiting, and then blast away on the poor unsuspecting caller. Its a Howard Stern shtick with an NPR Progressive Talk Radio Spin to it. Great money though for these two laughing all the way to the bank on the people calling in who think they would ever be taken seriously.

    I listen to them daily and I love listening to the hate they profess, but when the little red light is off, go back to their normal and polite selves at home, so you have to know going in, its all a scripted act–including the Paterno stuff–otherwise, Dan would be doing something in real life for Abused Children. He isnt, but gets mileage out of wanting death wishes and napalming on all that is Pennsylvania. But it sells, and B and B are salespeople first and foremost.

    Sorry you had to go through that experience Joe–even if it was scripted you didnt deserve it.

    • Danielo

      Would you have written this term paper if you knew Joe From Evanston had a long history of making stupid calls? I don’t think they’re forcing him to call back, and since he IS constantly calling back, it’s unlikely that he’s as sensitive to their “bullying” as you seem to think.

      Anyway, this clip is hilarious and I’m looking forward to “Stupid Callers” being a regular feature on this site.

  • todd

    been banned you have way to much time on your hand hands to get mad at a radio show

  • collin

    if these people are getting so mad, why are they listening to the show and going back and listening to podcasts? just turn the dial, my friend

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