Caller Of The Day: Mike From Arlington Heights

(WSCR) Today, we meet Mike From Arlington Heights.

Mike called in to The Boers and Bernstein Show to discuss the Blackhawks and their incredible losing streak.

As co-host Dan Bernstein summed up the call, “The nature of hockey is when the other team scores, you have a let down. Then, when you score, you also have a let down. … Both the Hawks’ goals and the other team’s goals cause the Hawks to have a let down … So you neither want to score, nor be scored upon.”

Listen: Mike from Arlington Heights

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  • been banned

    This scripted stuff is getting old real fast. The script goes like this:

    *Producer Matt signals, “time to berate a caller”—he flashes the callers comment on the screen

    *Bernstein takes the lead—and no matter the position of the caller, goes right into his Socratic interrogation as if the poor caller was calling into a high school debate, only no one told the caller to come with facts and numbers.

    *Boers joins in once the rip is underway and adds his usual name calling and car starting sounds.

    *They berate the poor caller into feeling like nothing, hang up on him and go through “that was the dumbest person in the world routine”.

    *Then repeat script for next day’s show.

    Absolute bullying is all this stuff is. Only Boers gets half a million a year to do so. No telling what Bernsie makes, but has to be near a full million per. The real fools are the people who actually call in to the show thinking they are ever going to have a humane conversation. Bernsie and Matt decide by time of the day, not the caller or comments per se, of when the “Caller of the Day” segment begins. Its all scripted and planned out.

    Guaranteed neither of these one percenters talk that way with anyone they are related to, know personally, or run into out in the public. Its an act. I enjoy listening to it each day though, and will not do as Boers tells others to “just not listen if you dont like it”…I dont like it, but I enjoy seeing the hypocrisy these two get away with and the amount of money they get paid to do it. Just am glad they’re not really like this as people outside of the studio.

    Its scripted people—they have producers, interns, and all kinds of support people to line it all up. Look at it not as Sports Talk, but Social commentary…Progressive talk radio stuff…then you can come to see the humor in it all. Scripted.

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