Judge Rules Animal Cruelty Defendants Can Get Puppies Back

CHICAGO (CBS) — Two Iowa men found last week in the west side Lawndale neighborhood with 43 puppies in their car can get them back.

But it’s going to cost them.

A judge, ruling Thursday in West Misedemeanor Court (Br. 43), called the case “almost a clear-cut case of animal cruelty,” city Animal Care and Control Commissioner Cherie Travis said in a statement.

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puppies seized 0209 Judge Rules Animal Cruelty Defendants Can Get Puppies Back

Two of the 43 puppies that police officers found in a parked vehicle, inside cramped containers without adequate food or water. Two Iowa men were charged with animal cruelty after the puppies were found. (Credit: Chicago Animal Care & Control)

While the judge ordered animal control veterinarians to determine if the puppies are healthy enough to be returned, Travis said the judge also ordered the city to calculate the costs for boarding and veterinary care, and submit a bill that Travis Wester, 22, and Larry Subject, 49, apparently will have to pay.

The judge said the “expense would not be borne by the taxpayers,” Travis said.

A passing police car early Feb. 7 heard the yapping coming from a vehicle parked in the 2500 block of West cermak Road. Wester and Subject were using the vehicle to transport the dogs from Iowa to pet stores in Chicago and New York.

Police said the dogs were in cramped containers and did not appear to have adequate food or water.

The judge said it was not an “ideal way” to transport animals, but Travis said the judge did not find the conditions bad enough to forfeit the dogs.

Travis said that the puppies included boxers, Chihuahuas, huskies and Pekingese.

  • Hal

    Just another black robbed buffone on the bench—privilaged have ways of overlooking or not even seeing things

    • THEE Yard Ape

      @Hal- very well said !!!!!! I will take it a step further, and say that this is more proof that a majority of judges need to personally experience what REAL justice is.

      • YourNightWriter

        amen to that::: when it’s time to vote— who is this DO NOT REINSTATE candidate?

  • Roberta Waker

    Why not give the name of the Judge that was stupid enough to return these animals? If they were transporting these animals, they should have borrowed or rented a truck big enoough to safely transport them. This judge is an idiot.

    • YourNightWriter


    • R Bruz

      Was not the size of the vehicle, was the size of each container.. Read the article correctly next time !

  • Toonces

    They should shove these two bas turds and that lame judge in cramped quarters with no food or water and see how they like it!

  • YourNightWriter

    OUTRAGEOUS! Who is this JUDGE???? Let him stand by his own record.

  • tom sharp


  • NorthSider33

    According to the Cook County Courts website the two judges at the location they mention are:
    Fletcher, Kenneth L.
    Skryd, David A.

  • Jackie

    I don’t live in Cook County. But, if I did, I’d share this article with everyone I know and ask them to keep this horrific decision in mind when they vote!!!!!

  • elisa

    CBS I appreciate you continuing to follow up on these types of stories, people forget after they see the “puppies rescued” headlines that this is only the beginning of the story. while i’m heartbroken that the law has again failed to take care of our most vulnerable, hopefully this will outrage many and they will join in the effort to get rid of puppy mills and pet stores that want to carry these puppies.

  • Brenda G.

    Sounds suspicious, 43 puppies = puppy mill!

  • seriously

    so this judge is saying it’s ok to mistreat dogs and then profit off of them. nice.

  • Arkychar

    If judges do not get their heads on straight and apply the laws that should apply animals will never have any protection. These animals “suffered”, no doubt about it and those in Cook County make sure he is not returned to the bench.

  • thomas

    Wait until they meet God and they will judge them..

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    […] Judge Rules Animal Cruelty Defendants Can Get Puppies BackTwo Iowa men found last week in the west side Lawndale neighborhood with 43 puppies in their car can get them back. … Read News […]

  • ISeeStupidPpl

    They have not posted any pictures of these puppies in the ‘cramped containers without enough food or water’ this must be a set up. I mean they found these two in a van at 7am and what do all dogs every single one of them do in the morning??? lets think about this they eat drink and oh yea they (to put it in more decent terms) use the bathroom. So they set these two men up to take a fall but wait these two were found in a van and this van didn’t belong to them as they do this as a job they deliver puppies to pet stores. Deliver??? so these men take puppies from a business to other businesses. and they are charging the deliver drivers hmm they don’t go after the business that packs the van they go after the drivers. isn’t that like trying to sue the pizza delivery boy delivering a pizza that was in the wrong size box?? so are Illinois people really that bent on trying to ruin jobs for others that they are going after delivery drivers.

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