CHICAGO (CBS) — Whitney Houston is the story of a miracle talent, snuffed out by prescription drugs, drug abuse, and alcohol.

She was a truly beautiful person who could have been a most beautiful role model for millions of young women, but she gave away that opportunity; just as Michael Jackson did, and Amy Winehouse – of the rich and careless pop music world.

They lost themselves in celebrity, and a misguided belief that fame and fortune could save them from their demons.

We’re hailing Whitney Houston, as we hail so many music stars as though they are heroes, which they are not.

Heroes are cops and firefighters and school teachers.

I say hail Houston as a lesson about the ravages of drugs. Hail the music industry to protect its young singers and the doctors to stop dishing drugs (50 million tranquilizers a year).

And hail the Grammy people to be better role models, and the media to focus less on who the stars are, and more on how they ought to behave.

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