Walter’s Perspective: Whitney Houston Was No Hero

CHICAGO (CBS) — Whitney Houston is the story of a miracle talent, snuffed out by prescription drugs, drug abuse, and alcohol.

She was a truly beautiful person who could have been a most beautiful role model for millions of young women, but she gave away that opportunity; just as Michael Jackson did, and Amy Winehouse – of the rich and careless pop music world.

They lost themselves in celebrity, and a misguided belief that fame and fortune could save them from their demons.

We’re hailing Whitney Houston, as we hail so many music stars as though they are heroes, which they are not.

Heroes are cops and firefighters and school teachers.

I say hail Houston as a lesson about the ravages of drugs. Hail the music industry to protect its young singers and the doctors to stop dishing drugs (50 million tranquilizers a year).

And hail the Grammy people to be better role models, and the media to focus less on who the stars are, and more on how they ought to behave.

  • Renegade

    thumbs up kture One

    • Troy

      People can become addicted to drugs, alcohol and prescription medication in ANY OCCUPATIONAL FIELD Walter. I’m usually on board with you, but here I’m not.

      There are many tarnished and broken “cops, firefighters and school teachers” who sometimes make the news for THEIR bad behavior as well. Let’s not forget how many times we’ve seen this fact splashed across during the evening news…

      That Whitney, in such a short time, was able to blaze a trail for countless numbers of singers young and old in her wake, makes her THEIR hero. That she was able to do so with dignity and compassion makes her a hero. That she was able to still to sustain her belief in God and in the belief that she would try to do all she could to be better, to me, makes her a hero. No, she didn’t always make the right personal decisions for HER own life, but who among us has????

  • Tasos

    You argued yourself wrong. Who better to speak about personal culpability as one who has lost a position due to his drinking, like Jacobson? (If that truly was the case.)

    Houston is no hero. SHE chose to take drugs and drink. That is not a heroic choice. At best, she was a victim of her addiction. As she told Barbara Walters years before, she was her own worst enemy. Throw stones! Teach accountability from the horrible mistakes greats like Jackson and Houston made, so this horrible legacy may one day cease. May she RIP.

    • terrell

      I think that was Diane Sawyer but your no hero either.

      • Tasos

        Your point? Who Houston told does not change what Houston stated. She still claimed that she could be her worst enemy. Beyond that, you demonstrated your catty pettiness through your personal attack against me for citing what Houston volunteered about herself.

  • civilized

    Walter, you’re no hero either and neither are those cops who got busted for tealing nor those firefighters who got caught padding their mileage reports or the teachers who get caught abusing students.

    • Lyndia

      Civilied, you are correct about everything you so beautifully stated.

  • kture One

    Tasos, Walter Is Throwing Stones, Before Speaking Publicly About Anyone Substance Abuse, He Should Speak Publicly To His Viewers About His Unfortunate Chain Of Events Surrounding Substance Abuse. Ur Not Even Sure If What I’m Stating Is True, Meaning Walter Has Some Explaining To Do. Lastly, It Would Have Been Fantastic To Hear Him Mention That He Once Had A Substance Abuse Problem, Then I Would Have Partially Agreed With Your Statement Of ” Who Better To Speak About Personal Culpability”.
    @ Civilized You Took The Words Out Of My Mouth!!!

    • Tasos

      Walter is not throwing stones. He simply offered his fact and experience-based opinion. Its his job to offer his opinion, his perspective! Just because you or I may disagree with it, it does not mitigate Walter’s right to speak out.

      This “Oh yeah, well HE did this” stuff is childish. Walter may offend me, but to attack his character because he offends me accomplishes nothing pertaining to the topic. It frankly is mean-spirited.

      • Davidd

        Walter should learn to sweep in front of his own door first.

    • iinoyfb2

      Why is every word capitalized?

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  • tony

    Walter last week you were against the police and week you say they are heros .Idont know why CBS2 still employs are a drunk old dirty man lost in your own world.go put your diapers on and go to sleep in your nursing home

  • Clifton Smith

    We are all someones hero and Whitney Houston was definitely a Hero to Millions across the world, yes she made mistakes as we all do in life and yes we have to be accountable, but we don’t throw stones while we ourselves are living in a glass house, it is easy to salute the frontline workers for their hard work and efforts, but those same professionals you are speaking of have their obstacles, they are just not under the same microscope as celebrities. Teachers fail to educate our youth, firemen fail to put out fires and skim the system, police dont always serve and protect not all but some, don’t disregard the work and people she has touched, yes her image may have been tarnished, but so are all of ours for that matter I didnt know you were picture perfect, I think she was a great singer, because I didnt know her personally I always felt I knew of her through her music, You sir are not a hero attempting to slander the legacy of someone who has had her share of ups and downs. My parents always said if you cant say anything nice then just shut up its enough negativity in this world to last generations and your comments need to be kept to your self. who in the hell cares about your perspective let people have their own ideas of what she was to them, when I thought of her I didnt think about her trials and tribulations I thought of her beautfiul voice and oncamera performances, I seem to recall your bouts with addiction and thinking you were above the law, double parking and getting undignified about being ticketed, your boozing and inept perspectives. Once you offer your perspective what do you do to insure the situations are rectified do you think your a hero because you bring matters to the light, who’s listening? Im so glad I dont pay you any mind anyway, some people are just so bitter, lets take a long look in the mirror sir and ask yourself have you done all that you could have to be someones hero, did your t.v. execs get you straight? Thankfully I still watch fox and CBS only when ur not around. How dare you attempt to gain some attention and stir more controversy. Plan your life and teach the lessons from your personal experience. Walk the talk you are blabbing. Because Whitney is a Hero FLAWS AND ALL she may not be in your image a hero, but she is somebodys, just like she is and always will be the Queen of R&B. Hopefully your show gets the Axe once they realize just how useless your perspective is…………… Whitney I didn’t know you but I love what you gave to this world Music that broke barriers and pictures that spoke to your talents. For me I can say I will ALWAYS MISS YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. R.I.P. MS. Houston. And to (WJ) Kick bricks.

    • ps

      I have to say yes, she was an incredible talent, one of my favorite singers. and she came a long way with her career, but she is not hero. She was doing drugs in her house wihile raising a daughter who was watching this and is now using herself. A HERO is someone whom does good for otheres being self sacrificing. Being given all of that talent and sucess and then give into the devils will of drugs. does not make you a hero. If anything her story has become an example as how not to give into the temptation of hell. Some examples of Real Heroes are: TEACHERS, FIREMEN, POLICE OFFICERS, PEOPLE THAT RISK THEIR LIFE FOR OTHERS, OR DO EXTREME ACTS OF KINDNESS. DONATING TO CHARIETY. People that turn into drug addicts and die because of their weakness are not Heroes. Think about it.

    • Davidd

      Clifton- Well said Sir! I tip my hat to you. Whitney’s personal life was none of my business. She did her job entertaining me and millions with her music and she will be missed.

    • Emma

      You are a typically maudlin individual who wants to romanticize the fact that show business is a marginal career, and that drugs are the preoccupation of most in show business when they crash from the sensationalism of eing on-stage. What your perspective promotes is the glorification of weakness. Most of these drug-addicted celebrities cannot analyze the difference between talent and promotion. Rarely, do they have any character development that would carry them over if they were alone on an island. They are deficient in personal development and, without the emotional crtutch from the inebriation that drugs provide, they would not be able to hold a conversation about anything except themselves. I’m black, but unlike you, I do not share an ethnocentric bias about objective subject matter. If Whitney Houston were not black, you would not express this cynical and irrational point of view. Beyonce cannot express herself in a complete sentence becausee she is terribly under-educated. But, she’s got great gams, and that’s all people like you consider. What role models these individuals are. If they lose celebrity, they can become nothing except a punctuation in history.


    Walter Jacobson’s comments on Whitney Houston were both despicable and disrespectful of the dead.

    Could he at least respect the fact that her child, her mother and millions of fans are still grieving.

    His perspective served no purpose but to give his negative and sour disposition a platform. Besides, who needs Walter’s perspectives anyway.

    Psst…I think I hear re-retirement and the rocking chair calling.


  • хуишкин

    I just have one thing to say to you-YOU DRUNK MORON!


  • Guest

    No one said Whitney Huston was hero. What they did say she was a damn good singer, kind and loving. Also her family will miss her. She fought years with drug addictions. Walter Perspective was off the mark. He doesn’t have a clue why so many people can relate to Whitney nor does he care. All he sees is that people really cared about this woman and her music and her struggles with addictions and wanted her to to get her life together. So again, no one called Whitney a Hero Walter.

  • John

    Walter’s perspective doesn’t have a clue, he’s a burnt out old has-been trying to hang on to a paycheck that he knows he doesn’t deserve. That’s probably why he drank himself into the gutter years ago. Some people know when it’s time to retire and I’m believing that Walter is one of them but he needs that paycheck otherwise we will be reading an article where he took his own life sometime soon in the near future.

  • Homes

    No doubt Whitney Houston was a great talent as was Michael Jackson. HOWEVER the path she traveled were choices she made. Her death was a result of the price she paid for her addictions. Amazing how we can idolize those who abuse drugs, alcohol, marriages only because they are celebrities. Walter Jacobson will admit to his poor decisons so lets not crucify him for putting this issue in its proper perspective. We don’t know the whole story of Whitney Houston but we do know that she had major problems which eventually took her life. Lets learn from her death and not make her a martyr.

    • Leon Johnson

      You want to look a pass,how about trearment of blacks and said you love GOD,cant judge no one,not these states.judgement time for this evil place,keep talking evil,GOD wont be mock,GOD loves everyone,satan hates

  • Ladydesire

    Walter you are so wrong on this, No one said she was a hero she has touch
    many of us because of her singing career over the years, And her death has
    touched many of us regardless of what she has done bad in life she is still Whitney Houston, loved by so many of us, Now you on another hand I guess you are so perfect that there is nothing that you have done in you past? I am hoping and praying that her family doesn’t see this mess from you. They are already struggling the lost of Whitney and does not need anymore negative feed back from morons like you. I would never watch you again.

  • Joan

    Totally agree Walter. My question is, the aunt that left her alone didn’t she commit the same crime as Dr. Murray by leaving her alone with prescription drugs?

    • Michelle

      I don’t even know how to reply to this mess. Her Aunt if that “story” is true is not a doctor. But oh my husband left me alone with my high blood pressure pills “prescription”. Call the police. Look up Mr. Jacobson’s background. Have you insulated your glass house today!

      • Joan

        She was a known drug addict. Oh Yea let’s all buy her music and make the family rich!

  • tiger paw

    That Ghetto Bitccch was a fur loving hag. Good Riddance. a million caged and skinned alive critters hail your drugged up death.

  • JJ

    Walter, now if that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black. You should know better, with all of your DUIs and cocaine habit. And to call it behavior and not a disease? You are a complete, unsympathetic, acting out moron.

  • Jim

    Hero’s are our military soldiers who risk their lives for little pay. They rarely get recognized for their work. Teachers hero’s? They hide behind unions and use our kids as hostages to insane wages…that’s not a definition of a hero to me. Are there a few hero’s amongst the group? Definitely, but all of our soldiers are hero’s!

  • Alcoholic

    People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
    People from all walks of life have substance abuse and addiction problems.

    • Tasos

      With due respect; according to what your moniker implies about your history, and based on your standard, you also would have no right to “throw stones” at Jacobson, “Alcoholic”. However, because I disagree with you, I believe that you have as much a right to comment as Jacobson does, because there is no fault or error in offering criticism based on one’s experience. In fact, based on your experience, both of you may be considered authorities on the topic of substance abuse.

      I did not note any indication of Jacobson’s implication that he is perfect, or a hero, or that he is an innocent. He merely offered his opinion. (By the way, that is his J-O-B.) I can respect the validity of his commentary, with full knowledge of his history. Jacobson did nothing worthy of criticism.

  • Dan Rakow

    Nice job Walter and what frustrates Me about these excelent Music performers like Whitney Houston,Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson they just want to throw away their Role Model status and upset young Music Fans and to add more insult to injury Michael jackson is responible for keeping Gary,Indiana as a high crime community and did not give a darn.

  • Chivi

    Uncalled for Walter. There are other real issues that you could’ve brought up like getting rid of the corruption in Chicago by cleaning up our own backyard of those rotten heroes you so speak of.

  • Matt Farre

    “When we are offended at any man’s fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings”
    Listen Michael Jacobson, you’re entitle to your opinio as I am to mine. Toungue is the punishment of the body…let us wait to see what will happen to you or to yours.
    Be respectful with people’s feelings!!!!

  • Bill

    Walter Jacobson is the only reporter in Chicago with the guts to tell it like it is.

  • Paul

    Amen! I agree Walter. She could have been a role model, as Jennifer Hudson is. Instead, she chose self indulgence and drugs. She was a great talent…too bad she chose to waste it. We all have free will. We don’t all have common sense.

  • Sherry Cook

    Thank you, Walter. My feelings exactly. Why doesn’t Hollywood
    learn that drugs are getting them NOWHERE!

  • Nedd

    I’m not a Walter Jacobson fan by any stretch of the imagination but his point is largely on the money – except for teachers being heroes, which is debatable, and some, though not all, cops. In one of Whitney’s hits, there is a line, “people need someone to look up to”. She completely failed to live up to her words. People do not need to look up to this late artist for an example to look up to. To do so glamorizes the boozing and drugging. The woman had great talent which she could have used for God but squandered it by cutting her life short. A hero is someone who saves someone or people from death, injury or some long term or permanent debilitating thing or influence, or someone who substantially helps the disadvantaged. If we look honestly and rationally, Whitney was none of those. This is not an attack on who she was as a person. We are not to judge people but we are to judge actions and Whitney’s actions are not worthy of celebration or emulation. Truthfully, these actions need to be publicly scorned.

    What compounds this tragedy is Tony Bennett’s call to legalize drugs, as if that would have saved Whitney. It further doesn’t help when Christianity and the pope were mocked by this Niki at the Grammys Sunday night. At a time of remembrance of Whitney’s music and life, it was highly inappropriate to do what Niki did. It proves that most of the Hollyweirdie culture is out of touch with mainstream America.

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