Cardinal Criticizes Obama’s Contraception Mandate

WILMETTE, Ill. (CBS) – Francis Cardinal George is back from Italy and talking about something he’s very concerned about: President Obama’s mandate for employers to cover health care costs, including birth control.

It was the first thing he addressed with the media after returning from Rome this week.

“We want the mandate, as it’s presently given in the regs, rescinded,” George told reporters at Loyola Academy in Wilmette.

George says the president’s executive order requiring free birth control in the health plans of faith-based employers should be reversed.

“We’ll see if they’re willing to do that. I imagine that there will probably be, as many things are taken to courts in this country to be settled, a court case somewhere down the line,” the cardinal said.

The White House revised the plan to accommodate religious groups. Women would still get free contraception coverage. Religious organizations that object to coverage, though, won’t have to offer or pay for it. The cost will be passed on directly to an employee’s insurance company.

George is not satisfied.

“Well, the long-term effect, first of all, is that the Catholic church would be stripped of the institutions that are her instrument for public service.  We will lose hospitals. We will lose universities. We will lose our institutions,” he said.

George says the First Amendment is in clear violation here, by not allowing the most fundamental freedom of religious liberty.

The cardinal had been in Rome with bishops from Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin to meet with the Pope and pray at the tombs of the Apostles Peter and Paul.

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  • george

    of course these guys do not need contraceptives, they only do little boys

    • Deer Hunter

      And I bet you play with your obama doll,does it get wet.

  • Peter

    To the Trolls!!! Just STOP!
    So, you hate the Church and other hates the President. My simple advice is this… vote and stay involved in the Catholic Church. The People make up both and you two should put up or shut up. Have a nice Sunday and I hope to see you at the 11:00 AM mass.

    • Gary

      Well stated, Peter.

  • Tom

    Hey, Peter. I’m a life long Catholic and go to church three days a week. So I don’t hate the church and I don’t even hate the Pres. So let me tell you this. I’m tired of’ hearing about the church’s stand on same sex marriage, abortion and the seemingly unending need for more money. The church needs to get it’s own house in order before they start worrying about what they think everyone else should do. The solution to child molesting priests? Send them to another parish. The solution to the law suits resulting from the molests? Pay off the victims. And where do you think that money comes from, Pete? The money folks throw in the collection basket, that’s where it comes from. So when they have everything in order at thier place, then they can tell the rest of us what we should be doing by thier example. An example, that to this point, hasn’t been a very good example.

    • Peter

      First, are you “Deer Hunter” or “george” or are you a “Troll”? If you are none of these, so why are you mad at me?
      Being a “lifelong Catholic” and going to church 3 times a week is not getting involved in the Church.
      With all that time in church, why have you not found peace in your heart from God? I will pray for you to find the peace, the love and the understanding that Christ blessed into all of us. Hope to see you next week at Mass and if you do not wish to put anything in to the collection plate, I understand.

      PS: Thank you Gary.

    • Carol

      As a woman, I am tired of all the men discussing WOMEN’s health issues.

      I have contempt for Cardinal George and his remarks. How an insurance plan for an employee of the Catholic church infringes upon their religious liberty is beyond my grasp. No one is mandating that all women take contraceptives?! If that is what you and doctor decide, that is your business.

      Not all employees of the Catholic Churches multi-billions enterprises are catholic. It is a personal choice for a woman. Yes the church has their opinion and a woman can choose for herself. That would be like my employer telling me I can not have access to contraceptives, because they don’t agree!

      Shut the front dooR! I am Irish Catholic and like Obama. But it is still a woman’s right. I am pretty sure we got rights a few years ago!

  • John

    Probably the Cardinal will open the Rectories to allow men to have sex with priests in order not to impregnate anyone. Birth control is used for many reasons, please educate the Catholic Community. I was a Catholic but left the religion because of the hypocracy.

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    The employers don’t have to do it if they opt not to accept government grants, subsidies or tax relief. Very simple…don’t take the money and you don’t have to adhere to the policy.

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