White Teacher Suspended For Using N-Word In Class

CHICAGO (CBS) — A white teacher at the predominantly African-American Murray Language Academy in the Hyde Park neighborhood has filed a federal lawsuit, after he was suspended for five days for using the N-word in class.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports, teacher Lincoln Brown says he was attempting to teach his class an important lesson in vocabulary, civility and race relations. It started when one of his sixth grade pupils passed a note to another student containing rap lyrics that included the N-word, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports

The lawsuit says Brown talked about the use of the word in Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn and how upsetting it can be. But just as the word came out of his mouth, the African-American principal of the school, Gregory Mason, walked in, the Sun-Times reported.

Brown claims Mason stayed awhile and watched engaged, excited students. But two weeks later, the Sun-Times reported, Mason sent him a letter saying he was “verbally abusive,” “cruel,” “immoral,” “negligent” and “criminal.”

Mason suspended Brown for five days, starting Friday, the newspaper reported.

Brown has long taught in schools in African-American neighborhoods, and was named after President Abraham Lincoln by parents who were involved in the Civil Rights Movement, the Sun-Times reported.

He told the Sun-Times’ Kim Janssen and Natasha Korecki that his suspension was “sad,” because the issues cannot be resolved if they are never confronted.

  • tom sharp

    Political correctness gone wild! Time for these nitwits to grow up and act equal.

  • Been there.

    This is sad. Murray is a school that is widely known and respected throughout the educational community. The teacher, from what I understand from the article, did not call a child a n, he was explaining how offensive that word can be. What should have happen, (since the child passed a note with the n word) is that the principal AND teacher should have explain how and why the word is offensive to many people. The principal was way off base. I have said many times before, cps has terrible principals. Most of them are women and a few poot butt men.

  • Just Axin

    Sounds like an affirmative action principal showing what an idiot he is. Maybe Brown will finally understand that many of these brothers cannot be rehabilitated and it’s a lost cause. Many of those kids go home and whatever they learned in school is not reinforced, not to mention how much “whitey” is hated and to blame.

    • Lyndia

      Since they would not post my response to afro, maybe they will post this one. Perhaps it is not as offensive to them. The principal was wrong. If you read the blog above yours, they have the right idea. I have often said that cps has horrible principals and this is just another example of it. To illustrate your stupidty, Murray is a highly acclaimed school in HYDE PARK, Mud Ball!!! Most of these children are going home to decent places with responsible parents. You need to come out of that dungeon that you reside in and get to know the communities in the city.

      • Afro

        Lyndia no matter how hard the white man tries the blacks will always reject any constructive criticism, and that is something that is required to let us grow, but the majority of blacks take it as an attack or racist thing and when there are ones who don’t you can bet your ass there’s a NlGGER in the woodpile that will.

    • Ang

      You know what…you obviously are uneducated yourself and no absolutely nothing about the African American Community. There are more of us who have college degrees than you and your people. Read a book, and check your facts before you start spewing your ignorance. My husband and I have 2 daughters…we sacrificed so much to put them through private grammar school, private high school and private colleges! Education was number one on our priority list in our household! Both my daughters have graduated from top colleges and are both successful – so are our friends and their children. Again, no what you are talking about before you open your ignorant mouth!!

  • Jim

    LOL. Did this teacher actually believe there is REAL open minded education in American schools.? Wow, what a naive thought! Well, he’ll make a fine loan officer somewhere.

    • Lyndia

      He dosen’t have to be a loan office, he filed a lawsuit and i hope he wins. The only problem now is that his principal will probably lower his evaluation. Next he will begin observing his class and then begin e3ing him. That is the way principals usually do it. There is a principal on the southside, that does that to control her staff and there is nothing the union can do about it. Principals HAVE TOO MUCH AUTHORITY IN CPS AND THEY HAVE NO OVERSIGHTS.

  • Donna

    Very, very sad!….Not fair of the Principal to suspend the teacher. Seems as though people over re-act to everything these days!….

  • God Son

    God did not allow man to judge unto another man nor human being. If your looking for attention by saying da N-word multiple times why not try saying Jesus and see what happens.

    • Lyndia

      He is to stupid for that.

    • THEE Yard Ape

      They are NOT human beings, NEXT !

  • Me

    Sounds like a principal that needs removing for not knowing there are teachers out there that are still trying to teach students.

  • blb

    You’re saying that word in your head right now aren’t you? Stop it! Stop thinking that word. Stop……. stop it.

  • juju

    Can only use this word on this post. CBS approves.

    • Afro

      Dam juju what the hell is in your mouth that’s making you talk like a bean eater?

  • It Is Ok For Them To Use It

    They (Them), use all the time. Sup wit dat.

  • M'sMom

    Juju + thee yard ape + OTSDGPATBMWC + any other Honkey hiding behind a fake name = DUMB ASS!

  • Afro

    After Cain killed Abel God cursed him and turned him black this was a mark up on him and blacks been killing each other every sense.

    • DD

      Is that the reason the polish still worship the black madonna?

  • tom k

    I will stop using the moed ni@@er when the dark man stops using it

    • DD

      Call a black person ni@@er to his face so he can scramble yours. Do it Tom, Do it Mr. incest,(better known as Afro)

      • Jerome

        @DD, Typical black African. Violence is always the solution. And you people wonder why you carry the stereotypes that you do!!!!

    • Jerome

      I agree completely. As long as the homies can use the word without complaint, it is fair game for all. Besides, the ‘N’ word is just slang for the correct word ‘Negro”. So what’s the big deal?

  • juju

    Hey Afro, did you eat your Cocoa Puffs today. You are really sounding like a basement dwelling sub-human who pines for the love of butter spread over yourself. Or maybe you are just lonely. Keep watching your adult porn and leave the children alone.

    • Jim

      Sick ass negress!!!

  • juju

    Cross dressing pedophile who eats dingle berries. Say what?!!!

    • LittleOldLady

      Cross dressing? Pedophile? Dingle berries? I’m new here, but I can see that you have some serious personality problems. Help is available, you are obviously in great need of it!

  • Joey

    I am troubled by this man’s casual reference to his namesake and parent’s involvement in the civil rights movement for African Americans. We just don’t use that term anymore. Sixth graders are not ready to understand the historical context in any way. I know, I taught middle school children in Chicago for nearly two decades.

    I grew up during a time when the “N” word was used without abandon by just about everybody. There was no sentimental feelings in its usage. It was always a word used to dismiss the value of people with black skin. It was offensive then and is offensive now. The man deserves the suspension and needs to talk over the real meaning of civil rights history with his parents and others during his time off. I’m sure that he is a good teacher. He just hasn’t grasped the full breadth of our legacy of slavery and civil rights history in this country. I hope for the sake of his students and himself that he returns from the suspension with a better understanding about what a joyful social improvement the civil rights struggle brought to this country which continues to have too many hearts and minds that didn’t grow with the movement.

    His lawsuit suggests that he hasn’t learned one thing from the experience. How sad for his students, in my opinion.

    • Anglo-Saxon

      We just don’t use that term anymore? When was the last time you watched a rapper being interviewed or performing(If you want to call it that)? They use the word frequently and openly. As long as they use it, it’s free game for all. I personally don’t use it in reference to people with black skin. I use it as a derrogatory term when referring to black criminals, people who support criminals(meaning freinds and family of criminals, who refuse to turn them in) , people who act completely uncivilized(like the people who stampeded in that E2 nightclub incident and the fools who stampeded to get to the Jordan shoes at Christmas time), and people who have made a career out of collecting welfare, rather than working for a living! There are some that have simply earned the descriptive word, NI&&ER!!!!!

      • Mike

        You are correct, Sir!

      • THEE Yard Ape

        @Anglo – STANDING O!!!!

  • juju

    @LittleOldLady. You are correct. Great comeback and offer. Hope you continue your role as the voice of reason.

    • LittleOldLady

      Don’t mention it, juju. I feel the need to help anyone as seemingly as twisted as you are. Your abusive tendencies can be treated as well as your obvious obsession with abnormal sex! Glad to be of some help.

  • non

    In other news.. Womens basketball and soccer are not sports

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