(WSCR) On the heels of Illinois’ 67-62 loss to Purdue on Wednesday night, head coach Bruce Weber delivered a powerful postgame press conference.

After the loss, Weber appeared to have conceded that his time with Illinois is almost up. Weber’s fate has been under speculation all season, and now that Illinois has lost four straight and seven of eight games, his firing seem imminent.

“After last night, that was the point of no return for Bruce,” Jeremy Werner from ConnectFM told The Mully and Hanley Show. “Even if they win the rest of their games, make a great run in the NCAA tournament, how do you bring a guy back after that? He did write his own eulogy last night. … There is no coming back from some of the stuff he said last night. It’ll be interesting to see what Mike Thomas does. I’m sure the move now has definitely been decided.

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“It was definitely odd for all of us that have covered him. He’s always been honest with the media, some fans say too honest, almost to his detriment. But last night, it sure sounded like a guy who was broken, who was defeated. He was kind of saying, ‘Well, this is the end.’ It’s almost like he’s mercifully hoping it’s the end.”

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