Report: CPS To Offer Maternity Leave For First Time

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Chicago Public Schools are apparently throwing employees a bone, after announcing plans to drop the accrued sick day policy that is costing the district $37 million per year.

Earlier this month, 2 Investigator Dave Savini brought to light the very expensive, and yet legal, perk that some employees of CPS and other city agencies have been taking advantage of. CPS administrators and teachers cash in unused sick or vacation time when they quit or retire.

CPS records obtained by the 2 Investigators showed a whopping $89 million has been paid out for this perk in the last three years alone. At least 203 employees received payouts of $80,000 or more.

Earlier this week, CPS announced that chief executive officer Jean-Claude Brizard would be presenting the Chicago School Board with a proposal to end the policy.

But the Chicago Sun-Times’ Michael Sneed reports CPS will also be offering employees a new perk – maternity leave for the first time ever.

Sneed reports CPS will offer maternity leave for non-union employees as “short-term disability related to an illness.”

Sneed says offering maternity leave could be a way of throwing employees a bone, with lucrative payouts from accrued sick days no longer allowed.

The maternity leave plan allows new mothers leave of up to 90 days, with employees receiving 100 percent salary for the first month off, 80 percent for the second, and 60 percent for the third.

CPS does not offer paternity leave.



  • Jim

    3 months?!? Maternity leave in most private sector positions is 6 weeks…must be nice being able to blow taxpayers money like there’s no tomorrow!

    • Jim

      I forgot to mention; 6 weeks @ 60%.

  • Chivi

    With 3 months off already???? Ridiculous!!! That’s a bone with meat on it!! Lots of meat!!

    • CPS Teacher

      Teachers are not paid while we are off for three months!!! We have deferred pay!!! Do you even know what that means??? LOOK IT UP!!!!

  • tradefin

    most of the people that are taking advantage of the sick days are the administrators not the teachers

    • Jennie

      You have a point tradefin. There are some HORRIBLE PRINCIPALS within the chicago public school system. My sister works at a bad high school on the south side with a nasty principal. (HIRSCH) The staff would like for the board of education to get rid of her but they won’t. In spite of her changing grades, padding the attendance rolls, etc. IF YOU CARE ANYTHING ABOUT HE EDUCATION OF YOUR CHILD, DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO THAT SCHOOL.

    • CPS Teacher

      That is correct…Thank you. Teachers use sick days when we have kids since we have NO MATERNITY LEAVE AT ALL. We shouldn’t be limited to having kids between June 20th and Sept. 4th just because we’re off on summer vacation. Additionally, not all teachers are off for “3 months”. There are different tracks where breaks are spread out.

  • Chivi

    I know a teacher that takes advantage of advantage!!

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