McCarthy Called To Testify About Killing Of Unarmed Man By Officer

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police Supt. Garry McCarthy is being ordered to answer questions in a lawsuit filed in connection with a fatal police-involved shooting.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Bob Conway reports, last June, Flint Farmer, 29, was shot and killed by Officer Gildardo Garcia, who had just responded to a domestic battery call in the West Englewood neighborhood.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bob Conway reports

Around 1:40 a.m. June 7, responding officers in the 6200 block of South Wolcott Avenue saw Farmer run off. Police said they ordere dhim to stop running, and he turned and pulled an object from his pocket that the officer thought was a handgun.

Police said the officer Farmer after he “aggressively came at the officer” and did not drop the object as officers ordered.

Sierra fired 16 shots at Farmer and hit him seven times, but it turned that he was not to be armed, according to the Chicago Tribune. He was only holding a cell phone.

In an October 2011 story, the Tribune reported that Farmer was lying prone on the ground when Sierra fired three shots into Farmer’s back and killed him. But the Police Department ruled the shooting justified.

Still, Farmer’s girlfriend is suing over the police shooting, and U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve has now ordered city attorneys to take depositions from Sierra, as well as Supt. McCarthy.

Farmer’s death was the third shooting involving Sierra in a period of six months.

On Jan. 7 of last year, Sierra and his partner pulled over a car that matched the description of a vehicle implicated in an earlier shooting, and the officers shot at the car and hit Pinex after he put the car into reverse and dragged them, the Tribune reported.

On March 22 of last year, Sierra and his partner responded to a call of shots fired at 59th Street and Princeton Avenue, and were confronted at gunpoint by suspect Dion Richards, 19, the Tribune reported. The officers fired at Richards and wounded him in the leg, the newspaper reported.

The Tribune quotes McCarthy as saying while the first two shootings were justified, Sierra should have been taken off the street after the third incident. That statement is what Craig Sandberg, an attorney for Farmer’s girlfriend, wants to question McCarthy about.

  • Afro

    Rahm will bail you out don’t worry besides, Sierra is cleaning up the poop, you don’t want to remove an officer doing his job to soon. If the city has to pay a few hundred K in a law suit so what, look at all the millions Sierra saved us by killing them.

    • Afro

      I meant to say by killing him but now that I think about it Sierra does need a little more practice on the range.

  • Lyndia

    The officer should have taken off the street as the police chief said. If he had killed a honkey, would you say that? Hell no you would not!! I don’t care about you not liking Black people, as a matter of fact, I do not give a F because I hate you too but you are just so damn stupid. You have a tendency to ignore facts and you think you are smart. That’s the harilious thing. Do you have a job? You are on the internet 24 hours a day. Are you getting food stamps and a check that you blow in Garfield Park or Austin, maybe Englewood to party and have some BIG FUN? I have noticed that things people talk about what they hate, behind closed doors, they are doing the same thing that they purportly hate. I do not believe they are going to post this but I feel better just writing it.

    • Afro

      Lyndia I would say those things regardless because it is the criminals that I hate, I can’t help it if the majority of blacks that I read about are criminals.

  • Redsea

    Don’t for get about Howard Morgan. This un-armed black man was shoot 28 times in the back by 4 white racist officers. Mr. Morgan was charged for attempted murder. McCarty and the Rahm should take strick action towards these cops before Chicago go up in flames.

    • Afro

      @Redsea you won’t burn nothing



  • juju

    @Afro – You can read? I thought you were still living under the stairs while luring little childred to your abode. Maybe Dorito’s are on sale and you can use your Link card. Or, you get together with your knuckle dragging friends and make a new manifesto. You sound smart.

    • Afro

      Oh look! A new addition to my fan club, hi juju just be rude and disrupt-full all you like. make all your little funny comments, throw your insults that do not apply, and show your intelligent side. (childred)

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